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Gold Star Mom Wants To Debate Taliban Yalie

Unfortunately you can’t shame an operation like Yale. They are literally shameless.

From New Hampshire’s Union Leader:


Taliban "envoy" Hashemi on left. Navy SEAL, Dan Healy, on right.

NH mom ‘takes on’ Taliban at Yale

Union Leader Staff

Manchester – Natalie Healy, whose son was killed in Afghanistan last year, hopes to meet with the one-time Taliban spokesman was is enrolled at Yale University.

Last week, Healy traveled to New Haven to protest Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi’s presence at the Ivy League School, which is one of the country’s elite educational institutions.

“Any institution in this country that would allow someone in like (Hashemi), who has not shown he is repentant, is un-American. It is insulting to our families who have lost children,” said Healy, an Exeter small business woman.

Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Daniel Healy was among 16 Americans killed last year when his helicopter was shot down by insurgents in Afghanistan.

Since that time Healy has helped organize and participated in gatherings supporting American troops, including a “Support Our Troops” rally on State House Plaza last September to counter anti-war protests held the same day around the country.

Healy has tried to blunt anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, whose 24-year-old son was killed in Iraq. Sheehan became the face of the anti-war movement when she camped outside President Bush’s Texas ranch last summer asking to talk to him about the war.

Healy said at the time she wanted to be the voice for staying the course for the war on terror.

“I did not set out to do this. The day after I found out Dan had been killed, I said ‘I don’t know what I can do, I can’t take a gun and go up those mountains after the Taliban.’ But I came to realize I can’t shot bullets, but I can shot word bullets,” she said.

Healy said she was not outraged when she learned earlier this year the one-time Taliban spokesman was enrolled at Yale.

But then she read some of Hashemi’s recent statements reflecting the Taliban philosophy, she said, and “then I got angry.”

Living fairly close to Yale, Healy did not believe she could allow Hashemi’s enrollment to go unnoticed so she made some signs and prepared to protest on the school’s campus.

Before she went, she called Yale University President Richard Levin’s office and too her surprise she got through to him and set up an appointment to meet. But Healy was late when she got stuck in traffic and Levin had to leave the office for the day, so the two never did meet.

Healy instead talked for 20 minutes with deputy director of public affairs, Tom Conroy, which she characterized as very un-satisfying.

She said Hashemi’s presence at the university “is a way for Yale to thumb its nose at America. It’s un-American and unacceptable. How can they let him in and not let their own military recruit on their property?”

Working with a university official, Healy has let it be known she would like to meet Hashemi face to face. “If this young man could learn the greatness of democracy and help introduce democracy to his county, that would be wonderful. But he doesn’t appear to be going in that direction,” she said.

“I’ve asked if he would meet with me personally. I want to see what his spirit is like, to see if he has had a change of heart. I want to see if he is someone who could spread a good message instead of the message of hate of the Taliban,” Healy said.

Hashemi was admitted to Yale as a special non-degree student, but has applied to become a regular sophomore next school year. The decision by Yale officials is expected soon.

Healy is watching. “We’ll see what Yale does about that,” she said.

Mrs. Healy is wrong about one thing. Hashemi’s enrollment at Yale hasn’t gone unnoticed. The "Paper Of Treason," the New York Times celebrated it thoroughly.

As of course, has Yale.

Needless to say, Navy SEAL Healy would have never been admitted to such an elite institution of higher learning. But then again, he wasn’t a elementary school drop-out, like Hashemi.

And he didn’t hate America and actively seek its destruction.

Yale has its standards.

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