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Shocker: Germans Want Immigrants To Adapt

From those devotees of diversity at Reuters:

A frame grab taken from surveillance camera footage and released by police January 3, 2008, shows two youths (one obscured by a wall) attacking a German pensioner at a Munich railway station.

German conservative warns foreigners to adapt

By Noah Barkin Thu Jan 3

BERLIN (Reuters) – A top conservative from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party warned immigrants on Thursday they must adapt to the German way of life or face "consequences."

Roland Koch, premier of the prosperous western state of Hesse, is focusing on law-and-order themes in a bid to win a third term in a regional vote this month.

Koch outraged immigrant groups earlier this week when he accused foreigners of fuelling youth crime in Germany and he stepped up his rhetoric in top-selling conservative daily Bild.

"In areas where there are a high number of immigrants there must be clear rules and of course consequences if they are not respected," Koch wrote in a column in which he called for more respect, discipline and politeness in German society.

"German must be the language in everyday life and it must be clear that the slaughtering (of animals) in the kitchen or strange ideas about waste disposal are at odds with our principles."

When asked what Koch meant by his comments on waste disposal, a spokesman said: "There are people that dispose of their trash differently than the rest of us.

"People who read this will know what he is talking about. The trash is just thrown anywhere."

The debate on youth crime was sparked over the Christmas holidays when surveillance cameras in a Munich train station caught two youths — one Greek, one Turkish — beating a German pensioner.

German televisions stations have been broadcasting video of the attack for more than a week and politicians have reacted with calls for tougher sentencing, boot camps and even the deportation of criminals with foreign roots…

The nerve of this "German conservative," wanting to preserve his nation’s identity and culture.

Only very select groups are allowed to do that.

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