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‘Getting On In Years’ Bill Vouches For Hillary’s Health

From the Associated Press:

Bill Clinton vouches for Hillary’s health

May 14, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Bill Clinton said Wednesday his wife Hillary took six months to recover from a 2012 concussion, adding she is now "stronger than I am" as he dismissed GOP strategist Karl Rove’s comments about her health.

Fine. Let’s see her medical records. Along with Bill’s. (Which, we still have never seen. Even though we have seen the medical records of every other President and even some Republican Presidential candidates. (Like McCain.)

"I got to give him credit, you know, that embodies that old saying that ‘consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,’" Bill Clinton said at a Washington conference. "First they said she faked her concussion. And now they say she’s auditioning for a part on ‘The Walking Dead.’"

Of course the question arises: how would Bill know the state of Hillary’s health? They are seldom even in the same hemisphere.

Furthermore, who is Bill to judge when it comes to mental acuity? Lest we forget, back in June 2012, Bill announced that he thought the Bush tax cuts should be extended. His staff immediately told the press that he only said that because he is getting on in years and his mind is starting to wander. So who is he to vouch for anyone’s mental fitness?

The former secretary of state fell ill with a stomach bug [hic] in December 2012 after returning from a trip to Europe, leaving her severely dehydrated. While at home, she fainted and fell [hic], suffering a concussion. The illness forced her to reschedule her testimony to Congress about the deadly attack months earlier in Benghazi, Libya…

Yep, there was no other explanation.

Clinton allies and the White House pushed back on Rove’s comments, and Bill Clinton said he was "sort of dumbfounded" by the remarks. "Look, she works out every week, she is strong, she’s doing great. As far as I can tell, she’s in better shape than I am," the former president said.

You can work out every week and still have brain damage, Dr. Clinton.

After Hillary Clinton’s concussion, doctors discovered a blood clot in a vein that runs between the skull and the brain behind her right ear and she was admitted to New York-Presbyterian Hospital for treatment with blood thinners. She was released after a brief hospitalization.

Lest we forget, this was not even Hillary’s first serious blood clot. As she noted in her ghostwritten autobiography, ‘Living History,’ she almost had to break off from campaigning in 1998 because of a blood clot in her knee, which would make flying dangerous. But she risked her life to soldier on. So these are serious questions.

Bill Clinton said it was serious and took her six months to recover…

Which makes it all sound even more serious than what Rove said.

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One Response to “‘Getting On In Years’ Bill Vouches For Hillary’s Health”

  1. canary says:

    Bill Clinton “As far as I can tell, she’s in better shape than I am,” the former president said.”

    It’s been decades since Bill has seen Hillary without her clothes on, but come on, even with her clothes on she doesn’t look like she’s following the WH Czar’s diet.

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