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Gay NBA Player, Boston Victims Are SOTU Guests

From the Washington Examiner:

Gay NBA player, Boston bombing survivors to be Michelle Obama’s State of the Union guests

By Brian Hughes | JANUARY 27, 2014

First lady Michelle Obama will host the first openly gay National Basketball Association player and survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing as guests during President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday.

You can tell a lot about a nation by its heroes.

The White House early Monday announced the first round of people who will sit in Michelle Obama’s box at the speech, an annual tradition in which the administration tries to highlight high-profile events from the past year.

The ‘first round’? Are there playoffs?

Among the first lady’s guests: Jason Collins, the NBA player who became the first active gay professional athlete in the United States; Carlos Arredondo and Jeff Bauman, survivors of last April’s Boston bombing; and Gary Bird, fire chief in Moore, Okla., who led the community’s response to a tornado that killed 25 people.

Also attending the speech as a guest of the first lady are Joey Hudy, a 16-year-old intern at Intel, who designed an “extreme marshmallow cannon” at the White House Science Fair in 2012, and Kathy Hollowell-Makle, 2013’s teacher of the year for the District of Columbia Public Schools system.

Typically, people joining the first lady for the State of the Union are mentioned in the president’s address to the nation.

Given the theme of the speech, we would have thought the Obamas would invite an incredibly rich person, like Warren Buffet, along with a poor person, like his secretary — to show us the ravages of income inequality.

But we suppose that could still happen, since the White House has only released the "first round" of people who are going to sit with Michelle.

Last year, Obama waded into the debate over whether Collins, a 12-year NBA veteran, should have come out as gay.

"He seems like a terrific young man, and I told him I couldn’t be prouder," Obama said last April of a phone call he made to Collins. "One of the extraordinary measures of progress that we’ve seen in this country has been the recognition that the LGBT community deserves full equality — not just partial equality, not just tolerance, but a recognition that they’re fully a part of the American family."

Is Jason Collins Obama’s third imaginary son, after Trayvon and Pajama Boy?

Collins was unable to sign with an NBA team this year..

Clearly because of an anti-gay conspiracy.

The White House will release the full list of the first lady’s guests before Tuesday’s address.

So even the State Of The Union now has its own awards ceremony.

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3 Responses to “Gay NBA Player, Boston Victims Are SOTU Guests”

  1. specialed says:

    Maybe they should invite some of the gay folk from Man’s Country?

  2. Petronius says:

    Political Thesaurus (Part 3) ~ A guide for understanding Liberal vocabulary and diction:

    (Keep a copy of this Thesaurus handy as it will enable the layman to decipher the President’s 2014 State of the Union speech and the media coverage.)

    Liberal = a member or adherent of the Ruling Class; one of the ruling elites; see also progressive

    Ruling Class = Liberals of both political parties, Democrats and Republicans; a progressive

    progressive = an adherent of neo-Marxist ideology or progressivism; a Liberal

    progressivism = an attitude of mind on the part of progressives toward ordinary people that the latter are not capable of leading their lives without close direction and scrutiny from the Ruling Class.

    progress = destroying the American health care system while also dismantling the nation’s defense, space program, and intelligence capabilities and going all-in on taxes, redistributionism, open borders, mass immigration, the war on prosperity, and betrayal of old allies.

    the media = the Democrat Party base

    extremists = a pejorative term used by someone who has immersed himself for his entire life in communism, neo-Marxism, black liberation theology, and the revolutionary radicalism of Saul Alinsky to describe conservatives who support the US Constitution, fiscal responsibility, the rule of law, and America’s founding principles; generally any person who is pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-traditional marriage; see also Tea Party

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    billionaires and millionaires = taxpayers in general, viz. (1) an individual earning $200,000 or a family earning $250,000 in any given year; (2) the middle class; (3) criminal elements; see also, enemy of the state

    bitter clingers = a pejorative term for white Americans, particularly Christian gun owners and Tea Party protesters; see also enemy of the state

    enemy of the state = the rich, the wealthy, Wall Street fat cats, bankers, insurance companies, medical companies, oil companies, coal companies, corporate jet owners, the NRA (and its members), Christians and Jews; also Sarah Palin and Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Rand Paul (R-KY); see also billionaires and millionaires; see also Tea Party

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    community = a bad neighborhood

community organizer = a gangster

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    knockout game = a surprise attack by a black youth on an unsuspecting white woman or elderly white man; see random

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    fight = a flash mob

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    jobs program = 16,500 new IRS agents hired to police ObamaCare

  3. captstubby says:

    State of the Union address.

    “Presidents George Washington and John Adams delivered the first State of the Union speeches to Congress, Thomas Jefferson, fearing the speech too closely mirrored England’s speech from the throne, opted instead to send a letter to Congress. Every president followed suit until Woodrow Wilson’s first State of the Union in 1913.”

    The annual messages before those delivered by Wilson were also orally delivered, just not by the president of the United States, but by the clerk of the House of Representatives, who read aloud the written message of the president. This is an often-missed fact that alters the conventional causal narrative. It is true that the annual message changed from a written letter (read aloud by a clerk) to an actual speech in 1913. But it was not orality alone that supplied the simplifying pressure in presidential rhetoric after 1913. It was the fact that it was the president who delivered the message orally from 1913 onward that exacerbated the readability trends.

    The average sentence length of the annual message has fallen from 35.2 words before 1913 to 22 words after. That is why observers have noticed that State of the Union addresses have increasingly become a “laundry list” of sound bites punctuated by pause and applause, exemplifying the “primer style” of presidential rhetoric.

    A similar trend can be observed in the inaugural addresses. … shortening of the sentences in the inaugural addresses has occurred across the 200-year history of the presidency. The data are consistent with the finding that the average presidential sound bite shrank from 42 seconds in 1968 to 7 seconds in 2000, about the time required to say the 15 to 20 words in an average presidential sentence today.

    Average Number of Speeches with “Applause” by President

    the presidential papers was in Franklin Roosevelt’s. Before that, the word “applause” appeared in the Messages and Papers of the presidents just 18 times.21 From FDR through Clinton, the word “applause” has occurred in the Public Papers of the presidents 1,939 times, 97 percent of the references occurring in the Papers of Nixon through Clinton. Applause has become, the currency of presidential rhetoric, a litmus test of presidential accomplishment that successive White House press offices have deemed important enough to record for posterity.

    The same rhetorical ethic appears to exist in the second Bush’s White House. There was an average of 71 applause breaks per speech among the seven State of the Union addresses President Bush delivered between 2001 and 2007. That is a lot of clapping for a phenomenon we have come to call the rhetorical presidency. Figure 4.5 gives us a sense of the duration of these applause breaks in comparison to the actual time that Bush spent talking. On average, the nation was treated to 29 seconds of congressional applause for every minute of President Bush’s speech. It seems more apt to characterize Bush here as an “applause-rendering” president rather than as a rhetorical president; after all, a third of the time in his most important rhetorical act as president was spent generating, and then basking in, applause. The label “rhetorical presidency” in highlighting presidential loquaciousness does not convey this defining rhetorical ethic of the anti-intellectual president.

    Let us consider another excerpt from Clinton’s last State of the Union address, which was interrupted some 120 times with applause, to observe the dangerous futility of a rhetorical ethic premised on it:

    Again, I ask you to pass a real patients’ bill of rights. [Applause.] I ask you to pass common sense gun safety legislation. [Applause.] I ask you to pass campaign finance reform. [Applause.] I ask you to vote up or down on judicial nominations and other important appointees. [Applause.] And, again I ask you—I implore you—to raise the minimum wage. [Applause.]

    There were five applause breaks in this paragraph, one at the end of every sentence. The actual talking time was about 30 seconds, and about a minute and a half was dedicated to applause. By most speechwriters’ standards, this would have been a canonically successful portion of the speech. It was successful at that moment perhaps. But if Clinton succeeded in earning congressional validation as he delivered his speech, he was less successful in educating or rallying the congress into legislative action—not surprisingly, because he was jam-packing his speech with partisan punch lines.

    applause-rendering speech, whether inspirational or partisan, is rhetorically appealing, it is a masquerade for logos because it enunciates platitudes or punch lines that presuppose the merit of the policy at hand and forecloses deliberation. Universally or partisanly endorsed slogans are an excuse not to express our differences in an effort to reconcile them. Because they preempt rather than encourage debate, they are the tools of the demagogue and a threat to democracy.


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