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Germans Start To Wake Up About Muslim Terror

From USA Today:

Picture shows a tracing placard published on the web site of the German federal police BKA Wiesbaden August 23, 2006. Germany’s federal police chief said two men suspected of trying to explode makeshift bombs on two German trains last month most likely fled to Lebanon after their plot failed. One of the suspects was arrested in Kiel last week after returning to Germany. The placard for the second suspect reads: ‘The German Federal Criminal police office (BKA) needs your help. Attempted bomb attacks. Reward of up to 50.000 euros. Who knows the person shown in the pictures?’

In Germany, terror suspect's arrest shakes sense of security


By William Boston, Special for USA TODAY

BERLIN — The weekend arrest of a Lebanese student suspected of trying to blow up two commuter trains last month prompted German authorities to warn that the country has become a target for Islamic terrorists.

"The danger has never been as high," Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said in an interview on German public television.

Schaeuble said he feared strikes by homegrown Muslim radicals. "That is the real reason for concern," he said. "We don't know anymore who is living among us." …

The arrest Saturday of a Lebanese student — identified only as Youssef Mohamad E.H., 21 — put police on high alert.

On Sunday, a judge ordered the student held pending possible terrorism charges stemming from the discovery July 31 of bombs in suitcases aboard trains bound for Dortmund and Koblenz. The student was detained after he was identified from surveillance footage…

Germany's refusal to take part in the U.S.-led war in Iraq once had Germans thinking Islamic terrorists would focus elsewhere, said Lesch's wife, Marita, 52, a teacher. "We didn't fight in Iraq, and until now we assumed that if we behaved well in the world, nothing would happen to us," she said.

Michael Lüders, a Middle East expert and government policy consultant, said, "Germany is reorienting its (foreign) policy. It did not call for an immediate cease-fire (during Israeli attacks) in Lebanon, and that was disappointing in the Arab world. Some radical forces now think Germany should be punished," he said…

Germany should know from first hand experience that some people can't be appeased no matter how hard you try.

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