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Germany Seeks 10 Islamists In Bomb Plot

From a shocked AFP:

The house where three suspected terrorists were arrested in Oberschledorn. Germany

Germany hunting 10 more suspects in Islamist bomb plot

by Emsie Ferreira

BERLIN (AFP) – German police have launched an international hunt for 10 accomplices of the three men held over a foiled Islamist plot to blow up airports and US installations in Germany, a top official said Thursday.

“Terrorist attacks need preparation. We are trying to identify all of those who were working in the shadows,” Deputy Interior Minister August Hanning told ARD television.

Police were searching for “the 10 people who were behind this” within Germany and abroad, he added.

Anti-terrorist police on Tuesday arrested two German converts to Islam and a Turk who they said had stockpiled more than 700 kilogrammes (1,500 pounds) of chemicals to use in “massive” attacks on US targets.

Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble described the men as “very dangerous terrorists”. He said they belonged to the Islamic Jihad Union, a group with links to Al-Qaeda, and had undergone training in Pakistan last year.

Hanning said the suspects still at large were of German, Turkish and other nationalities.

The three main suspects were arrested by members of Germany’s GSG9 anti-terrorist unit in a raid on a rented two-storey house with a manicured garden in the Sauerland area near Frankfurt…

The authorities have said the men gathered at their Sauerland hideaway on Sunday to start making bombs to use in “massive attacks” with the 12 drums of hydrogen peroxide they had stashed in the garage…

The discovery of the alleged plot saw a call on Thursday for authorities to be allowed keep a close watch on new converts to Islam.

“Converts tend to want to prove their commitment to their new faith by behaving in a fanatical way,” said Guenther Beckstein, the conservative interior minister of the southern state of Bavaria.

Commentators said the plot vindicated German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaueble’s repeated warnings that the country was not merely a base for Islamist extremists but at real risk of attacks on its soil…

It’s yet another wake-up call to Germany, and for the rest of Europe.

Hopefully they are beginning to listen.

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