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Global Warming Will Cause More Humidity

From the Gaia worshippers science department at the Associated Press:

Global warming may make humidity worse


The world isn’t just getting hotter from man-made global warming, it’s getting stickier. It really is the humidity. The amount of moisture in the air near the surface — the stuff that makes hot weather unbearable — increased 2.2 percent in just under three decades. And computer models show that the only explanation is man-made global warming, according to a study published in Thursday’s journal Nature.

“This humidity change is an important contribution to heat stress in humans as a result of global warming,” said Nathan Gillett of the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom, a co-author of the study.

Gillett studied changes in specific humidity, which is a measurement of total moisture in the air, between 1973-2002. Increases in humidity can be dangerous to people because it makes the body less efficient at cooling itself, said University of Miami health and climate researcher Laurence Kalkstein. He was not connected with the research.

Humidity increased over most of the globe, including the eastern United States, said study co-author Katharine Willett, a climate researcher at Yale University. However, a few regions, including the U.S. West, South Africa and parts of Australia were drier.

The finding isn’t surprising to climate scientists. Physics dictates that warmer air can hold more moisture. But Gillett’s study shows that the increase in humidity already is significant and can be attributed to gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels.

To show that this is man-made, Gillett ran computer models to simulate past climate conditions and studied what would happen to humidity if there were no man-made greenhouse gases. It didn’t match reality…

There are now no loose ends,” said Ben Santer, a scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Lab and author of the September study on moisture above the oceans. “The message is pretty compelling that natural causes alone just can’t cut it.”

The studies make sense, said University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver, who was not part of either team’s research.

It will only feel worse in the future, Gillett said. Moisture in the air increases by about 6 percent with every degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit), he said. Using the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s projections for temperature increases, that would mean a 12 to 24 percent increase in humidity by the year 2100.

“Although it might not be a lethal kind of thing, it’s going to increase human discomfort,” Willett said.

What’s this? “More humidity”? Doesn’t that mean more moisture? How is that possible?

Hitherto, we have been studiously assured by our media watchdogs and the scientific establishment that global warming climate change was going to bring with it massive and permanent droughts, which would lead to forest fires, crop failures and mass starvation. 

And, while we deserve to die for our sins, it also spells the loss of at least one third of the other species of life on Earth.

Any Google search will return at least 3,220,000 articles telling us so:


Indeed, only a few months ago we posted some photos from our unbiased wire services:

A man is seen walking with a dog along a dry cracked reservoir bed in Alcora, eastern Spain in this May 20, 2005 file photo. Climate change in Europe’s Mediterranean region will sap electric power generation, reverse long-standing tourism trends, raise sea levels in coastal regions and leave millions of people with water shortages, scientists said Tuesday, April 10, 2007.

A farmer digs a drain on a dried-up pond on the outskirts of Kunming, capital of southwestern China’s Yunnan province March 6, 2007. Food shortages, water scarcity, heatwaves, floods and migration of millions of people will occur across Asia as a result of climate change, Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the U.N. climate panel, said on Tuesday.

The shadows of camels are cast on a sand dune in a stretch of desert steadily creeping south from the Sahara, some 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of the capital Dakar, April 7, 2007. Climate experts issued their starkest warning yet about the impact of global warming, ranging from hunger in Africa to a fast thaw in the Himalayas, in a report on Friday that increased pressure on governments to act.

Animal carcasses in Kenya’s drought stricken Wajir province in 2006. UN climate experts have warned that global warming threatens to unleash more suffering in Africa than on any other continent this century.

The glacier field is seen from the route to the North Ridge of K2 in the Xinjiang Province of China during the summer of 2000. Mountaineers are bringing back firsthand accounts of vanishing glaciers, melting ice routes, crumbling rock formations and flood-prone lakes where glaciers once rose. The observations are transforming a growing number of alpine and ice climbers, some of whom have scientific training, into eyewitnesses of global warming.

I sure wish they would make up our minds.

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