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George Soros Now Wants Out Of Politics

From the New York Post:

Anti-W. $oros: I Quit Politics


September 29, 2006 — Billionaire liberal financier George Soros, who spent millions of his fortune trying to oust President Bush in 2004, yesterday said he hopes to stay out of politics from now on.

"In the future, I’d very much like to get disengaged from politics," Soros said at a Council on Foreign Relations meeting on the Upper East Side. "I’m interested in policy and not in politics.

And yet we have this report from the self-same event, courtesy of  his love slaves at Reuters:

Soros: U.S. can’t bomb its way toward Mideast peace

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Billionaire financier George Soros said on Thursday the war in Iraq has undermined U.S. leadership in the world, mocking the concept that peace and democracy could be achieved through war.

"The idea that you can introduce democracy via military force is a non-starter," Soros told a gathering at the Council on Foreign Relations. "We have lost the moral high ground." …

Soros, who is promoting a book lambasting U.S. Middle East policy, said the resentment generated in the Arab world by the bloody conflict in Iraq more than offsets any possible benefits gleaned from efforts to open the country’s political process…

Soros argued that Bush’s with-us-or-against-us stance in the fight to combat terrorism has hampered America’s ability to differentiate between groups like Hamas and Hizbollah, which he said could be dealt with politically, and al-Qaeda…

Pull the other one, György.

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