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Global Warming Will Ruin Thanksgiving

From the Discovery Channel:

Could Climate Change Ruin Thanksgiving Dinner?

Warmer temperatures could affect just about everything you’ll see on the dinner table.

By Jennifer Viegas | Wed Nov 24, 2010

Climate change could one day affect the cost and quality of dishes traditionally served for Thanksgiving Day dinner, suggests a recent paper in the journal Food Research International.

Pasty, dry turkey meat along with expensive fruits, vegetables and potatoes could be on the horizon if more variable extremes in regional weather patterns continue as a likely result of climate change, indicates author Neville Gregory.

The usual star of the Thanksgiving Day feast, roast turkey, could suffer in quality as a result.

"Climate change could affect meat quality in two ways," Gregory, a professor in animal welfare physiology at the University of London’s Royal Veterinary College, explains. "First, there are direct effects on organ and muscle metabolism during heat exposure which can persist after slaughter."

Prior studies have demonstrated that heat stress can increase the risks of what’s known as "pale, soft, exudative" (PSE) meat. According to Purdue University Animal Sciences, PSE meat "is characterized by its pale color, lack of firmness, and fluid dripping from its cut surfaces. When cooked, this meat lacks the juiciness of normal meat."

As a second climate change impact, Gregory believes "changes in livestock and poultry management practices in response to hazards that stem from climate change could indirectly lead to changes in meat quality."

Pre-conditioning broilers to heat stress to encourage better survival during transport, for example, could lead to more variable breast meat taste, appearance and texture…

Two minor objections come to mind. First, climate change has not driven up the temperatures for at least 15 years, even according to the most radical environmental cultists.

Secondly, anyone who has ever been around a poultry farm will realize that a lot of expense goes to keep the critters warm, especially when they are newly hatched.

So, if there were higher temperatures, the turkeys would probably like it – and certainly the cost of raising them should go down.

The pumpkins, sweet potatoes, potatoes, grains, green beans and other plant products associated with Thanksgiving dinner could also be affected by climate change, he said.

"These foods will be sensitive to water shortages should they arise," Gregory told Discovery News. "In years when there are water shortages, their price will rise and local communities may have to import part of their needs to make up for the local shortfall in production."

Hopefully, the rise of sea levels will cancel this out.

But what utter nonsense. Of course the Discovery Channel can be excused for publishing it. After all, they sort of have had a gun put to their head.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, November 24th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

7 Responses to “Global Warming Will Ruin Thanksgiving”

  1. Georgfelis says:

    Oh Noe! An increase of a half-degree C over the next century will make 22nd Century Turkeys dull and tasteless!

    Quick! We must immediatly spend trillions of tax dollars on Thoughtful and Well-Meaning fixes to this Horrible Event!

    Seriously, do these people not realize what their grandchildren will think of them? “This is a holo of great-grandfather Al, he made a million dollars on Global Warming snake-oil before he lost it all in the great Eco-Stock Market Crash of ’12. And here he is working at the Quick-E-Mart afterwards. Yes, that’s his sign. They made all the Eco-nuts wear them after the crash, so normal people wouldn’t be taken in by them again..”

  2. mr_bill says:

    “Well, we do know that thanks to putting ethanol in our gas, turkeys will cost more – as well corn – or maize, of course.”

    Maize figures prominently in Kwanza celebrations. Doesn’t this price increase in corn discriminate against those who celebrate [the made-up holiday] Kwanza? Algore is oppressing blacks! Ethanol is racist!

  3. canary says:

    oops, had to correct my post so capitalized part, stress.

    This Thanksgiving article on Discovery is absolutely not true and based on the opposite facts, and Purdue University has an entire opposite thing to say.

    Let’s not forget that the recent discovery, Discovery Channel even uses animals in captivity to make their film their shows. They may look like they are camping for months but their slaughtering of animals is usually staged in captivity. Where’s PETA’s outrage.

    PETA should know as the Discovery Channel wants you to believe PSE is “AFTER-Slaughter” conditions, when
    PSE is “pre-slaughter conditions from “pre-STRESS.

    GREATEST CAUSE of PSE “pre-stress”? ” …may come from those animals that were shipped, unloaded and slaughtered without being rested.” (bottom link)

    other conditions leading too PSE is the animal was “SHIVERING” before death “FIGHTING” before death. (bottom link)

    PSE “pre-slaughter conditions” are from the “PH balance (acidity) in the pigs “pre-slaughter” conditions.

    The acronym of PSE in medicine is difficult to find, but the Purdue University came up with.

    It is PSE Pre-Slaughter Exudative Pork (though occasionally can be found chicken & beef) Discovery has every fact backwards

    The PSE acronym which is difficult to find stands for “pale soft exudative pork” It is CAUSED by pre-slaughter stress conditions that affect the “pH BALANCE of the animals fluids. Meat is jucy. So juicy it can’t be made into processed meat.

    Pale, Soft, Exudative (PSE) Condition

    Pale, Soft, Exudative (PSE) condition is a quality problem most commonly affecting pork but which also affects beef, lamb, and poultry. PSE meat is characterized by its pale color, lack of firmness, and fluid (exudate) dripping from its cut surfaces. When cooked, this meat lacks the juiciness of normal meat. PSE meat is unsuitable for processed meats as well, as it results in products which have an undesirable pale color and are swimming in extra fluid.

    PSE condition results from an abnormally rapid drop in the pH of the carcass after slaughter. This condition is most often noted in carcasses of pigs suffering from Porcine Stress Syndrome (PSS) but can also affect carcasses of normal pigs which have experienced preslaughter stress.

    Much less is known about the Red, Soft, Exudative (RSE) condition which has characteristics similar to PSE except that the meat has a darker color. RSE also appears to be related to abnormally low pH levels and can result from preslaughter animal stress.

    Dark, Firm, Dry (DFD) Condition

    At the other extreme, Dark, Firm, Dry (DFD) condition is a quality problem affecting beef, pork, and lamb. DFD meat…since it has a higher than normal pH…This condition…stress before slaughter but have not had a chance to replenish their glycogen reserves.


    In chemistry, pH is a measure of the acidity in fluid

    PSE “pork” has a longer shelf life before being spoiling, however it is “So Juicy” that’s it’s not good for making into processed meat

    (warning: dead pigs & photo of very light pork chop next to normal pork chop)


    Bottom line is I think London finds dead animals and then sells their meet, and they should have another look at mad cow.

    Discovery channel is all about $ and making you believe you are learning something in front of the tube.

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Let me tell you a little tale about John Hendricks, Founder and Chairman , Discovery Communications. A tale involving gigangtic houses, resorts, private airstrips and a little wide place in the road called Gateway.

    Hendricks’ just built a radically exotic 27,000 sqft home, a private air strip, he bought a peaceful little town, then he built a resort for the wealthy – after stating again and again to County Commissioners that he had absolutely no plans to build anything other than a simple home in the canyon country of Gateway, Colorado … well, –

    Hendricks then began buying up 1,000s of acres of land near Gateway, Colorado, in order he said, “to save it.” the promptly began waging a bureaucrat’s war for Permits for only his wealthy clients to play on land we used to enjoy. Gateway was a small, buccolic rural widespot in the road and its residents were, for the most part, blissfully poor. Hendricks changed all that.

    Hendricks built a 27,000 square foot home for himself, then turned his attention to a commercial enterprise on a scale larger than anything anyone might have imagined possible.

    His Gateway Canyons Resort includes motels, restaurants, retail stores massive diversion of limited river water, cutting off old public use trails and building new routes into this pristine area only for his people and one of the largest vintage automobile museums in the world. Coming soon…a golf course, convention center, a luxury vacation lodge and something called the Palisade Academy. The Grand Junction Sentinel says it’s a “getaway for intellectuals.” Hendricks calls it “a vacation for your mind.” I call it hypocrisy on a scale that rivals Al Gore.

    But this is how it works. Hendicks’ resort is expected to draw thousands of visitors. Now the BLM wants to develop a management plan for the 200,000 adjacent acres of public land.

    According to the Sentinel story, “BLM spokeswoman Mel Lloyd said the resort will ‘benefit from being surrounded by public lands so their guests can go play there.’” Access to that land used to be, well, anyone who could get there in the desert environment. John has changed all that.

    Here was public land, relatively untouched by anyone. Now the BLM thinks it needs to accommodate the thousands of tourists who will come to this remote part of Colorado for the first time.

    But opposition to Hendricks’ Gateway dynasty by environmentalists in western Colorado was and continues to be negligible. He managed to buy off his opponents with charitable contributions to scores of non-profit organizations across the Western Slope, including land conservation easements with a value of $2,275,000 to The Nature Conservancy of Colorado. Even as the cash cow DISCOVERY CHANNEL promotes how fragile the world is, how dire the environmental catastrophe of capitalism is, how global warming is going to kill the world …. while John’s guests bask in air conditioned comfort in 110 degree red rock canyons hoping to see a desert bighorn sheep before the Republicans kill them all.

    Forgot to mention the multi-multi-million dollar 501 (c)3 museum that houses John’s classic and exotic care collection, open to the public some days, of course, so his collection qualifies as “tax-exempt”.

    The sanctimonious blow hard hypocrisy is so profound it makes me want to take up The Monkey Wrench.

    • canary says:

      Jack you nailed how fake Discovery Channel is. “Here was public land, relatively untouched by anyone…this remote part of Colorado for the first time…while John’s guests bask in air conditioned comfort in 110 degree red rock canyons hoping to see a desert bighorn sheep before the Republicans kill them all.”

      Bighorn sheep might be rare in the rare Colorado desert (those sheep eat “green” grass at the roots so it doesn’t grow. Dumb. They are short haired big-horned mountain sheep, which are plenty and very pesky and hang around homes and towns in the Rocky Mountains. Saw them at relatives house.

      I just saw maybe a month ago on news where they did a documentary how fake footage and captured animals are on those Animal Planet, to include Discovery Channel shows he owns.

      Sometime ago, I watched Discovery Channel in the docs office, and it was a bogus filmed documentary of British soldiers climbing mountains in Afghanistan, getting shot at (bogus footage) just to see rare snow leopard that had never been seen. Which is untruthful, as they’ve been seen in Afghanistan before, and other parts of the world, to include warm zoos in warm U.S. states.
      Then it was just too bizarre when the props reached a modern cabin wear they bunked down and saw a snow leopard (yeah right) . Then much of the filming was showing them outside the cabin that night sitting outside the warm cabin at the crackling fire (unnecessarily causing global warming) getting drunk and saying what lucky chaps they were to find something no one else had seen. They even took shot glasses with their heavy gear with Taliban following them? No way.

      p.s. John Hendricks got his B.A. in history, like so many other experts like Obama.

      He is and was on the board of directors of the US Olympic Committee that chose Chicago, LA or San Fran, the initial 3 places in the U.S. to hold the summer Olympics.
      Chicago, the most polluted city in the U.S. for athletes. I wonder which plane AF1, AF1(#2) or Oparah’s plane he rode on. Wonder how much donations. And who owns the media?

  5. Chuckk says:

    Look on the bright side. Thanks to global warming, things will cook faster, thus saving electricity and other resources.

  6. bill says:

    The good news is it will likely kill the liberals first since they sure won’t club any fish.

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