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GOP Candidates To Boycott Univision Debate

From the Miami Herald:

Herman, Cain, Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman, Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney to boycott Univision debate over Rubio report

Posted by Marc Caputo on October 4, 2011

Five Republican presidential candidates are boycotting a proposed Univision debate due to allegations that the Spanish-language media giant tried to strongarm Sen. Marco Rubio, a vice-presidential shortlister, with a controversial story about a relative.

Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman and Michele Bachmann all issued statements saying that Univision needed to make amends before they would appear at the debate, tentatively scheduled for two days before Florida’s Jan. 31 primary.

The five made their separate announcements throughout the day at the behest of three Florida Hispanic Republican lawmakers who noted that the senator’s office and Univision insiders said Univision publicized an embarrassing story about Rubio’s brother in law because he wouldn’t sit down for an interview on the show Al Punto, which has espoused a liberal line on the hot-topic of immigration.

Which is putting it mildly. The show’s host is a rabid proponent of amnesty and open borders (for the US). But just think how desperate you have to be to dig up a story about a relative’s drug bust from 1987.

Especially when this story doesn’t even involve the ‘N-Word.’

Univision has called the allegations of a quid-pro-quo “absurd,” and said that the July story of the 24-year-old drug bust was reported fairly and accurately…

Here how the story was first reported by the Miami Herald over the weekend:

The inside story: Univision’s war with Rubio over immigration, drug report

By Marc Caputo and Manny Garcia
Sat, Oct. 01, 2011

Days before Univision aired a controversial story this summer about the decades-old drug bust of Marco Rubio’s brother-in-law, top staff with the Spanish-language media powerhouse offered what sounded like a deal to the U.S. senator’s staff.

If Rubio appeared on Al Punto —Univision’s national television show where the topic of immigration would likely be discussed — then the story of his brother-in-law’s troubles would be softened or might not run at all, according to Univision insiders and the Republican senator’s staff. They say the offer was made by Univision’s president of news, Isaac Lee.

But Lee said in an email to The Miami Herald that any insinuation that he offered a quid pro quo was “incorrect” and “defamatory.” …

Al Punto’s host, Jorge Ramos, is one of Univision’s most-recognized personalities and has advocated for the so-called “DREAM Act,” which Rubio has opposed on the grounds that it gives “amnesty” to illegal immigrants

Univision… recently created an investigative team. The Rubio brother-in-law story was its first investigation. The story about Rubio and his brother-in-law was broadcast in English and Spanish on television and the web over two days.

Univision also pointed the story out to the governor, and emailed reporters from Washington to Miami to highlight “Rubio’s families ties to narco-trafficking.” Univision hyped it on Twitter with the hashtag code "#rubio, # drugs."

Mainstream media sources and bloggers barely gave it play due to the quarter century-old nature of the case and the fact it had no apparent peg to current news.

Rubio found the story — and the resources devoted to it — especially shocking. He had actually worked for Univision as a paid commentator before he ran for Senate. He announced his candidacy for Senate on Univision’s Miami affiliate

Apparently, Mr. Rubio still has a few hard lessons to learn about the news media.

On July 7, Alex Burgos, Rubio’s communications director, and Rubio’s political advisor, Todd Harris, held a 45-minute conference call with a handful of top Univision editorial staffers, including Lee, the news chief who handled most of the discussions for Univision. Harris represented Rubio as Burgos took notes. Rubio was not on the call.

Toward the end of the conversation, Lee brought up Ramos’ show and suggested the drug-bust story could change — or not run at all, according to Harris and Burgos’ notes.

Said Harris: “You’re saying that if Marco does an interview with Ramos, that you will drop this investigation into his family and the story will never air?"

Lee, they say, responded with this statement: "While there are no guarantees, your understanding of the proposal is fair.”

In his statement to The Herald, Lee disputes that. He said “various” people were on the call with Rubio’s staff for what he said was an “off-the-record discussion” about the story, including two of the network’s “top internal legal counsels.” …

But the Univision sources, with knowledge of the discussions, affirmed Harris’ version of events. "We were stunned,’’ one Univision executive said. "Can you imagine how embarrassing it is?"

Why should they be embarrassed? If they want to run with the big dogs in the ‘mainstream news,’ this is the way things are done.

Of course they will get over their shame soon enough.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, October 5th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

9 Responses to “GOP Candidates To Boycott Univision Debate”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Univision is synonymous with Democratic Party talking points and ownership/capital is a Who’s Who of fat cat crony capitalism Dem donors. Chief among them TPG Capital out of Texas and Haim Saban of children’s programming “fame”.

    Quote [1] – “Some of TPG’s partners are top Democratic fundraisers. One of its partners, Rick Schifter, recently attended an exclusive meeting of 30 top Democratic fundraisers with President Obama at the White House organized by the Democratic National Committee.

    Another one of the founders and leading partners of TPG Capital, David Bonderman, is noted for his lavish lifestyle and his personal net worth of $2 billion. In 2002, Bonderman threw a 60th birthday in Las Vegas featuring private live performances from The Rolling Stones and John Mellencamp, the pro-labor songwriter who wrote “Small Town.” The party cost an estimated $7 million, according to music industry publications.”

    But no blowback on the wealthy here. Just a raw attempt to muscle Republican candidates and Republican leaders into a No-Win situation mangled out media lies, deception and the Turnspeak.

    [1] http://www.inthesetimes.com/working/entry/11755/private_equity_kingpin_who_paid_millions_to_see_john_mellencamp_locks_/

  2. proreason says:

    Rubio will eventually be Palinized…actually, it will probably be worse, because he is a bullet aimed squarely at a key component of the marxist coalition.

    His wonderful family will be dragged through the mud, and if Marco ever was in a room with a woman other than a wife, he will be convicted in the media of the vilest possible behaviour. Adultery will be the least of it. If he wasn’t in a room with a woman, they will just make it up.

    We don’t talk much anymore about Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas. Rubio will get the worst of all possible worlds. It will be epic.

  3. Petronius says:

    One of the things I most regret about the new Obama-ized America is the almost complete absence of decency and good taste.

  4. untrainable says:

    Univision has called the allegations of a quid-pro-quo “absurd,”
    Absolutely right. There is no quid pro quo. Quid pro quo would suggest an exchange where both side get something. This is more of a “do this or else” situation. It’s what any court in the land (at least before Holder) would call extortion… or, for those of you in Rio Linda, blackmail. But you’ve gotta love the liberal wordsmithery.

    quid pro quo
       [kwid proh kwoh] Show IPA
    noun, plural quid pro quos, quids pro quo for 2.
    1. ( italics ) Latin . one thing in return for another.
    2. something that is given or taken in return for something else; substitute.

       [ik-stawr-shuhn] Show IPA
    1. an act or instance of extorting.
    2. Law . the crime of obtaining money or some other thing of value by the abuse of one’s office or authority.
    3. oppressive or illegal exaction, as of excessive price or interest: the extortions of usurers.
    4. anything extorted.

  5. Not so fast says:

    It’s time for the Republicans to grow a pair and quit pandering to the obvious leftist Marxist Media. You are going to get nothing but anti-American rhetoric from these bastards. Don’t even get in the sandbox with them.

  6. Kachonka says:

    Wow. Bachmann and Huntsman are still campaigning?

    As far as the Boycott goes, they will cave at the end and show up because everyone listed is off the radar and needs attention.

    • sticks says:

      If anyone actually shows up at this thing they will demonstrate that they don’t have the charactor qualities that we need in our next president.

  7. Reality Bytes says:

    What do you all think of a Gingrich / Cain ticket?

    I know the mantra; Gingrich needs to have “that” conversation with America; kinda like Clinton’s but without the media rolling over. I mean after that.

    I’m trying to get my head around who will pan out.

    Romney: Unlike McCain who had that “Bob Dole Look in the Headlights”, he’ll fight but if another politician is NOT what America is calling for then he’s out!

    Perry: I like the guy; I really don’t care about the illegal student thing – not that I don’t but with the feds enforcing the border like a screen door on a submarine, you can’t understand the issue on the ground unless you’re there (and I’m not but I try to visit as often as possible). Texas is more than a state; it’s a republic unto itself & frankly with governors like Perry has done much better than the rest of the country to the point where I’m starting to think if it were an over/under on who sticks around longer, I’m goin’ with Texas.

    Bachmann: Love the woman. She was one of the early sparks that ignited the TEA Movement. My uncle was a tax attorney & let me tell ya something, you gotta be pretty darn smart. Sometimes though the cheeky campaign rhetoric comes off a little flat; not her fault; probably due to our country being more sexist than racist (e.g. Obama).

    Santorum: A solid conservative that should be heard more. He, Kasich & Gingrich were the first I noticed back in the 90’s when Clinton whined he was “still relevant”. Campaigns ain’t fair I guess. A great force though even if he doesn’t make it; perhaps the VP slot; if not he’ll be around in the face of the status quo.

    Huntsman: NOT! – His campaign song ought to be Mr. Cellophane.

    Gary Johnson: Huntsman’s understudy

    Ron Paul: Sorry you kinda lost me with the whole letting Iran have nuclear weapons.

    Which leaves me with Cain & Gingrich

    Cain: Honestly, if Herman won, I think Washington would have a nervous breakdown. Imagine the social scene – why the whole order would be turned upside with Americans who actually have worked in the private sector getting the better tables; etc. I couldn’t wait to see him appoint General Petreaus Secretary of State; that’ll piss ’em off while at the same time shaking our adversaries to their senses! Also the economy would take off like a scalded cat with all the foreign & domestic reinvestment that would follow.

    It’s just that one thing; I can’t get my head around a national sales tax. I remember what the luxury tax did & think there are issues of impacting durable goods purchases & OK I admit it! It’s more burdensome to the lower income who by the way, need to pay taxes too.

    Then there’s Gingrich: No one knows Congress better. He’s proven he can put together coalitions & get tough agenda’s passed. He doesn’t screw with the constitution; has proven it & doesn’t cotton to BS (except his own which does seep out but hey, he’s a professor). And speaking of professor, I’d love to see him up against the “professorial” Obama whose points are like a fart in a tornado – no one really notices.

    If it weren’t for those personal issues of his. The first, coming clean with America as to his personal relationships or lack of regard toward them in the past & B, his penchant to be loved, which did not serve him well in 94 when he gave Clinton equal status with town hall discussions both of them there on stools & him gushing over the president. Hey, maybe he’s matured.

    Again, I tend to go with “the more pissed off the status quo is, the better it is for America”.

    Just my thoughts. I’d be interested in hearing some of yours.

  8. Melly says:

    You make some great points. Newt is wicked smart and I would pay good money to see him debate Barry. Alas, I don’t think he’ll make it close to the ticket. Whomever does win the nomination and ultimately the Presidential election (keeping fingers crossed) should have Newt in their cabinet. As for Cain – I think the more people learn about his “empowerment zone” the more people will quickly dismiss 9-9-9.

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