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Georgetown Prez Says No To Sandra Fluke

From Commentary Magazine:

G’town Keeping Policy on Birth Control

Alana Goodman

Georgetown University’s student insurance program came under fire a few months ago during an unofficial [aka pretend] congressional hearing after student and activist Sandra Fluke criticized its lack of birth control coverage. Since Fluke’s testimony, the university has been under mounting pressure to change its birth control coverage policy immediately. But today, Georgetown University President John J. DeGioia confirmed in a letter to students that the university will not change its policy until it’s required to by law:

As you know, like most universities, Georgetown requires that students have health insurance. Students are not required to purchase their health insurance through Georgetown University and are free to acquire health insurance through a third party.

In fact, thanks to the wonder that is Obama-Care, most ‘students’ should be able to stay on their parents’ plan until they are 26. Which, for most people is after they have left college and any post graduate schools. (18 HS graduate + 4 undergrad + 3 law school = 25 years old.)

There really aren’t too many 30 year old law students like Ms. Fluke.

The student plan offered by Georgetown is consistent with our Catholic and Jesuit identity and does not cover prescription contraceptives for birth control. It does provide coverage for these prescriptions for students who require them for health reasons unrelated to birth control, as determined by a physician.

Which you would never know from Ms. Fluke’s misleading ‘testimony’ or the news media’s misleading reports about Georgetown’s healthcare coverage.

While the letter doesn’t mention Fluke directly, DeGioia clearly responds to several of her claims. In her testimony, Fluke argued that contraception coverage is necessary for health care reasons, and recounted a story about one fellow student who was allegedly forced to have an ovary removed after the university health insurance refused to cover the contraception that would have treated her polycystic disorder. DeGioia reiterated that Georgetown’s health insurance covers contraception as long as it is for medical reasons unrelated to birth control

In other words, President DeGioia in effect called Fluke a liar. In an indirect and polite way, of course.

While DeGioia’s letter didn’t indicate that the university would take a public stance against President Obama’s rule requiring religious institutions to provide birth control coverage in their insurance plans, he did say he would be monitoring related developments. The U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops has called for protests of the law this summer

Who cares what the US Council Of Bishops thinks about these matters? We have the world’s foremost authority on Church Doctrine in the person of Saint Nancy Pelosi.

By the way, Sandra Fluke is going to attend the White House Correspondence Dinner this weekend. So she has truly arrived it as an official Democrat operative.

We just hope she gets seated next to Valerie Plame.

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4 Responses to “Georgetown Prez Says No To Sandra Fluke”

  1. untrainable says:

    Good for DeGioia. While I appreciate that this letter had to be on the polite side, he could have written a letter directly to the useless idiot Fluk ala Joe Wilson.

    Mz Fluk,
    “YOU LIE!”
    Georgetown University

    P.S. You’re expelled. Buuh-bye.

    One less liberal whack job lawyer in the world would be a gift for us all. She could have a wonderful career as a community agitator. No real ability or knowledge required. You just have to be willing to say what they tell you to say, and give up any hope of ever being taken seriously again.

    If our Justice Department was doing what it’s supposed to they would forget about prosecuting baseball players for lying about using steroids, and prosecute political activists like Fluk for lying about everything else.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Sadly, it rekindles the anger that liberals have about….well, about pretty much everything. She didn’t get her way, which, of course to all the mouth-breathers out there is the only way and the judge is mean, evil, corrupt or even somehow, a racist…whatever label sticks, applied by the “party of no labels”.

      Sandra lives in that world where everything is relative, so long as that relativity favors the ideological principles of getting free stuff and “in the land that is the most prosperous on the planet….why can’t it do this one little thing?” because to her, it’s so near and dear to her heart.

      It’s her raison d’etre, her reason for existence and the “cause” she has taken on and carved her identity from. Madonna was for (illegally) adopting blighted children from who-gives-a-crapistan, Al Gore has his AGW, Speilberg was known for fun movies that were unique but now that he’s older, he’s feeling guilty about “giving back” to the community.

      Please, “giving back” to me means minding your own fracking business, letting me mind mine and being sure to clean up your own mess(es). Common courtesy dictates that you just shut up, be quiet, avoid talking to me if I don’t know you and politely wait your turn. You know, the way you’re forced to behave at the DMV.

      It occurs to me that Mizz Fluk is working this angle to attain fame as much as she might be to get birth control paid for by the government. Otherwise, she’s just another face in the crowd who’s neither very bright, nor very interesting. Yeah, like 99% of the rest of us. And after November of 2012, like so much electioneering BS that has occurred in the past, she will vanish from the landscape. In fact, I’m only commenting now because I consider her a nuisance, like a pebble in my shoe. Once the pebble is gone, I don’t ever think about it anymore.

  2. Astravogel says:

    A good vermifuge usually takes care of liver flukes…

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    What a Fluke of the universe.

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