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GOP Forces (Minor) Fixes Of ‘The Fixes’

From a bemused New York Times:

G.O.P. Forces New House Vote on Fixes to Health Bill


March 25, 2010

WASHINGTON — With the Senate working through an all-night session on a package of changes to the Democrats’ sweeping health care legislation, Republicans early Thursday morning identified parliamentary problems with at least two provisions that will require the measure to be sent back to the House for yet another vote, once the Senate adopts it

Senate Democrats said that one of the provisions in question involved changes to the Pell grant program, which is part of an education section in the reconciliation bill. The bill would establish an automatic increase in Pell grant awards, tied to inflation, for students from low-income families. The disputed provision would prevent any reductions in the maximum award

Shortly before 2:30 a.m., Senator David Vitter, Republican of Louisiana, put forward yet another amendment. Mr. Vitter’s proposal would have exempted mobile mammography units from paying a federal fuel tax

Senator Kent Conrad, Democrat of North Dakota and chairman of the Budget Committee, said that one problem with the bill was the formula for determining the maximum Pell grant awards. The second issue was a technical matter that Mr. Conrad described as mostly insignificant.

Mr. Conrad said a third issue was under review by the Senate parliamentarian…

This is not quite the GOP standing ‘athwart history and yelling stop.’ Indeed, it seems more like token resistance.

In any case, it is a far cry from the steel caged death match we were promised by some Senate Republicans – especially, the usual suspects, like Messrs Hatch and McCain.

But the GOP doesn’t want to come off as ‘the Party Of No.’

They are standing up for ‘mobile mammography units.’

The Constitution will just have to take care of itself.

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16 Responses to “GOP Forces (Minor) Fixes Of ‘The Fixes’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    The only way for the Republican Party to survive is for us tea partiers to infiltrate from the lowest levels up … and take over the institution from within. No third party … capture the weakling Party and turn it into a defender of the Constitution.

    Because, mark my words … the power-players at the top of the Republican Party have no intention of repealing ObamaCare or any corruption of the Constitution. Power is their goal. Not defending the Constitution.

    They’re just as power mad as Democrats.

    Else … why would there be a Tea Party?

    We began during GWB as PorkBusters. We didn’t begin on Obama’s watch.

    The Republican Party as it stands right now is just as much an enemy of the state as the Democrats.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “The Republican Party as it stands right now is just as much an enemy of the state as the Democrats.”

      Only a certain faction which is shrinking too.

      I’ll give you that there are several (Senate) Republicans who have become so comfortable in Washington that they wouldn’t mind sitting back and being the angry voice of a permanently marginalized opposition party.

      However, I think most have worken up at this point and the traditional ‘mavericks’ are in political fights for their long and undistinguished careers back at home.

      These efforts to hinder passage of the reconciliation bill should be greatly lauded; anything to derail the Dems unified legislative momentum and keep their media on the defensive.

      The Right-wing terrorism charge is the latest attack out of the enemy’s camp. The extremism with which they’re trying to portray our side is in fact a projection of themselves, and people know it.

      The Republicans simply must not give them an inch on any front.

    • artboyusa says:

      I’m with Jack on this. We don’t owe the Republican Party or its emasculated “leadership” a damn thing but they owe us plenty, since we’ve carried their water for years now, uphill mostly, and they better start delivering…or else.

      Here’s something from the Artboy Archives that might be relevant…

      “Hello, is that Mr Castrato?”

      “It’s ‘Castanato’, pal. Get it right”.

      “Oh. Sorry, um, sir. I beg your pardon; I was thinking of our senior leadership. Hi, Mr Castro; my name’s Gary Bland and I’m calling from the Republican National Committee. I wonder if I could take up a few minutes of your valuable time to tell you all about what the RNC is doing for conservatives such as yourself and to invite you to make a contribution to our efforts on your behalf”.

      “I don’t think so, Gary”.

      “But why not, sir? Every day our crack team of wealthy, middle aged white men with strange hair is working hard for you, making the tough calls and the big decisions on the important issues affecting our nation”.

      “Yeah? Decisions such as what?”

      “Well, um, like decisions about how soon and how completely we can cave in to the administration, um, I mean how we can work together in a spirit of appeasement, I mean healthy bipartisanship, to reform health care for those Americans too feckless, too lazy, too dumb or too illegal to look after themselves and to find solutions for the disastrous economic legacy of George Bush”.

      “WHAT?! Now look, I had my issues with Bush – we all did but it’s not that simple…”

      “Well said, Mr Contralto, it truly is as simple as that – and there’s also the rising menace of grass roots, populist rabble rousers who want to wrest control of the party away from the experienced hands of men like Senator Boehner and Chairman Token, I mean Steele, good men who have led us so well and taken us so far, and put it the sweaty paws of the unwashed and ignorant hoi polloi”.

      “So you speak Classical Greek, huh? I’m impressed”.


      “Hoi polloi’ – its Classical Greek for ‘the many’ or ‘the rabble’”.

      “Really? I never knew that, sir; of course I went to college in America, so I can barely speak or read English anyway”.

      “Media Studies degree, eh?”

      “How’d you know that, sir?”

      “Lucky guess. Listen, Gary; I’m going to hang up now”.

      “But Mr Coyote –please! Let me tell you all about the party’s exciting ideas about surrender and compliance, about our secret plan for the next four years –‘Operation Learn to Live with It’. Pretty exciting, huh? I’m sure you’ll want to put your hand in your pocket, sir, once you know more about what today’s GOP is doing for you!”

      “Doing to me, is more like it. Bye, Gary: don’t ever call back, okay?”

      “But, but Mr Cuttlefish…”


  2. proreason says:

    mark my words … the power-players at the top of the Republican Party have no intention of repealing ObamaCare or any corruption of the Constitution. Power is their goal. Not defending the Constitution



    First, defeat the Marxists. They are a cancer that is killing us all.
    Second, clean out our own rubble, AFTER the cancer is cut out.
    Third, make sure these maggots can’t arise again for a century.

    Granted, that is an ambitious agenda.

    But seemingly insurmountable challenges didn’t stop the giants who founded the greatest country that has ever existed.

    • jobeth says:

      This is going to be a debate we on the right need to get together on.

      Its all well and good to say the republicans are as bad or at least nearly as bad as the left.

      That may well be true. But we really need to be careful we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot while trying to shoot the bad guys. (Note to the lurkers…this is just a metaphor!)

      As one who got all excited about Perot a few years back, I helped to elect Clinton by voting for Perot. BIG mistake!!! I was mad at the elder Bush…but he would have been better by far than Clinton. Sometimes we can be so rigid we injure ourselves.

      Please folks…lets not go there…again.

      I believe I’m correct when I say Pro is trying hard to help others understand if we start dividing ourselves up we lose again.

      As I have said several times. We need to work hard in the primary races to get the right republican in…a constitutionalist and a NEW face with conservative values, so we have a viable Republican in the general elections. And if this candidate fails us…out they go and we start again. We don’t abandon our best hope (republican party) of besting these evil progressive America haters.

      The main thing is to NOT split ourselves up….

      Remember the old “Divided we Fall”. And “divide and conquer”

      There’s a reason why these are statements are so often quoted.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Where we are is that a large majority of Americans believe that the republican party is at least as corrupt as the left. And, they may be correct but it’s not hopeless.

      Inasmuch as elected officials early-on get sucked into the Washington glitz/glamor routine, it’s easy to understand that they get accustomed to being pampered.

      Therefore, it is essential to find those who are not comfortable being catered to. This is a difficult task. Not impossible, but difficult. As we have grown as a nation, it has become harder to find do-it-yourself-ers as many involved in politics have seldom lifted a hammer, reasoned a course or managed a workforce. Though I don’t think that CEO’s are the answer to the problem, they do have different skills than the “typical” politician.

      By typical, I mean, suit-wearing, rich diet-loving, limousine-riding, upper-cruster. Not that I’m envious, mind you. If I had those perks, I, too, would enjoy them, though I’ll use my own experience as an example.

      I was an enlisted man for many years. I observed the officers frequently and my own father was also a commissioned officer some years back and I learned about leadership from him in many facets of my life. However, I quietly observed what makes a good leader and what doesn’t and came to the conclusion that you either have it, or you don’t. But aside from that, the bad leaders seemed more “catered to” and more people seemed to suck up to them.

      Thus began a long life of trying to solve the mystery of the how and why people follow the inept, the incompetent and the unable. The only answer I could think of was that if people didn’t make it obvious they were in the court of the unable leader, they feared their own career would become forfeit. Self preservation.

      So, that brings me to the second of my requirements for an elected official. Complete disregard for how their career will progress. Independent. And, in some ways, I have to begrudge the O-hole this quality, though it stems from completely different attributes. That is to say, arrogance rather than a strict code and loyalty to the people.

      And that’s number three. The elected official must adhere to the wishes of the district from which he resides. Back-room deals, special favors, in essence that thing we call “politics as usual” must be avoided. And he/she must be able to filter real truly necessary items from empty promises, praise and useless thread-hanging. This is why I liked Condi Rice. Seems to me that BS is no close friend of hers and that she despised much of the self-aggrandizement in Washington that politicians love so much. She had a job to do, she did it and the consequences were her responsibility. She never made excuses, never shifted the blame and took it all very seriously.

      To me, the liberals look upon it all as a great big poker game with the stakes being the lives of the American people. Is that any way to “do” government? I ask you.

      Of course not.

      The people must be listened to. Not just a few…not just the ones you want to hear, but ALL of them. Then, an assessment must be made as to what the people want. That is what polls are good for, why they exist and why we refer to them so often. When was the last time a democrat, in heated discussion stopped what they were doing and said, “Wait, let’s see what the people want”. ?

      Even Nixon had to acquiesce to the public opinion polls as a vast majority of people wanted out of Vietnam….it had run too long and was becoming a real turkey. I am disappointed by the result but more disappointed that from 1963 on, it was so poorly managed that it cost more lives than it ever should have and more time and money than we had to give. But, in Texas, as elsewhere, it’s useless to say “would’a, could’a, should’a”.

      You have to deal with what is, not what you wish it to be and that’s the cold hard truth of March 25, 2010.
      So where we are today is trying to seek out those people who have a backbone, not an agenda. Smarts, not a degree. And purpose, not a cause.

      I hope we can find the 100 or so we need to turn things around. It’s an uphill trek and there will be a lot of people against rescinding an “entitlement” so the phrasing of how that argument must be framed is paramount.

      Let’s start with “A free nation run by the people, not the government”.

  3. canary says:

    If you get a voter call (208) 991-1250 it is a conservative poll using Ronald Reagan’s sons voice asking your opinion on the health care bill, and especially
    the abortion federal funding. I have a copy of Ronald Reagan’s little covered book he wrote on abortion in America. I have it in my attic and can’t remember the exact title.

  4. GetBackJack says:

    What ‘conservatives’ are doing … Is Not Working.

    25 years of Rush. X number of years of ‘conservative leaders’ like Newt. Dick Armey. Gordon Liddy. The Heritage Foundation. Voices like Coulter and even Brit Hume. The list is long and distinguished.

    And we’re one millimeter away from America voting itself out of a Republic into 100% true socialism.

    THIS IS NOT victory, it is not progress and it is not working. This nation has NEVER been in more dire circumstances. Let me repeat … what we’re doing isn’t winning. It isn’t even holding our ground. The complete failure to at least cause even a timid stalemate is getting us killed.

    If we keep doing what we’ve been doing, we’ll keep getting what we’ve been getting.


    With all respect due our estimable Fellow S&L’r Pro whose wit and wisdom alone are worth visiting S&L …. we can’t clean house and defeat the Marxists when our only allies are Republican Leaders who seek just as much control as do the Democrats. They’re of the same species. If that isn’t obvious by now, I don’t know what evidence could convince a doubter. The Republicans have had every possible chance to change the political landscape, and cement the Constitution as law of the land. The did not. They continue in that rut. They’re like Democrats who don’t understand the danger of Islam. Republican leadership is so entrenched they don’t see the danger of what’s happening.

    We’re losing our Nation by continuing to insist on more of what we’ve been doing.

    • proreason says:

      First, GBJ, that’s a compliment I’ll prize.

      And, you know we’re about 95% on the same page on this matter. I agree with you that 99% of politicians are as deserving of our support as month old toe jam.

      But, the level of your frustration is a concern, because you know all about a house divided.

      The unfortunate fact is that Republican party is the only realistic way to stop the Marxist criminals who, as you well know, are even more dangerous than the Republican criminals. You know it’s true. Lashing out may be satisfying, but it isn’t going to cut the cancer out that will kill us in 3 years if we don’t stop it.

      You may disagree, but my view is that it is highly likely we will take the House, and doing that will put a tournequet on the wound. Then in 2012, we can restore some order to the universe and begin to roll the horrors back. But if that fails, there are other alternatives….like the ones we had to use 200 years ago.

      And when I say that we have to root out the cockroaches, I’m talking about the slimey Republicans. But you can’t root out squat unless you’re in office.

      As a side note, did you catch Newt on Greta last night. I know lots of people despise him because they think he’s a RINO and because of that miscalculation about Scuzzafukyou, but I always like listening to him because he tends to keep the emotion out and focus on the issue.

      But last night, he had a different tone. He was angry, or doing a real good job of faking it.

      It occurs to me that when someone as distinguished as an ex-Speaker of the House is visibly angry, then a line has been crossed, which I think is a good indication that even the Republican corruptocrats have had about all they can take of the Moron boy-king.

    • Clownzaround says:

      We can not have a third party because Obama would win we need to get them out of office and then clean up the GOP BUT WE MUST GET THE DEMS OUT I was a Dem for 25 years these are not Dems there in nothing about democracy to the so as a conservative I have joined the GOP we must clean up the trash in the Capital and at local levels then we can clean up the GOP. the ones in the GOP that we know are Rinos or close to Blue dogs like Mc Cain needs to go to in this process

    • GetBackJack says:

      Well, hoss … I don’t believe a word Newt says. That’s gospel, and not temper.

      I understand your concerns, sir. But I respectfully disagree. Keep the Republican Party, yes. A Third Party is no good. But unless we take over the Republican Party it will still be the Republican Party.

      And from my plot of land … they’ve been as detrimental to the Constitution as anything any Marxist ever did. Precisely because of What They Have Not Done.

      My actual opinion of where this is headed cannot be printed here.

    • proreason says:

      “as detrimental to the Constitution as anything any Marxist ever did”

      Well, “hoss”, if that’s what you think, I’m recollected of my ex.

      Everything was a problem, there weren’t any solutions, and everybody was an enemy.

      I’m more determined than your average bear, but a couple of years was all I could take.

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    Going after wording about Pell Grants?
    In the Health (Death Panel) Care Bill?


  6. NoNeoCommies says:

    “They are standing up for ‘mobile mammography units.’”
    For a minute, I thought they were referring to the two dorks I saw last Halloween.
    They wore boxes and had on tinfoil with a sign offering free exams.

  7. U NO HOO says:

    I’ll tell you again, please listen.

    Vote for Republicans who adhere to the Republican platform.

    The Republican platform can be reader digested to one word, “No.”

    No abortion, no new spending, and best of all, no old spending.

    The Republicans did the right thing, let the Dems get the fix up bill fixed up and out of the way.

    Rachel had a cow last night berating the Reps for not holding up the process, hypocritical bimba. I try to watch her but she numbs my mind. Drone, drone, drone…

    What if Reagan or Newt had shut down the federal government? Would we be worse off than we are today?

    That’s all.

  8. canary says:

    Obama’s health care bill is so poorly written, that you can be reading a part, and then that subject cuts off, and next part will be a regulation that says

    ‘businesses with over 50 employees must provide a room & given breaks as needed for mothers to express breast milk for up to a year.’ then skip to something else entirely different. It is vague. It will skip to students that receive student loans must provide service for the government health care for ten years, or they will have to repay loan with greater interest than others will.

    Also, veterans are written into the bill. DO NOT FORGET, one of Obama’s first goals was to force veterans to get their own private health insurance. Well, I think it will be worse than the VA. The use of such vague names of health positions, means that the system will run much like Military hospitals that run different than VA hospitals. I believe the schooling standards will be reduced in medical professions. Such as a medical assistant with maybe two months training will be doing RN work.

    Also, I recieved a call that the new Obama’s army, citizens who will police our country is in the health bill.

    There is no doubt that the democrats had a great time slapping this all together, making the rules as they went along. Clerks up all night probably just took things and inserted them just any ole where.

    HELP!!!!. Could someone tell me a supplement insurance my father could get, as he is saying well, he’ll have the VA. He used to not go, but in his 80’s has been going. Last time he got a staph infection, unrelated to a simple visit.
    AARP is out of the question, but I do recall some of you have suggested
    a company. Thanks so much. And thank God for this site.

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