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Google Starts Global Warming ’21 Club’

From Fox News:

The predicted temperature changes (darker red indicating greater change) due to global warming, based on data that scientists, policymakers and the public are now questioning.

Google Wades Into Global Warming Debate

By John Brandon
Published April 05, 2011 | FoxNews.com

Google is diving headfirst into the climate-change debate with a "21 Club" of hand-picked experts that the search engine giant hopes will drive the conversation — and guide investments — in climate change.

But it’s a discussion that even the club’s members say is meant to be one-sided.

“If Google included people who challenged that debate, they would be wrong to do so,” said Matthew Nisbet, an associate professor for the School of Communication at American University and one of the 21 Google Science Communication Fellows.

“As to whether climate change is happening, humans are a cause and it is a problem — there is no scientific debate over that," Nisbet told FoxNews.com.

A review of the 21 Club confirms Nisbet’s comment. The group includes meteorologists, communication specialists, and even weather forecasters, as well as few scientists who research climate change for a living. None argue that the planet isn’t in imminent danger.

Simon Donner, with the University of British Columbia, recently wrote that unless coral reefs learn to adapt, climate change may rapidly bring on their demise. Noah Diffenbaugh of Stanford University recently concluded that "global warming exacerbates poverty vulnerability in many nations," arguing that the cost of food staples in Bangladesh, Mexico, Indonesia and other countries will jump with the temperature.

"There is consensus amongst scientists that humans are changing the Earth’s climate," reads the mission statement on the Helmuth Lab website, headed up by Brian Helmuth of the 21 Club.

From food to rocks to plants to sea life, the 21 Club believes climate change to be a dramatic problem — one that requires dramatic action.

Eugene Cordero with San Jose University even created the Green Ninja, a climate-action superhero who fights global warming.

“Our goal is to foster an open dialogue and provide the tools,” argued Amy Luers, the senior environment program manager at Google.org, the non-profit funded by Google, speaking to FoxNews.com.

It sure sounds like Google wants to "foster an open dialogue."

By the way, as we have oft noted, being a "non-profit" tax exempt 501c3 ‘charity’ should prevent Google.org should not be involved in lobbying or trying to influence legislation. Of course it won’t.

Not that Google is given to paying taxes, anyway.

So what’s Google up to, anyway? …

Jon Peddie, a consumer analyst with Jon Peddie Research, told FoxNews.com that Google may have other motives in mind. “They are pursuing offshore wind farms along the East Coast of the U.S. and probably want to build a solid case for the need to get off oil,” said Peddie.

Whatever the reason for the project, Google has big ambitions: Google.org has already doled out about $100 million in grants, mostly to green tech start-ups and alternative energy consortiums

Lest we forget, every time you ‘Google’ something on the internet, you are killing a baby polar bear, since Google’s server farms add massive amounts of heat to the environment.

Indeed, according to the UK’s Times, "performing two Google searches from a desktop computer can generate about the same amount of carbon dioxide as boiling a kettle for a cup of tea."

So if Google really wanted to help fight man-made global warming, they should close up shop.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

7 Responses to “Google Starts Global Warming ’21 Club’”

  1. Right of the People says:

    Thought the 21 Club was an exclusive nightclub in NYC.

    It sounds like they really want to have an “open” dialogue as long as you agree with them. This is just another evil, leftist cabal plotting to take away more of our freedoms because you know like, capitalism is bad. Just ask any member of the Google 21 Club.

  2. ptat says:

    I’m sick of google’s power and liberalism and coziness with Obama–what are some good alternatives? Hot mail probably isn’t much better…

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I was looking at this yesterday afternoon on FOX and shaking my head. Their assessment of what constitutes “debate” is that everyone agrees with their point of view and they flat out state that they don’t want any dissenting views. How is that productive? Oh, they aren’t after productive anything…they’re after mind-numbed “results” which, as has been established, aren’t results at all but a bunch of zombies all talking crap.

  4. GetBackJack says:

    “Google Starts Global Warming ’21 Club’” – the hell you say! This is a shocking turn of events. I must take to my fainting couch.

  5. tranquil.night says:

    It was just being lamented on the enviro-nutroots that the internet has been awful for how it’s allowed Global Warming non-believer rednecks to organize and share their ‘lies.’ ..This as they blog amidst their little online covens where the truly deserving ruling elite go to exchange ‘peer reviews.’

    Anyway, they’re clearly annoyed that they’re losing control of the conversation. What to do – actually engage them in the honest arena of ideas? Of course not, that’s the quickest way to expose the sham! More narrative control! More cronyism! More in-your-face hypocrisy and propoganda!

    “Don’t be Evil” Google. Yeah, pretty easy when the meaning is relative to however you want to define it.

  6. JinOH says:

    ‘The Green Ninja’? Just for chits & grins I googled that name and up came the Urban Dictionary. Lookie:

    “n. 1. A moron; one lacking the necessary cerebral capacity to formulate coherent thought.
    2. A witless boob.”

    “1)An idiot of unimaginable stupidity.

    2)A complete retard.

    3)More likely then not, a wannabe asian.”

    “The untmost elite of newbies. The omninoob. Probably grew up really sheltered. One lacking in common sense or culture to the degree that he/she could be classified as being “skilled like ninja” at being a greenhorn. The proverbial 40-year-old virgin.”

    Whadda ya know? Truth in advertising.

  7. canary says:

    Lest we forget Obama wanted Google to charge people for their service.

    And there Obama’s visit to Google along with other rich businesses in California for campaign money.
    Obama wrote in his 2006 book he complained that there were few minorities. It was pointed out to him, that they have to higher practical geniuses to stay competitive in the world, and the suggestion came up to give minorities scholarships, to even out the races.
    Had Obama been so bright he’d not have had to depend on grants and student loans, and being a “foreign” muslim student by name and old Indonesia citizenship papers.

    Also, I think after that recent visit he had with google, facebook, yahoo, and all, that yahoo is holding back on a lot of news, making it less attainable.

    Anyone notice google is involved in the e-mails process now?

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