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Gay Softball Limit On ‘Bi’ Players Okayed

From an outraged (at the travesty of such cheating) Associated Press:

Gay softball league limit on straight players OK’d

By Gene Johnson, Associated Press Thu Jun 2, 2011

SEATTLE – A gay softball organization that runs an annual tournament called the Gay Softball World Series can keep its rule limiting the number of heterosexual players on each team, a federal judge has ruled.

The decision came in a lawsuit filed by three men who say they were disqualified from the annual tournament because they weren’t gay enough.

They said in the suit filed last year that their team’s second-place finish in the 2008 tournament in Washington state was nullified because they are bisexual, not gay, and thus their team exceeded the limit of two non-gay players.

Remember when quotas used to be considered the epitome of evil? By the way, we are assuming that this is an all male team, which is something we would have thought to be illegal in its own right.

U.S. District Judge John Coughenour said Tuesday that their suit can proceed to trial. But he also ruled that the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance, which also oversees gay softball leagues in dozens of U.S. cities, has a First Amendment right to limit the number of heterosexual players, much as the Boy Scouts have a constitutional right to exclude gays.

Somebody needs to tell some of the Democrats in Congress that the Boy Scouts have this right.

"It would be difficult for NAGAAA [sic] to effectively emphasize a vision of the gay lifestyle rooted in athleticism, competition and sportsmanship if it were prohibited from maintaining a gay identity," the judge wrote.

What exactly is "a gay identity"? And is there a ‘heterosexual identity’? A ‘white identity’?

However, Coughenour said questions remain about the way the softball association applied its rule, including whether the questions asked about the men’s sexuality at a protest hearing were unnecessarily intrusive. Therefore, the case can proceed toward a trial set for Aug. 1, he said.

The San Francisco-based team the men played on, D2, was disqualified after others at the tournament questioned their sexuality and filed a protest. Under questioning, the men, Stephen Apilado, Laron Charles and John Russ, were evasive or declined to discuss their sexuality, according to the organization.

‘Are you now or have you ever been a heterosexual?’

For example, minutes of the hearing say that Charles claimed to be gay but acknowledged being married to a woman, and Apilado initially said he was both gay and straight but then acknowledged being more attracted to women

Stone him! Still, remember when it homosexuality that was ‘the love that dare not speak its name’?

The minutes say rumors had persisted for years about whether D2 was stacking its team with straight ringers. In addition to the three plaintiffs, the team had two designated straight players. The organization says it has always considered bisexuals to meet the definition of "gay" for roster purposes, but the minutes also note that one official involved in the decision to disqualify D2 commented that "this is not a bisexual world series. This is a gay world series." …

Still, you would think most teams would welcome switch hitters.

Chris Stoll, a spokesman for the National Center for Lesbian Rights in San Francisco, which is representing the three men, said Friday its lawyers were reviewing the opinion and legal options.

"We think that the law is clear; NAGAAA doesn’t have a First Amendment right to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation," he said.

Isn’t irony ironic?

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30 Responses to “Gay Softball Limit On ‘Bi’ Players Okayed”

  1. untrainable says:

    True social justice at work. Proving once and for all that it’s OK for those in a protected class to discriminate just so long as they don’t do it to their own, or another protected class. Good to know.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    As their whole thing starts to spring leaks, how many fingers will there need to be in the dike?

    (so to speak)

  3. theforgottenman says:

    “Still, you would think most teams would welcome switch hitters”

    This is why I love sweetness-light. In a world with so much seriousness, we can find time for a respite of humor to brighten the day.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    Degrees of homosexuality?
    Is that not the same as being, “A little pregnant”?
    Gosh….I hope no one breaks a nail!

  5. TerryAnne says:

    So…um…a story about men, and balls…


    As a total non sequitar: I went to the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum last weekend. Pretty neat little operation.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Did an all male purse fight break out?

    • TerryAnne says:

      Since my humor tends to swirl around in the gutter, saying that man purses are typically called “man bags” is just going to make this worse when added to my first comment…


    • Liberals Demise says:

      Well TA ……… you just made it to 2nd base.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      After the game, who carries in the ball sack? Or is that not a fair question?

    • TerryAnne says:

      Depends on who was the last one holding the balls….

      I’m going to go bury my head in the sand. LOL!

  6. jrmcdonald says:

    You really don’t want to know what their ‘infield (open) fly’ rule is…

  7. swee says:

    How refreshing…a mainstream news story that actually acknowledges that bisexuality is rampant among our supposedly homosexual population who always claim that they’re not attracted to women and have not never slept with them. My guess is that most homo men have slept at least with a woman…which makes them bisexual, not homosexual..but why bother with such petty details when they know most people are happy to advocate for homos but would be grossed out by outspoken BIs. Hey even prominent gay Elton John is bisexual – he was once married to a woman.

  8. Rusty Shackleford says:

    At the heart of any issue regarding homosexuality is AIDS. By noting the bisexual nature of gays, then one might imagine that AIDS would be more rampant in the heterosexual “community” but it’s not. AIDS is still overwhelmingly predominant in the homosexual world. Personally, I don’t care what adults do in their spare time, as long as I don’t know about it and it doesn’t affect me in any way. But if I end up getting married to a woman who had unprotected sex with a bisexual man, and I later contract AIDS because of it, I think that there is a breakdown somewhere there. Part of it is the gays wanting so badly to be considered “normal”. Well, sorry, you’re not.

    In any mammal study, certain aberrant behavior is noted. I am not saying it’s “bad” or “good”…I don’t care. It’s that it strays from the established norm. In other words, I’m looking at it clinically. So, that leaves the ones who display the aberrant behavior separated from the regular, functioning of society, or….if they are smart, they just keep it to themselves and live an otherwise normal life. Add to that, I disagree with those who would prefer to violently eliminate them from society. That is not ethical nor moral behavior. On the other hand, I don’t want publications in my mailbox from their activists, nor special parades, replete with X-rated skits and displays of their idea of “art”. It’s aberrant behavior and should be treated as such. In other words, ignored unless it affects a person directly.

    This doesn’t mean to not hire someone because they are homosexual. But to be quite honest, I sat in a restaurant next to a table of female cops the other day and I thought I was going to be sick. Never in my life had I seen such a display of outright contempt for sexually normal people. I think one of them was even wearing Old Spice after shave. All four were overweight, with “men” haircuts and moved around the place like they were lumberjacks.

    To me, this is one of the things that’s wrong with America. Sure, they have the “right” to be whomever they want to be. But to display it so….it’s an in-your-face kind of thing that is intentional and obnoxious.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Rusty I think you may have inadvertently stumbled across the next court agenda.
      Butch Dike softball and Old Spice Aftershave.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Just as long as the courts handle the really important stuff.

      (And I used to like Old Spice)

  9. The Redneck says:

    The minutes say rumors had persisted for years about whether D2 was stacking its team with straight ringers.

    So these teams have to try and sneak normal athletes in if they want to be able to compete?

    • preparing4theworst says:

      I guess they just want some players who can hit, run and throw the ball….

  10. tranquil.night says:

    I guess if you’re bi, you’re tolerated, but everyone knows you’re not really “down for the struggle.”

    • The Redneck says:

      Well, it makes sense that how far you go down is important to the gay movement….

  11. Not so fast says:

    Hmmmmm……….. sounds Heterophobic to me.

  12. JohnMG says:

    …..”Coughenour said questions remain about the way the softball association applied its rule, including whether the questions asked about the men’s sexuality at a protest hearing were unnecessarily intrusive……”

    Like one of the favorite pick-up lines at a gay bar? “Can I push in your stool?”

  13. U NO HOO says:

    As the old joke punch line goes, “That’s what I want, recognition!”

  14. Not so fast says:

    This must REALLY be a POPULAR Softball league to go to all of this trouble instead of just forming another team/leaugue.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      I hear that it is always raining men!
      Kid in a candy shop…..that sort of thing.

  15. TerryAnne says:

    Having grown up playing slow-pitch (back when it was a game and not a spectator sport for butches), I distinctly remember a big part of the game being “talking smack/trash”…especially the catcher (and my big mouth out in left field). So…what happens when one of the guys yells, “You throw like a girl!” Will there be cheers or jeers? A group “hug” on home plate?

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Will there be cheers or jeers?

      Nope………..just queers or near queers (bi hyphens).

    • The Redneck says:

      Just don’t ask about the cheerleaders.

      For the love of all that’s holy, don’t ask about the cheerleaders.

    • preparing4theworst says:

      Redneck…you owe me a screen cleaning……toooo funny!!

    • TerryAnne says:

      “Push ’em back…hold ’em back…waaaaay back”

  16. Chase says:

    Have to wonder why the SF Gay Area hasn’t protested the legitimacy of a Gay World Series being held in Seattle.

    Just don’t want to see any video links of them duking, er,dookieing, um, ducking it out.

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