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Georgia Imam Pleads Guilty To Funding Hamas

From those terrorist militant enablers at the DNC's Associated Press:

U.S. Attorney David Nahmias, right, is flanked by Kenneth Smith, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Agent in Charge, as he announces Friday, Oct. 13, 2006, in Atlanta, that a 42-year-old Georgia man has pleaded guilty to providing material support to the militant group Hamas.

U.S. man pleads guilty to aiding Hamas

October 13, 2006

ATLANTA The imam of a mosque pleaded guilty to providing material support to the militant group Hamas in a case in which the agreement, charges and even the plea hearing were handled in secret.

The U.S. Attorney's Office said Friday that the charges and plea agreement involving Mohamed Shorbagi were filed Aug. 28 in a federal court, but were sealed until Friday.

Shorbagi, 42, agreed to a maximum 15 years in prison, prosecutors said. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for Nov. 3.

According to prosecutors, between 1997 and 2001, Shorbagi provided financial support to Hamas, a group designated by the United States as a foreign terrorist organization. He also was accused of conspiring with unnamed others to provide material support to Hamas.

The donations were through the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, prosecutors said…

Nahmias' office said Shorbagi was a representative of the Holy Land Foundation in the state of Georgia and knew money provided to the foundation was actually funneled to Hamas.

He had attended Holy Land Foundation meetings at which high-level Hamas officials made presentations condemning Israel, and hosted high-level Hamas officials at the mosque where he served as imam, prosecutors said…

Nahmias said Shorbagi is a citizen of the Palestinian territory but is in the United States legally.

Nahmias' office said prosecutors did not have to invoke the Patriot Act in imposing secrecy on the proceedings, and that U.S. District Judge Harold Murphy in Rome agreed to the seal. Officials said it is similar to procedures used in high-level drug cases…

The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development was shut down in 2001 after the government accused it of funneling more than $12 million (€9.6 million) to Hamas. Several people connected to the group were charged…

Mohamed Shorbagi

One down. How many more to go?

One assumes that this has little to do with Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald's "Holy Land Foundation" investigation which has been underway in Chicago for so many years.

Perhaps it was not given the same priority as his pursuit of the non-crime of the Valerie Plame non-outing.

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