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Gitmo Detainees Get Computers, Training

From a delighted Miami Herald:

Four detainees watch the Iranian movie "The Color of Paradise" in a trailer in Camp Iguana on Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base in Cuba.

Some Guantánamo detainees to get laptops


Sun, May. 31, 2009   

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVY BASE, Cuba — These captives already get to order fast-food takeout from the base and have access to a phone booth for weekly calls. Now some 17 Uighur Muslims awaiting a nation to grant them asylum are about to go high-tech, with laptops and web training.

While awaiting details of President Barack Obama’s order to close the prison camps by Jan. 22, commanders here have ordered 20 laptops for the captives of Camp Iguana.

”As you know, detainees are leaving this place,” said Army Lt. Col. Miguel Mendez, who oversees detainee classes, a multilingual library and now-emerging virtual computer lab. “We’re getting them computer classes to prepare for their return.”

The Uighur detainees won’t be sending electronic mail to their lawyers or family members back in communist China anytime soon.

Instead, the military is setting up an internal intranet web at the half-acre compound ”to teach them how to e-mail,” Mendez said.

A federal judge last year ordered that the men be set free after reviewing the American military’s reasons for holding them in habeas corpus petitions that reached the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. by order of the Supreme Court.

But the Chinese citizens in exile have no place to go.

As devout Muslims, they fear religious persecution in their homeland, in part because of the stigma of having been held at Guantánamo for allegedly getting paramilitary training in Afghanistan before Sept. 11, 2001.

Attorney General Eric Holder said some could come to the United States for resettlement, triggering protests from members of Congress around Virginia, where other Uighurs live and have offered to settle them.

Nury Turkel, a Washington, D.C.-based Uighur rights activist, hailed the computer training development. Internet access could allow the men to listen to Uighur broadcasts of Radio Free Asia, he said.

Moreover, laptops would help the men ”be reintroduced into a modern society,” said Turkel, who noted that after eight years in U.S. custody the computer training “also would give hope to the men that their freedom is nearing.”

Some Uighurs sent from Guantánamo to asylum in Albania several years ago now e-mail with Turkel regularly, he said…

The computer training will offer DVD language training as well as a basic users skill-set to help in any future employment options, Mendez said. For example, detainees bound for Spain would get basic Spanish language classes.

The virtual computer lab is part of an emerging administration effort to persuade both Americans and European allies that some detainees are safe enough to resettle in their communities…

We thought Muslim terrorists were generally considered to be pretty internet savvy.

Aren’t we endlessly told by our media masters that they are winning the war of ideas on the internet?

Meanwhile, these little Uighurs darlings are perceived to be so harmless that the Obama administration is urging the Supreme Court to reject their petition to be allowed to locate in the US.

From the Agence France-Presse:

US urges rejection of Guantanamo Uighurs case

by Lucile Malandain Lucile Malandain – Sat May 30

US NAVAL BASE AT GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba, (AFP) – President Barack Obama’s administration has asked the Supreme Court to reject a request by Chinese Uighurs held at the Guantanamo Bay prison and cleared of all charges to be released on US soil.

The petitioners "have already obtained relief. They are no longer being detained as enemy combatants," wrote US Solicitor General Elena Kagan in the administration’s filing to the Supreme Court Friday.

Kagan wrote that the men, members of a Turkic-speaking Muslim minority who fear persecution if returned to China, "are being housed in relatively unrestricted conditions given the status of Guantanamo Bay as a United States military base."

Four years ago US authorities cleared the 17 imprisoned Uighurs, but they are stuck at the Guantanamo prison due to fears that Beijing would torture them if they returned to their homeland in northwestern China’s remote Xinjiang province.

At the prison, the Uighurs are held at "Camp Iguana," a special area for detainees cleared for release. They have more freedom and greater privileges than most other prisoners, including a recreational space and a library, according to the Pentagon.

In October 2008 a federal judge ordered that the Uighurs be released in the United States. The most likely place for the detainees to be released would be in Washington’s suburbs in northern Virginia, which is home to a significant Uighur expatriate community…

But for the Obama administration, which is repeating some of the reasoning that his predecessor George W. Bush used, "the decision whether to allow aliens abroad to enter the United States and if so, under what terms, rests exclusively in the political branches," according to the filing, which AFP obtained a copy.

For the government, the "petitioners’ continued presence at Guantanamo Bay is not unlawful detention but rather the consequence of their lawful exclusion from the United States under the constitutional exercise of authority by the political branches, coupled with the unavailability of another country willing to accept them," Kagan wrote…

Isn’t it funny how our watchdog media has not highlighted the irony of these detainees holing up in Guantanamo to avoid being tortured?

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7 Responses to “Gitmo Detainees Get Computers, Training”

  1. Liberals Demise says:


    Taken from the battlefield and imprisoned ……… to becoming a cyber terrorist.
    TRULY AMAZING!! I’m effing pissed now……………………………………

    • JohnMG says:

      Wonder if they could learn ‘Pac-Man’ or ‘Whack-A-Mole’. ‘Dungeons-N-Dragons’? How about ‘Mortal Combat’?

  2. proreason says:

    Another example of the liberal strategy of causing problems that then must be solved.

    Left hand: We’re teaching terrorist computer skills

    Right hand: The Moron is creating another czar (reporting to him personally of course)….a Ciber Security Czar

    See how it works?

  3. Enthalpy says:

    Laptops? Lost on these mental giants is the fact that some of these detainees may be almost as loony as they are. How can you “be reintroduced into a modern society” when you’ve never been a real part of it to begin with? True believers are just that–true believers, and no amount of enhanced rehabilitation is going to prepare them for re-introduction into anything. They just want to kill us, that’s all.

  4. LewWaters says:


    Not only do we give them the tools, we train them to set up better attacks against us!

  5. canary says:

    I’m telling ya, many do not want to be released.

  6. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Once again, the tiresome argument of rehabilitation.

    Let me use a stellar, clarifying example.

    Germany and Japan. Once shredded, they acquiesced to rehabilitation politically. Certainly, there were many who preferred the voice of reason vs. mob rule and a better choice over dictatorship/empirical tyranny.

    But an enemy not driven to utter destruction will never acquiesce to peace.

    They will use any means necessary to continue their efforts to undo their enemy (that would be us)

    Rehabilitation works occasionally but like any addiction, it only works if the addict WANTS it to.

    And in this case, it’s not drugs or alcohol or even a violent nature. It’s an ideology. An ideology so diametrically opposed to our own that it really cannot be altered. Again, not unless the subject is willing to change. I’ve no desire to change them. I’ve only the desire to eradicate them from the face of the Earth, as they would have done unto me.

    Once they are destroyed, then peace can flourish. I didn’t start it. My government didn’t start it. To those who think the US “deserves” it, is remarkably shortsighted. This “jihad” finds its roots all the way back to post Roman Europe when the muslims went on a jihad that lasted for quite some time, establishing strongholds in Spain and other places in Europe.

    To say the religions of Christianity and islam are diametrically opposed is to say water is wet.

    Somehow, the muslims, especially the radical ones just cannot leave things alone. I liken them to the baptists down the street who find everything the lutherans do to be wrong. Or, the catholics vs. the protestants. It’s the same old bigoted, ridiculous arguments over and over save that the radical muslims, no less dedicated to their religion than a radical catholic dedicated to the pope, are now armed with a refreshed zeal to dominate the land and may very well accomplish that which will set the world back about 1,000 years. No bathing, no rights for women (yet women’s advocacy groups seem more than a little enamored with muslims) and no education and the religious leaders dictating public policy.

    This, of course, flies in the face of our Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

    Under that premise, it’s easy to see why liberals and radical muslims are aligned. They both hate our system of government and seek to destroy it.

    However, what the liberal pant-loads DON’T seem to get is that Mujibar, whether radical or somewhat calm in his approach to islam, really couldn’t care less if it was a catholic, a protestant, an agnostic, a jew a “reformed” muslim or a golden retriever hanging at the end of a rope with their head removed. They would no more take notice of that in the paper than I would of the death of Mrs Kravitz in the obits. However, when pointed out, they would say, “Hm….seems fine to me.”

    People just don’t get it.

    But at the same time, they are more likely to be moved by a “jihad” to end so-called “suffering” of “their people” all in the context that they think it will make their life somehow better.

    I have spent my life filtering out the bullshit that the news from all the sources of the world has tried to feed me. Some of it is ok…much of it is not and almost ALL of it is slanted in this direction or that in order to sell it to the reader. There isn’t ONE hack reporter out there who doesn’t dream of the day when they can be called up on stage in a tuxedo to accept their Pulitzer in order to be legitimized under such names as Hemingway, Buck, Steinbeck, etc.

    So I always have to consciously remind myself that the writer is trying to sell me something. Were it not for my cynical nature, I would be devouring every article in every paper as if it were the absolute truth.

    The fact of the matter is, that I have to take what information I can get, weigh it against my own sensibilities and come up with an interpretation that I can work with. Thus, the MSM has left me cold years ago; All about selling advertising space, thus affording the most colorful “writers” of copy their jobs and BMW’s.

    Herein, the conservative blogs, for which I am thankful. Though I don’t agree with all that is said here and certainly not by the likes of our most recent Hollander visateur, I do get more and better news. There is some commentary by Steve that I usually agree with and if not, I certainly understand it.

    I am against Obama more than I’ve ever been against anyone or anything in my young life. He is bad for this nation. He is deserving of nothing less than ridicule and nothing more than contempt.

    He holds our system to be bad by virtue of its imperfections and his fallacy lives and emanates from the basis of that imperfection.

    Unfortunately, our society, keen on the 10-second sound bite and the half-hour sitcom resolution to all problems human, is ripe for the picking by a used car salesman of a president who acts like he has all the answers.

    I shame the United States.

    One, for putting up such a person as a legitimate candidate
    Two, for never investigating him thoroughly prior to, during and after the election
    Three, for allowing him to be president
    Four, for never questioning his actions or words
    Five, for allowing him to act, unencumbered by our political process
    Six, for any and all things he’s done thus far that violate federal law

    Only in places like this can we have a voice. And for how much longer?

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