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Giant Oil Skimmer To Get Tested At Last

From a blame-free Associated Press:

Hopes ride on giant oil skimmer in Gulf of Mexico

By Tom Breen, Associated Press Writer

July 4, 2010

NEW ORLEANS – The latest hopes are riding on a massive new skimmer to clean oil from near the spewing well in the Gulf of Mexico, while a local Louisiana parish’s plan to block the slick has been rejected by federal officials.

A 48-hour test of the Taiwanese vessel dubbed "A Whale" began Saturday and was to continue through Sunday.

TMT Shipping created what is billed as the world’s largest oil skimmer by converting an oil tanker after the April 20 explosion sent millions of gallons of crude spilling into the Gulf.

The vessel was expected to cruise a 25-square-mile test site just north of the Macondo Deepwater well site, company officials said.

The U.S. Coast Guard and BP are waiting to see if the vessel, which is 10 stories high and as long as 3 1/2 football fields, can live up to its makers’ promise of being able to process up to 21 million gallons of oil-fouled water a day…

During a Thursday tour of the inlet to Barataria Bay, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said it was exasperating to have A Whale anchored offshore instead of being put to immediate use

The governor, who has been outspoken in his criticism of the relief effort, also criticized a decision by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to reject a proposal by Jefferson Parish to build a series of rock dikes to protect the ecologically important Barataria Bay.

Parish officials were using a fleet of barges — dubbed the "Cajun Navy" — as temporary barriers to block the oil, but some was still seeping in. The Corps found that the dike plan was incomplete, lacking a designated agency to remove the barriers, a restoration plan for environmental damage and data to measure any such damage.

"The Corps took weeks to review the plan only to reject it today — and this denial is another unfortunate example of the federal government’s lack of urgency in this war to protect our coast," said Kyle Plotkin, Jindal’s press secretary.

Back at the well site, work continued through the weekend to prepare another vessel, the Helix Producer, to hook up to the containment cap at the seafloor and start collecting up to 25,000 barrels a day. The work was delayed by severe weather from Hurricane Alex.

If workers are able to hook up the Helix Producer this week, it could double the amount of oil being collected at the well head and then burned or transferred to other tankers

They are preventing techniques that will stop the oil from reaching the shore because they haven’t spelled out “a restoration  plan for environmental damage and data to measure any such damage”?

That is simply insane. They are allowing real damage to occur rather than risk some imagined possible damage.

Again, the true agenda of the most transparent administration ever is revealed for all who care to see.

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13 Responses to “Giant Oil Skimmer To Get Tested At Last”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    … the clear answer to the oil spill finally brought into action.

    Meanwhile in other news, Obama’s administration has yanked the clean air permits of every Texas oil refinery.

    Surely I shouldn’t be reading conspiracy into any of this foot dragging to fix the oil spill while using the EPA to shut down our oil refineries?

  2. proreason says:

    “That is simply insane.”

    And it aligns perfectly with everything they do.

    The mission of a bureaucracy is the bureaucracy’s survival….no matter the cost.

  3. Chuckk says:

    In a bureaucracy following the rules is more important than accomplishing anything.

  4. heykev says:

    “The Corps took weeks to review the plan only to reject it”

    Am just glad there was an ecological and environmental disaster, otherwise no telling how many months – if not years it would have taken to study this plan and then reject it.

    Am looking forward to the same types of efficiencies in ObamaCare.

  5. canary says:

    Doesn’t the Corps of Engineers fall directly under Obama’s jurisdiction; under the Executive branch. Obama will promote Salazar instead of firing him.

  6. canary says:

    Obama finds oil & gas his deep sea exploration in Indonesia, Hawaii, etc. . Here is more on Obama’s high tech ships, cameras. Search along down the photos (see videos) where they are finding oil and gas. Amazing smoke volcanoes in the bottom of the sea.

    I keep saying this is what Obama & Hillary have been doing why the oil spills. Finding their own.
    sign up for daily updates. (p.s.) the volcanoes are in the water at the bottom of the sea letting off gas.


    June: View a video of the arrival of the NOAA SHIP Okeanos Explorer for its first port call in Bitung, Indonesia, during its MAIDEN VOYAGE

    Image showing a map of the INDEX 2010 operating area made using data from a SATELLITE IN SPACE. (HR)

    Bathymetric image of Kawio Barat volcano created with data acquired during INDEX 2010.

    An instrument called a CTD/Rosette is lowered down to the top of these volcanoes to measure the salinity, temperature, DEPTH and concentration of particles in the WATER column.

    Plot showing light scattering (dNTU) sensor and Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) data, versus time.

    The UNDERWATER VOLCANO RISES around 3800 meters from the SEAFLOOR.

    An overview of the multibeam data collected during the 2008-2009 Field Season off of the “””West Coast of the United States”””” as well as in the vicinity of the “”””Hawaiian Islands”””””.

    Each piece of information provides unique and VALUABLE details about the SEAFLOOR, which are used….

    ****Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke witnesses the signing of the Indonesia-U.S. Ocean Exploration Implementing Arrangement.!!!!!!!

    Ambassador Hume traveled from Jakarta to Bitung in order to welcome the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer and her crew to Indonesia.

    ****Commanding Officer Joe Pica, the Governor of North Sulawesi, US Ambassador!!!!! to Indonesia Cameron Hume, and the Mayor of Bitung await…

    Dave Lovalvo KEEPS A CLOSE EYE on the first ROV deployment…. of INDEX-SATAL 2010.

    During the early morning hours of June 28, the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer transited past several islands in the Sangihe-Talaud chain while conducting multibeam operations.

    John Sherrin and Elaine Stuart COLLECT WATER SAMPLES from the CTD/rosette on Kawio Barat.

    The ROV CAMERA SLED sled will remained secured to the DECK for the next few days while…..

    Operations Officer Nicola VerPlanck discusses the SHIP’S position with Major Muddan Zayadi and Commanding Officer Joe Pica on the bridge.!!!

    PLUMES Map showing the area to be explored…


    PLUMES BLACK SMOKER VENT in the High-Rise field, Endeavour segment, Juan de Fuca ridge.

    BUBBLE PLUME IMAGE CAPTURED with multibeam sonar on Kilo Moana, March 2010. The red base is the summit of NW Rota-1 VOLCANO on the Mariana arc.

    A black smoker CHIMNEY NAMED ‘BOARDWALK’ emitting 644°F (340°C) hydrothermal fluids IN THE NORTHEASTERN PACIFIC OCEAN AT A DEPTH OF of “7,260” FEET (2,200 m).

    Helene Ver Eecke dissects a black smoker CHIMNEY COLLECTED FROM A DEEP-SEA HYDROTHERMAL VENT to ISOLATE new hyperthermophilic MICROBES.

    Growth of hyperthermophilic MICROBES that grow at 203°F and CONVERT HYDROGEN GAS, CARBON DIOXIDE GAS, and IRON RUST into black MAGENTIC IRON.

    RIFTIA TUBEWORMS, MUSSELS, & and scavenging CRABS found at a hydrothermal vent site at East Wall on the East Pacific Rise.

    (Where’s the global warmers THEY ARE GASSING worms, mussles and crabs, destroying their environment)

    Map of the Celebes SEA region where biogeographic patterns observed on land led to lines drawn to explain breaks in species distribution.


    (They are destroying their inhabitats with gas)

    Map showing the CORAL triangle region – the most…

    Triangle region is known for its biodiversity, as evidenced by the multitude of organisms living in this small section of House Reef in the Philippines.

    In June 2009, President Barack Obama delivered a landmark speech at Cairo University on furthering America’s relationship with Muslim communities around the world.

    (!!!!!! Obama is getting even more gas from muslim countries so they can get rich & he can go live there!)

    Dr. Sugiarta and Dr. Steve Hammond shake hands after agreeing upon the planning area of operations for this summer’s expedition.

    Dr. Ir. Marzan A. Iskandar welcomes Dr. Jane Lubchenco, NOAA Administrator, to the Indonesian research vessel Baruna Jaya IV.

    Join us for the INDEX 2010: “Indonesia-USA Deep-Sea Exploration of the Sangihe Talaud Region”.

    Mission Plan
    This ‘before and after’ image provides a glimpse of Okeanos Explorer’s EM302 mapping system CAPABILITIES IN DEEP WATER

    The LITTLE HERCULES REMOTELY OPERATED VEHICLE (ROV) is a dual-body system capable of operating to DEPTHS of 4000m.

    !!!!!U.S. and Indonesian scientists will work side-by-side on two ships, the Okeanos Explorer and the Indonesian research vessel Baruna Jaya IV.

    (Obama’s real home Indonesia)
    Mission Plan
    U.S. and Indonesian scientists will work side-by-side on TWO SHIPS the Okeanos Explorer and the Indonesian research vessel Baruna Jaya IV. (HR)

    Indonesian scientist Dr. Michael Purwoadi makes the first ‘call’ using telepresence from the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer to colleagues in the newly established Jakarta Exploration Command Center.

    Dr. Michael Purwoadi makes the first ‘call’ using telepresence from the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer to colleagues in the newly established Jakarta ECC. (HR)

    Sorry, I just wish someone would explain this, plus the 6 drill points in the ice undersea Obama is going to do.
    Obama is slick like a thief in the night. I wish that alligator guy was still alive and he could explain this. How much is this COSTING the US!!!!!!

    Plus, I think it was on Rush Limbaugh a couple of Californians called and said they were concerned that the oil spill in the Gulf Case may be an UNDERWATER VOLCANO. And then I find Obama wants to find volcano’s in the sea.
    And Glenn Beck showed older commercial by BP that they are against oil, and want to go green. Beck said BP had past over 300 safety violations in comparison to a few from other deep sea rigs.

    And to think Obama as a boy in Indonesia was angry the white man came to Indonesia for oil, even though they had nice home. When his step-father lolo lulu quit the military (his mother hated that too) he went to work for the oil companies and he’d try and get her to come to company parties and Obama’s mother would yell “they are not my people!” And she couldn’t make a living
    weaving baskets and had to work for the embassy. And Kentucky Fried Chicken & Nikes ruined the mud paddies Obama like to run barefoot on chasing water-buffalo.
    Obama is the biggest hypocrite. He tells people not to use their gadgets, and look what’s he’s doing.

    The “USA” (forget the now 44 countries who have offered to help in the gulf) is too busy with their fancy
    gear. And this explains the rocket shuttle’s purpose.
    Forget it being used for defending the U.S. against

  7. canary says:

    Strange Obama & BP moved into deeper waters to drill. Hope this doesn’t cause another hurricane in Indonesia. Hope volcanoes won’t lead to the ice melting & flooding myth. To much metal can make fish uneatable. Volcanoes will aid to the sulfide into burning smelling, but great for making expolosives, along with their discovery of methane & hydrogin oderless flammable substances which can be made into methanol, a highly addictive drug for the world whose getting 90 percent of heroin from Afganistan since Obama changed Bush’s policy in destroying poppy fields which has angered Russia.
    Too much metals can make fishies toxic to eat. The volcanoes making the sea bases collide will make it easier for the duct & piping to suck into the drill platforms.

    Perhaps Obama & these muslim countries he made a pact with are going to produce WMDs that burn.

    Gulf spill fixed? Don’t hold your breath, it appears to be going as planned.
    (article on U.S.’s new dependence on foreign muslim countries fuel)

    “Seafloor through the Ocean Water Column”
    by David Butterfield…University of Washington and NOAA/PMEL

    ….The ocean and seafloor around Indonesia are still largely unexplored and undoubtedly hold many surprises…
    what is their impact on the local ecology?
    Are there significant mineral deposits forming?

    marginal sea basins colliding and subducting….

    ….Metals and hydrogen sulfide combine to form dark sulfide minerals when hot fluids mix with seawater…..

    Active volcanic eruptions, for example, produce plumes dominated by yellow/white elemental sulfur accompanied by

    low pH due to the injection of magmatic sulfur dioxide into seawater. In contrast, mature hydrothermal systems tend to produce black metal sulfide particles, and cold seeps may produce no particles

    but have a significant redox signal due to high concentrations of methane or hydrogen. …….. visit: Submarine Ring of Fire 2006…


  8. canary says:

    Obama’s drilling through Ice Peaks in Ocean causing glaciers to fall apart.
    Bonding with Indonesia

    Columbia University
    Racing Time On Oceania’s Highest Peak Patagonia Dust

    …We have finished our mission….and removed the ice cores,…drying out… These are the first glaciers we have ever drilled where it rains almost every day–and as a consequence, the glaciers are falling apart.

    I think we have been just in time to salvage a bit of the climate history before these glaciers disappear.

    Next challenge will be getting the ice cores and equipment through Indonesian customs.

    … this could take weeks. The cores are now being stored in a freezer in downtown Jakarta.

    Once a pond forms, it can become a hot spot that eats away everything around it–and indeed, you can see how this one has drilled down through layers of ice…..

    but movement could be hastened…. Paul Warren has borrowed some terms from earthquake experts…., most of the cracks are “thrust faults,” ….

    …the most difficult thing about ice cores comes after the actual drilling: then you then have to get them out and transport them long distances, and make sure they don’t melt.

    The drill, powered by a generator, …—much like drilling an oil well (but without the same problems).

    Team member Vladimir Mikhalenko of the
    Russian Academy of Sciences,… logs his notes for the day.

    Unfortunately, the helicopter that we need to move the heavy pieces to our second planned spot is down for regular maintenance until next Monday, June 21.

    Yesterday we completed our first ice core at the Northwall Firn Glacier, down to bedrock, penetrating 30 meters through the glacier, until we hit bottom….Diesel powers the generators
    All that will remain after this is the simple matter of getting the ice from this glacier back to our freezer facility in Ohio without melting. (And this is not a simple matter!)

    h the drills essential to our work apparently lost somewhere in transit, Lonnie and I finally backtracked to Jakarta–a five-hour flight–and found them sitting in an airline warehouse!

    We are also encouraged by the fact that insect parts were found on the glacier, as well as whole insect bodies;

    The project to core the glaciers of Puncak Jaya was officially launched today at a press conference in Jakarta,… Among other attendees: biochemist Bruce Alberts, who serves both as an international science

    envoy for U.S. president Barack Obama and editor-in-chief of the leading journal Science.

    …everyone here views it as an important step in U.S.-Indonesian scientific cooperation.

    In addition to the collaborating institutions and Freeport, the project has been funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation.


  9. AmericanIPA says:

    Why on Earth would you try to rid yourself of a perfectly good distraction like the oil spill? It diverts everyone’s attention away from more and more pass-without-consent action in our House of Representatives. Couple the spill with some timely immigration “reform” talk and the inmates can keep running the prison in D.C. while the news media covers for them with oil slick videos and Mexican outrage.

    • proreason says:

      Dims just “deemed” the new $1+ trillion budget. That way, no votes on their records.



      Last night, as part of a procedural vote on the emergency war supplemental bill, House Democrats attached a document that “deemed as passed” a non-existent $1.12 trillion budget. The execution of the “deeming” document allows Democrats to start spending money for Fiscal Year 2011 without the pesky constraints of a budget.”

      Don’t bother looking for an article about this in the msm. It’s not news to the propagandists.

      And of course, the “deeming” has nothing to do with “war”. The entire military budget is only about $600 billion.

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