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German City Fights Deficit With ‘Sex Tax’

From a bemused Reuters:

German city pares budget deficit with "sex tax"

Thu Dec 9, 2010

BERLIN (Reuters Life!) – Challenged with a 100 million euro ($133 million) deficit, one western German city has introduced a day tax on prostitutes to help whittle down its budget gap.

The new "pleasure tax" requires prostitutes in Dortmund to purchase a 6 euro "day ticket" for each day they work, or face a potential fine. The city estimates that the new tax will add some 750,000 euros [$993,750] to its coffers each year.

"Dortmund has financial problems like many cities in Germany," city spokesman Michael Meinders told Reuters. "We considered several sex taxes but this was the most practical proposal."

The new tax went into effect in August but the day tickets have not been available until this week.

An alternative proposal was to charge a 1 or 2 euro fee to anyone entering Dortmund’s red-light district, but this idea got little political support, Meinders said.

Such taxes are not unusual in Germany where prostitution is legal and sex workers must pay tax on their income. Cologne introduced a 150 euro "pleasure tax" on sex workers in 2004 and later added a 6 euro day tax option for part-time prostitutes.

Just think of how much it is costing the federal government not to have such a tax in Washington, DC. Especially, if you take a wide view on the definition of "prostitution."

By the way, what do you think the unemployment rate is among German "sex workers"? And do "part-time prostitutes" get full benefits?

And what is the official retirement age?

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5 Responses to “German City Fights Deficit With ‘Sex Tax’”

  1. River0 says:

    So true: “Just think of how much it is costing the federal government not to have such a tax in Washington, DC. Especially, if you take a wide view on the definition of “prostitution.” ”

    Exactly. Shouldn’t lobbyists (the Johns) pay a tax every time they meet with politicians (the hookers) to “persuade” (get in bed with) them to back legislation intended to provide taxpayer billions “for the children”?

    Think how much this ‘lack of taxation’ is costing the federal government!

    In fact, look at all the transactions every minute of every day between 300 million Americans, and how much of it ISN’T TAXED! This is costing the government TRILLIONS!

  2. tranquil.night says:

    And you all thought prostitution was the oldest profession. Big Daddy government goes all the way back to when Satan tempted and deceived Eve with the apple, who in turn tempted Adam and together lost paradise.

    What’s the first rule of pimping? Purse first, ass last!

    Or to quote an episode of South Park. “It’s all about mind control. B****h has gotta think when she’s out there that she’s making YOUR money!”

    Sound familiar to any tax or spend debate?

    Rule #7- Pimp the game
    #26 – The game’s to be sold, not told

    Barry’s problem with the Left and especially blacks lately is that he hasn’t been ghetto enough. He’s trying to parrot some 19th Century White elitist academic’s “Rules for Radicals” and he’s messing the game up.

    If Big Bam were such a p-i-m-p, he’d have remembered rule #8: “Don’t let your history be a mystery.”


  3. Liberals Demise says:

    Gee, that means the price of meat will surely go up.

  4. Chuckk says:

    It’s strange that the only way to “fight” a deficit is to raise taxes. The solution in never to cut spending unless it is by laying off police, teachers, or firemen.

  5. wirenut says:

    While I can’t speak for most, isn’t the mere fact of having “sex” taxing enough? Well,….I mean,….Ah? Any married man with 15+ yrs. in, can chime in at any time. Help me out here. 32+ yrs. with my one and only sweetheart. Thank GOD I married-up.

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