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GE Forces Its Employees Into Chevy Volts

From a site calling itself the Green Car Reports:

GE Employees Get Chevy Volt Electric Cars, All-Gas Use OKed Sometimes

By John Voelcker
Feb 16, 2012

A person inside GE recently forwarded a memo to us that covers some of the nuts and bolts of using the 2012 Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric car. It’s from the fleet operations manager for GE Healthcare.

Among the interesting points:

* "All sedans ordered in 2012 will be the Chevrolet Volt"
* Crossovers and minivans will be replaced by electric-vehicle sedans, i.e. the Volt
* Field engineers (who presumably have to carry equipment and spare parts) are the exception to the Volt-only rule

This last point tells you just how useful these cars really are. If you want to carry anything, you had better get another car.

* Home assessments for installation of a 240-Volt Level 2 charging station will be provided to all Volt drivers

That is considerate. Maybe it will prevent a few houses from being burnt to the ground.

* If it’s not possible to install a Level 2 station, employees should use standard 110-Volt charging
* If no electric power is available, driving the Volt using only its gasoline range extender is permitted

How merciful they are. (But we will hear at the end of this article how this dispensation is angering ‘the greens.’)

* Employees should expense both public charging-station costs and the Volt-recharging portion of their monthly electric bills

If only we could all get such a break.

Stand by for shrieking from certain segments of the media about how "GE Forces Employees Into Electric Cars!"

Well, if the shoe fits, shine it.

But, more seriously, why is GE pushing the Volt so hard?

First, its fleet managers have likely calculated that over the multi-year lifetime of the Volt, the company will save money on operating costs.

Fleet managers are notoriously hard-nosed spreadsheet jockeys, and are willing to spend more upfront on a car (the 2012 Volt starts at $39,995 before the $7,500 Federal tax credit) if the running costs end up saving money over the total mileage it covers…

Sure they will. If Obama manages to get the price of gasoline high enough.

Second, GE makes electric-car charging stations, and its WattStation ads have been heavily publicized…

What a coincidence.

The GE order could add many thousands of vehicles to Volt sales in 2012, and we suspect that most GE drivers will warm quickly to the smooth, quiet experience of electric propulsion

"Warm quickly" might not be the best phrase to use when talking about the Chevy Volt.

But notice how the author neglects to mention the most obvious reason GE is doing this. So Obama can brag about the increase in Chevy Volt sales during his re-election campaign.

After all, General Motors has to do something to payback Obama for their illegal and unnecessary bailout, and being allowed to build jet engines in ‘right to work states.’

One note of concern: The electric-car advocate who sent us the memo was deeply disturbed that all-gasoline running was allowed. We’re not quite so worried about that, since its ability to run on gasoline once the battery pack is depleted is the heart of the Volt’s flexibility–no range anxiety

A year hence, we may see a GE press release touting all the gasoline it has displaced by running on grid power. We hope so, anyhow

And never mind that the electricity will come from dirty coal burning power plants.

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6 Responses to “GE Forces Its Employees Into Chevy Volts”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I can just see General Zeitzler, Hitler’s Chief of Staff commanding all Officers to drive Volkswagens in a a demonstration of unity with the German people, and then Hitler giving him a backhand for saddling his fighting men with such a tiny clown car …

  2. Right2thepoint says:

    There is a small problem with all this. Just ask any local power utility and they will tell you if there are several of these charging stations in a single neighborhood they can cause loss of power to the area since branch distribution limits can be exceeded.

    Full disclosure I own an electric car (major boy toy) and an electric scooter, but with all the vehicles I own they don’t get driven all the time. Thus I can slow charge them in between usage with the solar panels on my garage roof. Due to this capability I don’t usually need the higher voltage quick charger but I do have one just in case I ever do a deep discharge that would lean toward use of that type of charger option.

  3. P. Aaron says:

    Boost the fleet sales and you get some headlines: Gee! The ‘New GM’, under Obama’s leadership…look at how the company is flourishing!

  4. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    I wonder if Immelt had anything to do with Obama upping the tax rebate to $10,000 in his latest boondoggle budget new era of responsibility.

    Also, if SCOTUS rules the federal government can force people to buy things, i.e. health insurance, we will all be driving Volts soon (assuming Obama steals another term for himself).

  5. Astravogel says:

    Can a company be successful selling
    it’s product to itself? Can two men stranded
    on a desert island become fabulously wealthy
    selling their hat to each other? Why, of course!

  6. canary says:

    Reports of the Volt being dangerous continue being released by consumer advocates & the media, yet
    there are those that prefer tree hugging over human beings.

    Volt owner’s condo owner to cut him off? Will it be heard in the Supreme Court?

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