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Gitmo Detainees Get $750,000 Soccer Field

From Fox News:

Guantanamo detainees get new $750G soccer field

By Catherine Herridge
February 28, 2012

At a time of record deficits, a new soccer field for detainees at Camp 6 in Guantanamo Bay is just getting the finishing touches — at a cost of $750,000 to taxpayers

When we were kids we would have killed to have such a fancy field. Come to think of it, that’s what they did.

The project began in April 2011 and is due to finish this spring. The detainees will now have three recreation facilities at Camp 6, which is home to "highly compliant" detainees who live in a communal setting.

Just in time for ‘Arab Spring Training.’

In addition to an indoor recreation field and the existing outdoor recreation field, the new soccer field — selected because it is such a popular sport with detainees — is half the size of an American football field.

The new field has been specially constructed so that the detainees "have maximum access" — about 20 hours a day. Special passageways allow the detainees to pass into the new recreation yard without being escorted by the military

Have they tried ‘Midnight Basketball’?

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7 Responses to “Gitmo Detainees Get $750,000 Soccer Field”

  1. Astravogel says:

    Now we need to get them some
    individual shopping carts…

  2. canary says:

    My first reaction imagining the untamed muslims playing violent soccer has already been proved in increase of game related injuries.

    Thanks to Obama giving them Skype, they can show their families their boo boos & bite marks from their obsession with Twilight games. And they can show off their English skills, one of the classes given in “Life Skill” classes.

    FoxNews: Gitmo Detainees Serve Time By Playing Games, Talking to Family on Skype, Taking Classes

    By Mike Levine – July 13, 2010

    “Introduction of television is the number one thing we’ve changed [in the year] since I’ve been here,” McManus said.

    As a result, detainees began playing soccer more frequently, and the hospital at the Guantanamo Bay camps increasingly saw more injuries related to the game, one hospital official said.

    “Obviously we don’t want them to say, ‘I’m here at this camp. There’s this many people here, and this is where the guards are,'” he said.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/07/13/gitmo-detainees-serve-time-playing-games-talking-family-skype-taking-classes/#ixzz1nnlQaF9q


    • canary says:

      On the bright side the field can be used for a massive in haul of growing terrorists and Sheriff Joe can be brought in to show them how to do it.

  3. finebammer59 says:

    “When we were kids we would have killed to have such a fancy field. Come to think of it, that’s what they did.”

    “midnight basketball”

    i realize the seriousness of this post but i’m sorry, it’s the funniest i’ve ever read on here!

    “arab spring training”

    that’s funny, i don’t care what religion you are!

    (did you see what i did there??? don’t care what religion??? i can make a funny too???)

  4. Mithrandir says:

    It’s all part of the de-Nazification effort.

    The gov’t did the same thing in WWII, gave the Nazi officers the best food, wine, and smokes money could buy, and a lot of it were in secret camps spread around the U.S., however, it is assuming that these people are less fanatic than Nazis, AND it was safe to release Nazis since their empire was defeated, and the Islam empire is more than fully functioning (thank you liberal immigration policies!)

    I guess the wise old owls in wise old Washington think that $750k is a bargain if it prevents a release of another bin laden, and another trillion dollar manhunt to track him down.

    If you have no evidence to charge and hold these people, you have to either put them on trial, hold them until they die, or let them go some day.

  5. P. Aaron says:

    GI’s should plant land mines in it.

  6. bobdog says:

    The trick is to give them the field, but not give them any soccer balls.

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