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Gay Couple Accused Of Raping Adopted Children

From the New York Daily News:

Gay Connecticut couple accused of raping adopted children will face trial

By Erik Ortiz | April 7, 2013

George Harasz, 49, and Douglas Wirth, 45, of Glastonbury, withdrew a deal with prosecutors that would have given them suspended prison sentences and probation, according to reports. The surprise move comes as new allegations by three more adopted children surfaced Friday.

The case of a same-sex Connecticut couple accused of repeatedly raping and abusing two of their nine adopted boys is headed for trial.

Married couple George Harasz and Douglas Wirth of Glastonbury were supposed to be sentenced Friday in Hartford Superior Court under a plea deal, but instead withdrew from their agreement with prosecutors.

Well, thank goodness they are married.

The men had already pleaded no contest in January to one felony count each of risk of injury to a minor — a reduction from even more serious charges related to sexual assault.

But in a surprise turn, the couple’s attorneys pulled them out of the plea in a bid to fully clear their names, according to CBS affiliate WFSB-TV.

If Harasz, 49, and Wirth, 45, had continued with the deal, they would have been given suspended prison sentences and probation, WFSB-TV said.

But more allegations came to light Friday in the explosive case, and prosecutors said they also want to go to trial.

“I think the only proper resolution of this matter is to try it,” said prosecutor David Zagaja, according to the Hartford Courant. Judge Joan Alexander agreed that a trial would be “in the interest of justice. The facts must be shown and must be shown publicly.”

Harasz and Wirth adopted nine children — three sets of male siblings — beginning in 2000, and ran a home-based dog breeding business called The Puppy Guy.

So they were breeders?

The couple was arrested in November 2011 following a police and state investigation of sex-abuse allegations. The children were removed from the home.

Police said two boys, ages 5 and 15, accused Harasz of sexually assaulting them. Harasz was initially facing first-degree sexual assault and other charges, while Wirth had been charged with third-degree sexual assault of the 15-year-old boy.

Their arrest warrants claimed the couple not only sexually and physically abused the children, but also forced them to sleep in closets.

That’s a little ironic.

Other children in the home told authorities that they weren’t abused, and prosecutors had agreed to a plea deal because they said a lack of forensic evidence would make it difficult to prove all of the allegations.

But now, three other children are claiming they were also abused, although no new criminal charges had been filed Friday, the Hartford Courant reported.

One of the victims who spoke during the court hearing said sexual assault began when he was 6.

“They took turns raping me over and over,” he said. “Anyone who would do this to a child is a sick, demented person.” …

Are we supposed to be surprised?

But why isn’t this getting the same kind of sensationalized coverage as the Jerry Sandusky case? — It’s got everything. Even gay marriage. Which is such a popular topic with the news media these days.

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6 Responses to “Gay Couple Accused Of Raping Adopted Children”

  1. mr_bill says:

    And parents aren’t supposed to have any reservations about gay scout leaders taking a bunch of young boys into the woods for an unsupervised weekend?

  2. JohnMG says:

    …..”ran a home-based dog breeding business called The Puppy Guy……”

    I guess they couldn’t find two gay dogs with which to start up their business, huh?

  3. canary says:

    I guess they feel their freedom of molesting and raping little boys are over and they would be happier in a prison full of men.

    Perhaps they were told they could both got to the same prison and have congenial visits.

    The original slap on the hand was because they were gay.

    Let’s hope the gay couple’s attorney brings up their childhood that led to an obsession of wanting to mate with the male species.

  4. Right of the People says:

    It’s times like this if they’re convicted life in prison with no chance of parole. Nothing less.

  5. Mithrandir says:

    Paula Poundstone’s Plea Deal Ends Child Abuse Case

    Paula Poundstone’s Plea Deal Ends Child Abuse Case
    Poundstone was arrested in June for alleged lewd acts and child abuse involving her three adoptive and two foster children.
    Single mom, man-looking, and gives interviews to lesbian magazines. The media warns you not to put 2 and 2 together.

    Again, the media warns you not to make any link between a demographic of 2-3%, and the alarming number of cases involving them with serial crimes.

    Why is it that when a certain demographic is over-represented in a category, people simply make excuses to cover it up?
    BECAUSE the demographic is a protected democrat! Blacks are over-represented in welfare rolls? -“White people are on welfare too!” Blacks over-represented in prison? -“Society is racist!” (as if liberals are not also part of society) Gays are over-represented in serial killer categories? -“Straights commit crime too!”

    NOTICE HOW THE MEDIA never categorizes priest molestation as HOMOSEXUAL. Or Jerry Sandusky as BI-SEXUAL. Of course Republicans will not push back and defend Christianity with a bonus of humiliating liberalism, so the media can twist / ignore whatever presents itself out there. This is why I loathe democrats, and merely hate Republicans.

    And now you know why GAY MEN want so badly to be accepted into the BOY SCOUTS, instead of creating their own gay organization, they would prefer to corrupt an existing one. Which is the same reason lesbian women all join the National Organization for Women. It’s a friggin’ buffet!

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