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George Bush Is Now More Popular Than Obama

From a distraught Politico:

Poll: George W. Bush favorability hits milestone

By BREANNA EDWARDS | June 11, 2013

For the first time since April 2005, Americans view former President George W. Bush more favorably than unfavorably, a new Gallup poll has found.

According to the survey released Tuesday, 49 percent of Americans now view Bush as favorable, with 46 percent viewing him unfavorably. This, Gallup says, is the first time in more than five years that the president has held a more positive opinion.

In fact, Bush is now even more popular than Obama. Since Obama’s current job approval according to Gallup’s daily tracking poll is at 47% while Bush’s is at 49%.

When Bush left office in January 2009, only 40 percent of people polled viewed him favorably, with a majority of 59 percent expressing dislike for him. His lowest rating ever was in April 2008 during campaign season, when he had a favorable rating of 32 percent…

When the news media were pulling out all the stops to get Obama elected.

For the record, President Bush was higher in the polls at this point in his second term than Obama is now. But for some reason that is not getting a lot of press.

By the way, today is also GHW Bush’s 89th birthday.

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One Response to “George Bush Is Now More Popular Than Obama”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    This must feel like a knife twisting in the gut of the Kenyan now in residence at Whitey’s House.

    Ha ha…

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