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GOP Consultants Get Their Revenge On Tea Party

From a gloating Politico:

Revenge of the Republican consultants

By KENNETH P. VOGEL | March 17, 2014

Ten of the consulting firms that formed the core of the push to elect Mitt Romney — reaping a combined $1 billion in the process — have survived a tea party assault and are again among the highest-grossing and best-positioned players in Republican politics.

The firms and their consultants have been paid more than $19.6 million for 2014 campaign work through January, according to a POLITICO analysis. They’ve also cemented relationships with some of the GOP’s rising stars, setting up the firms for even bigger paydays headed into the fall, when costly advertising and mail campaigns begin, and for a 2016 presidential campaign expected to be the most expensive in history.

Unfortunately, this is what it is all about with these ‘consultants.’ And that is why we no longer have a real opposition party in DC.

It’s both vindication for top Republican operatives — who were ridiculed by tea partiers for squandering hundreds of millions of dollars and blamed for blowing the party’s chances at capturing the White House and the Senate — and an illustration of the irreversible privatization of politics.

Huh? Where is the vindication of these operatives? Four million Republicans stayed home on election day in 2012.

Besides, weren’t we just told last month that donations to Tea Party ‘SuperPACs totalled more than three times the donations to the regular Republican SuperPACs in 2013?

The firms of Romney’s digital director Zac Moffatt and political director Rich Beeson — Targeted Victory and FLS Connect, respectively — as well as the firm that made huge sums buying ads in 2012 for Karl Rove’s American Crossroads helped establishment favorite Bradley Byrne defeat a tea party primary rival and then a Democrat in a closely watched 2013 Alabama special congressional election.

Targeted Victory, FLS and a handful of other Romney-linked firms are also working for Sens. John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell and Marco Rubio; Rep. Paul Ryan; the Republican National Committee; the National Republican Congressional Committee; and a variety of establishment-oriented super PACs like Rove’s American Crossroads, while FLS and the firm of Romney’s top strategist, Stuart Stevens, helped New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie win reelection.

“People are either doing good work or they’re not and, if they’re not, the market will ultimately correct itself,” said Moffatt, whose firm was paid $112 million in 2012, and has collected $3 million in fees through January, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission and the Internal Revenue Service. “This is really a professional’s profession. A lot of people can talk about it, but not everyone can do it. A lot of these people think they can play in the NFL because they play Madden on the weekends, but it’s not that easy.” …

Which accounts for the string of wins the GOP has had in Presidential politics recently.

Few in the consulting world on either side of the aisle dispute that a certain amount of cronyism — or, at least, inertia — plays some role in determining who gets which contracts. The National Republican Senatorial Committee in November went so far as cut off a firm that was dong business with a tea party group challenging GOP incumbents. And both parties’ congressional campaign arms have close relationships with certain firms, which tend to have an advantage in winning work with individual campaigns…

Just like they do in the NFL.

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4 Responses to “GOP Consultants Get Their Revenge On Tea Party”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    And whose money was that $19.6 million?

    You who are anti-America enough to give money to the Republican Party

  2. BillK says:

    If these “consultants” get their way, the “wave” that Rove and other GOP “experts” are talking about will evaporate as conservatives will see no reason whatsoever to go to the polls.

    Then these same “consultants” will win even more converts by saying “See, we TOLD you the candidates were too conservative!”

    Stick a fork in her, America’s toast.

  3. canary says:

    This is media propaganda to make the tea party look bad.

  4. Mithrandir says:

    The most important consultants available ARE THE AMERICAN VOTERS! -Try listening to them for a change, instead of poll-takers, and graph-readers.

    Americans unilaterally oppose amnesty, but what are the consultants saying? (and all of the liberal Bush administration flunkies) Amnesty is the suicidal noose to prolong Republican longevity, of course!

    With the majority of the people being Christian, what do the consultants say? Don’t speak about moral social issues.

    Most people oppose the huge debt our politicians have accumulated, what do the consultants say? Don’t talk about the debt.

    Some brilliant consultants TOLD OBAMA EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY and he got elected twice, even though he didn’t believe a single word of it.

    Dump the Karl Roves, Condolezza Rices, Colin Powells, Jeb Bushes of the Republican party, they were short-term fixes to avoid Gore and Kerry, two completely robotic and charismatic-less zombies.
    The Bush policies are completely without merit, and they generally accomplished nothing but spend trillions attacking 2 men in the desert on a credit card given by China.
    I shudder when I remember Bush opposing Affirmative Action, then backing down when Rice supported it.
    And Bush trying to put Harriet Meyers on the Supreme Court?
    All his stumbling and bumbling around while he had the House and Senate that could have forced through anything if they were brave enough to change the rules in their favor.

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