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Goal Of 7M O-Care Enrollees Now ‘Meaningless’

From the whirling dervishes at the Politico:

7 million Obamacare customers?


Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius once described 7 million new Obamacare customers in the first year as what “success looks like.” The White House is now trying to affix another label to the estimate: meaningless…

"Meaningless"?! This White House and their lickspittle media minions move the goal posts more than officials move the chains in a football game.

By the way, note how the Politico tries to pretend that Sebelius only cited the goal of 7 million figure once.

For months, the Obama administration embraced the projection by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office as a way to explain enrollment goals, boosting their political significance.

Again, note the Politico’s spin here. The White House didn’t come up with the 7 million number. That came from the CBO. It’s their fault.

But the broken HealthCare.gov website caused the program to lag far behind on signing up customers, and it’s a steep climb to register 7 million people by the March deadline…

So the news media, who are the Obama administration’s ‘first responders,’ have to jump in and rewrite history. Nobody ever said 7 million enrollees was their goal. We imagined all that.

Republicans are holding up the 7 million figure as the latest example of why Obamacare is failing. They’re comparing it to President Barack Obama’s failed pledge that consumers can keep their insurance plans or doctors if they like them — another case of the administration having to answer for its rhetorical shorthand.

Republicans are so wicked. They know that 7 million number was just "rhetorical shorthand." And it has nothing to do with making Obama-Care economically viable.

Even if Obama-Care only signs up 500,000 or so old and sick customers, the insurers won’t have to raise their premiums. That is another Republican lie.

But White House officials — backed up by policy wonks and insurance industry experts — say the figure has very little bearing on whether Obamacare can provide affordable coverage… White House officials said it shouldn’t be viewed as the definitive benchmark for success…

You see? As always, the ‘experts’ back whatever the Obama people say.

It’s a distinction that got lost as administration officials sought to boil down the complexities of the law into digestible bits…

Once again, it’s all our fault for getting this wrong. We didn’t understand the Obama administration’s nuances. When they said they needed 7 million enrollees they didn’t really mean they needed 7 million enrollees. They were just trying to tell us a story which our tiny brains could comprehend.

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