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GOP Farmers Want Amnesty, 59% Jobs Part-Time

First we have these crocodile tears from the Associated Press:

Farmers worry about fate of immigration bills

By John Flesher | July 8, 2013

ATWOOD, Mich. (AP) — For northern Michigan fruit grower Pat McGuire, the most potent symbol of the immigration debate isn’t grainy television footage showing people slipping furtively across the U.S.-Mexican border. Instead, it’s plump red cherries and crisp apples rotting on the ground because there aren’t enough workers to pick them — a scenario that could become reality over the next couple of months.

Across the state’s orchard belt, cherry trees already sag under the weight of bright-red clusters, yet many trailers and wood-frame cottages that should be bustling with migrant families stand empty. McGuire is waiting to hear whether crews will show up to pick his crop in mid-July.

"We’re running out of time," he said, pulling aside leafy branches to inspect his ripening fruit on gently sloping hillsides a mile inland from Lake Michigan.

From Christmas tree growers in the Appalachians to Wisconsin dairy farmers and producers of California’s diverse abundance of fruits and vegetables, agricultural leaders are pleading with Congress for an immigration bill that includes more lenient and less complex rules for hiring farm workers…

Every year we get these stories from the AP. If we don’t have amnesty the farmers will all go bust. And yet somehow it never seems to happen. After all, aren’t  (at least) 11 million illegal immigrants enough to bring in the crops?

Besides, we thought our news media, like the rest of the Democrat Party, hated farmers, ‘Big Agra’ or ‘Big Food,’ as they like to call them. After all, farmers are mostly multi-millionaires. But the media will even use sob stories from the hated farmers if it will help them push their agenda.

McGuire, 42, a self-described conservative who usually votes Republican, was among representatives of the American Farm Bureau Federation who made their case on Capitol Hill last week…

Somehow the AP only talks to Republican farmers in this article. And all of them want amnesty. The AP is so subtle.

The situation poses a test for the House GOP, said Tom Nassif, president of Western Growers, a trade organization that represents the fresh produce industry in California and Arizona. A Republican who held several positions in the Reagan administration, Nassif said some in the party are so concerned about illegal immigration that they’re trying to sabotage any chance for reform.

But if the House doesn’t find something it can pass, he said, voters "are going to lose complete faith in the party’s ability to legislate. All the national statistics show the American people believe in immigration reform." …

Mr. Nassif is misinformed. The American people do not believe in amnesty.

Youngquist, 53, another staunch Republican, said he wished his fellow conservatives were more sympathetic toward immigrants who fill jobs that no one else will take. The more intense border enforcement appears to be taking its toll, he said. His migrant labor housing that is usually half-full for the approaching apple harvest is now "at zero," he said. "We’re sitting on a beautiful crop of apples. Unless things change, none of it is going to get picked." …

Again, aren’t 11 million illegal aliens enough to pick his apples?

Meanwhile, we have this via Breitbart:

Only 47% of Adults Have Full-Time Job

By Mike Flynn | July 5, 2013

The release of the June Jobs’ Report Friday was something of a relief for the markets. The Labor Department reported that the economy gained 195,000 jobs in June, which beat economists’ expectations. The Department also reported that the economy gained 70,000 more jobs in April and May than it originally estimated. The report, however, also provides clear evidence that the the nation is splitting into two; only 47% of Americans have a full-time job and those who don’t are finding it increasingly out of reach.

Of the 144 million Americans employed last month, only 116 million were working full-time. Friday’s report showed that 58.7% of the civilian adult population of 245 million was working last month. Only 47% of Americans, however, had a full-time job…

If today the same proportion of Americans worked as just a decade ago, there would be almost 9 million more people working. Just in the last year, almost 2 million Americans have left the labor force. With a majority of the population not holding a full-time job, it isn’t surprising that economic growth has been so weak.

In June, the number of Americans who wanted to work full-time, but were forced into part-time jobs because of the economy, jumped 352,000 to over 8 million.

The Jobs’ Report is increasingly measuring only a part of the American economy. While Friday’s report was better than expected, it only measures those who are working or actively looking for work. There is a growing number of Americans slipping through the cracks of the job market.

And never mind that we are now in the fourth year since the recession officially ended. — We need to add more illegal aliens to compete for those full time jobs.

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3 Responses to “GOP Farmers Want Amnesty, 59% Jobs Part-Time”

  1. dasher says:

    Steve –

    Regarding full time jobs, we have this eye opener from the water carrier Mr. Rugaber:


    Amazing, he can almost connect the dots!!


  2. GetBackJack says:

    Great link, Dash.

    Two things I wrote about here, S&L, about a year ago …

    1. ObamaCare will force a majority of companies to ditch full time jobs in favor of reducing their exposure to the costs and penalties for simply being a business.

    but this is the killer ..

    2. Workforce Management Software – sold as a way to manage labor hours relative to customers and productivity. However, it is being used to reduce employee hours to under 20. Here’s the kicker – you won’t have a schedule. It will change every week, and often during the week, meaning you cannot plan your life. Now think about this when you have to get a second and third job to replace the income lost to ObamaCare force reductions. Doctor’s appts. Car repair. Jury Duty. Sick days. Employers will not wait for you to manage your life. They move on and get someone else.

    Every employer will have the same workforce nonsense where your schedule is ‘flexible’, meaning you have no idea where you’re working, when. Which will conflict with other employer schedules. Say, you’re a single parent with responsibilities to kids, life and all the sh*t you cannot avoid nor ignore. Now, though willing to do the work, Obama has so screwed up the workplace and employer’s economics that you, as a single parent (unintentionally or not) can no longer hold it together. One week, you’re 8am – Noon. Your second job starts @ 1pm. Ok. Third job starts at 3pm, but you’re not through with job #2. Then job #3 changes you to 6am to 10am conflicting with job #1. See a pattern?

    Among relatives and friend’s kids I already am witnessing this phenomenon. This is not a future scenario. This is Now.

    You quit. Go on Welfare, food stamps, WIC, government housing and assistance.

    And voila! We’re the worst of the worst of third world countries.

  3. yadayada says:

    where are they already picking apples? apples aren’t ready for picking until fall. I also don’t believe any of them are repubs or conservative……. liars. all of them.

    also according to this article, 2 million people left the labor force in the last year and they tell us this is good news for the economy. no wonder libs want so badly to legalize illicit drugs – they must all be smoking crack to believe any of this.

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