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Giuliani Says FEMA Is As Bad As During Katrina

From the Politico:

Giuliani on Obama response to Hurricane Sandy: ‘Disgraceful … Where the hell are the generators?’

David Martosko | 11/05/2012

At a Sunday gathering of Mitt Romney partisans in West Palm Beach, Florida, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani delivered a blistering attack on President Barack Obama for what he said was a “disgraceful” response to Hurricane Sandy.

“Maybe the first day or two of the storm, the president did a good job,” Giuliani said. “The last three or four days? It’s disgraceful.”

Obama decided that he had gotten all he could out of playing President. So he decided to go back to campaigning.

The Brooklyn-born firebrand excoriated the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for neglecting to bring bottled water to the Northeastern U.S. during the days before the superstorm hit.

“It’s disgraceful what he’s done. It’s disgraceful what his FEMA has done,” Giuliani said. “There are people in New York City who don’t have bottles of water like this. See this little bottle of water? They don’t have it in New York. You know why? Because Barack Obama’s FEMA didn’t think to pre-position it.”

“What — they didn’t learn anything from Katrina?”

Really. Why didn’t FEMA stockpile food, water, and gasoline? They had more than a week’s notice to prepare for Sandy. There was no shortage of time.

Didn’t the Obama administration realize people needed to eat, drink, and drive? Do they think all people do is vote?

Giuliani was New York City’s mayor when terrorists flew commercial aircraft into the twin towers of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, bringing both skyscrapers crashing to the ground. He recalled on Sunday seeing the federal government, then helmed by President George W. Bush, rush resources to Manhattan — including equipment to keep electricity flowing.

“People in the lower East side, elderly people, had to sleep last night in the cold — some of them at great risk to their health. And his FEMA can’t get generators to Manhattan,” Giuliani said of Obama.

“How long did it take us … to get generators to Ground Zero on September 11? Do you know the power was out in lower Manhattan for four weeks? Now, you watched Ground Zero, didn’t you, on television? And you watched the lights on. You watched them working 24 hours a day. How do you think we did that? We brought generators in!”

“Where the hell are the generators now?” Giuliani shouted. “What good is his FEMA if they can’t get the generators to the people who don’t have electricity? What good is FEMA if they can’t get water to people? What good is FEMA if they can’t get food to people?” …

And where is the news media demanding answers to these questions?

“Go take a look at New York and New Jersey right now, six days later,” Giuliani said. “This man [Obama] has been a disaster on emergency response. … I’ve never seen one as bad as this. I’ve never seen a president walk out as much as this.”

“If George Bush had done this, they’d be impeaching him right now. If George Bush had done this, the media would have been all over him.”

If Obama were a Republican this would have been the top story in every news media outlet all weekend and today. Instead, all we hearing is how much of a bounce Obama is getting out of Sandy. Some are even saying Sandy was a Godsend for him.

Meanwhile, here is some more elucidation on the same topic, from the Politico:

Rudy Giuliani: FEMA as bad as in Katrina

By: Katie Glueck | November 5, 2012

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani slammed FEMA and President Barack Obama on Monday over the response to super storm Sandy-inflicted damages, saying the emergency agency is failing as badly to as it did during Katrina.

“The response since the time the president got all this praise and credit and press ops has been abysmal,” Giuliani said on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom.” “FEMA is as much a failure now as at the time of Katrina.” …

“The president getting all this credit so early, maybe the first day or two he was paying attention, but the minute he got his credit, the minute he got his pat on his back, we had the same situation as we had in Benghazi,” Giuliani said. “He loses focus. He goes back to being campaigner-in-chief rather than commander-in-chief.” …

It would seem that all Obama is only interested in being adored and taking the bows. He is not interested in doing the job of President.

By the way, Giuliani is not the first to have point this out.

The Washington Times back on Saturday reported this:

Some critics are accusing Mr. Obama and other government officials of praising storm relief efforts too soon.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Republican, on Saturday urged the White House and state leaders in the Northeast dealing with the recovery to "stop declaring victory, stop giving speeches" and focus on helping victims of the storm

Come to think of it, this is the way Obama deals with everything. If he can’t solve it in a instant, he moves on.

And, since nothing can be solved in an instant, nothing ever gets solved by him.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, November 5th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

13 Responses to “Giuliani Says FEMA Is As Bad As During Katrina”

  1. Astravogel says:

    I believe the FEMA is misunderstood as to what they do. They were never suppliers
    of materials for disasters. That is a State responsibility. FEMA coordinates recovery
    efforts. They do not stockpile, deliver, or otherwise do that, in spite of the movie
    that shows that they do. States have National Guard to aid supply distribution, the
    Red Cross is supposed to provide other aid, and people should be able to plan their
    own disaster preparations when given sufficient notice, as was done both for Katrina
    and Sandy. Only earthquakes give little notice, and a disaster kit for that eventuality
    shouldn’t be beyond the financial requirements of most people. Since most food stores
    only have supplies on hand for three days or so, they will run out. Sporting goods
    places have dried food which will keep for years, and water will be the main problem.
    Many Internet sources have suggestions, heed them.

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      All good points, but the contrast between Bush/Katrina and nero/Sandy is the bigger point. Reliance on the government is the biggest beef most conservatives have with libs, natural disasters are really no exception, however I do think if FEMA were doing what it was intended to do (simplify) instead of what all government super-entities do (complicate) things would be better off for all parties. Bottom line to me is that the president obviously made a little political show of the storm response and then went back to his normal routine which is just reprehensible and indicitive of him as a leader and as a man.

  2. Right of the People says:

    It’s true FEMA doesn’t actually do the stockpiling of goods, etc its job is coordinating the efforts but the fell down on the job. Obi-I-Won showed up for his photo-op, got his accolades then went back to campaigning since that is the only thing he’s even remotely competent at.

    Having as much warning as they did, FEMA should have been all over the states/cities to prepare. There’s been a lot of disgraceful things associated with this disaster, the biggest one being Mayor Bloomberg. I just read a story that three days after the storm hit that there were still 3 generators, two running and one as a standby, at NYC Marathon HQ instead of being used to power homes. If the foolish people of NYC reelect this ass clown they are truly beyond help.

    • Steve says:

      “I just read a story that three days after the storm hit that there were still 3 generators, two running and one as a standby, at NYC Marathon HQ instead of being used to power homes.”

      Three? I live next to Central Park, close to the finish line for the Marathon. Yesterday, I counted (and photographed) over thirty generators in the street (CPW) and in the park within a hundred yards of the finish line.

      Several the size of tractor trailers. Others, more the size of U-Hauls. I saw six in just one tiny parking area.

      And there are dozens more still scattered around the park.

    • heykev says:

      I believe if we put FedEx, UPS, and Wal-Mart in charge of coordinating the disaster relief there would be an abundance of supplies for everyone in these areas that were stricken.

      Get rid of FEMA and let those companies handle the disaster relief. They would do a great job for less money and get it right the first time.

      Steve – Bush would have been excoriated for letting generators sit around idle like that. I expect we will hear all about it once the election is over and Obama’s Marketing Outlet can get back to pretending to be reporters.

      It is truly disgraceful that they are sitting around and not being used by those who desperately need them.

  3. mr_bill says:

    Has nerobama figured out whose ass to kick, yet?

  4. canary says:

    Astrovogel, you are correct. FEMA is more of an advocate that does lip service. They are worthless. And they are there for damage control in the media. They are there to have their jobs.
    They set up counseling for the victims. Where are they?

    And I learned long ago the Red Cross are just greedy people that take people money. When 9/11 happened I knew there would be the problem that did come about where they didn’t want to hold on to the money. People need to understand these organizations and non-profits can keep up 85% of donations to run their “business”. And once again the Red Cross get’s the money.

    And shame on Chris Christie for brown nosing Obama the minute it happened praising Obama’s leadership. Obama probably sat there in the helicopter and told him everything his thugs had uncovered on him, and that if he praised him as an excellent leader he would give NJ more help and money. The FEMA man started nodding his head up and down when Christie praised Obama.

    After all Chris Christie made it clear he did not give a damn about the elections.

    And this is a point that States need to learn to prepare and depend on themselves in a crisis
    to get the job done.

    At least being cold outside there will be less rapes.

  5. Pres. Obama hates Black people. It’s the only explanation.

    • P. Aaron says:

      Methinks Christie was neutralizing Corey Booker, an upcoming potential re-election opponent.. Booker’s already on Obama’s ‘no-fly’ list so, Christie was just bumping him off in-state. Plus, Christie is making sure he’s got ‘Bamster in the spotlight in case aid from the Feds goes south in Jersey. Christie’s Alpha to ‘O’s Beta.

    • canary says:

      No doubt liberal districts are getting their electricity back on first. Plus Chris Christie wants to be re-elected. No doubt the liberals will get computers to e-mail their vote in.

      The liberal leaders know what district all the liberal voters live in.

      That an voter fraud will be the reason Obama is re-elected.

      It’s obvious the liberal districts go their phones workings first too as the polls increased and Chris Christie is self-serving and a turncoat.

      Christie should have kept his mouth shut. A hardship after a storm is nothing compared to 4 more years of destroying the entire country.

  6. Mithrandir says:

    It’s strange the soldiers eat K-Rations and C-Rations LONG AFTER World War II, and have MRE’s on hand that store well, but our gov’t can’t store food for the civilian population.

    Wouldn’t it seem reasonable to install an underground BUNKER filled with provisions in every county in America? Then just throw open the door and roll out trucks with food/water etc to meet the area’s needs? Good lord! We are so unprepared for every disaster, it sickens me. MEANWHILE Pakistan is sure to get $100 million in aid every time there is a flood or earthquake there.

    Every forest fire, not enough water helicopters, or firefighters.
    Every hurricane, not enough water / food / gas.
    Every tornado, not enough clean up trucks.
    Every earthquake, gov’t scrambles to put the infrastructure back together.
    Every flood, people are stranded on top of houses, stuck in trees, on top of cars.

    Every year, the vote is screwed up.
    Every year the emergency system is flawed.
    Every year, the gov’t is typically 10-15 years behind the current problem.

    It’s almost as if incompetent people are running the show here.

    • captstubby says:

      we did at one time, have such places .

      we called them Fallout Shelters.

      every town had dozen of locations marked with the

      yellow emblem.

      the mocked “school kids ducking under their desks” films while maybe not practical, at lest showed we had emergency and disaster in mind.

      The Cold War was of course real,

      and the Socials collages did their best to “re educate ” our youth ,portraying the United States as the aggressor.

      the last few decades has shown we have made The Ant And Grasshopper Fable

      Government Policy.

      its truly unbelievable that there is not a workable relief program[ not FEMA]

      in place near the year after year storm and hurricane weather strikes the same locations.

      but its the same ,

      year after year.

      New Orleans has got to be be the costliest piece of real estate at the United States Government ever paid for.

  7. Reality Bytes says:

    Remember Bush getting hammered for assets kept outside Katrina’s path. Compare that to Big Sis who came to NY to “see what we can do”.

    Oh, and how about the 1,000’s of home inspectors sent to NJ NY to help homeowners assess the sustainability of their property? Really?! Home inspectors? How about carpenters & electricians?!

    The crime isn’t the ineptness & dishonesty of this administration. They’re just doing what they’ve been brought up to do. IT IS THE MEDIA’S COMPLETE & UTTER CAVE FOR THE SAKE OF ACCESS TO THE GOVERNMENT THEY’RE CHARGED TO REPORT ON!


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