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GOP Has Lost Control Of Impeachment Plot They Hatched

From the DNC’s lickspittle minions at the Atlantic:

Republicans Have Lost Control of the Impeachment Plot They Hatched

By Arit John | July 29, 2014

The impeachment debate is another example of fringe conservative ideology hurting the establishment’s election chances.

Mind you, this is a news article. Not an editorial. (As if there is any difference these days.) But who knew conservatives were running the Republican Party?

House Speaker John Boehner knows that, which is why he said Tuesday that impeachment is a "scam" created by Democrats to motivate their base to vote and donate ahead of the midterm elections, according to the Associated Press. That’s half true. Democrats are fundraising off impeachment, but this conversation was started by Sarah Palin and her fans.

Again, we didn’t realize that Sarah Palin was so powerful in the leadership of the Republican Party. In fact, we had somehow gotten the opposite impression.

We also didn’t realize that nobody had ever thought of impeaching Obama before Sarah Palin. Though we do seem to recall that impeaching Bush and Cheney was wildly popular with the Democrats and of course their news media.

Democrats are capitalizing off the idea that House Republicans will try to impeach the president, and even fundraising off comments made by White House officials — last week senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer said they take the impeachment threat "very seriously," and soon after the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee sent this email:

Between last Thursday, when the House Rules Committee voted to move forward with the lawsuit against President Obama, and Sunday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised $2.1 million, making that the best four day period of the election cycle, according to The Washington Post. That was fueled by impeachment talk — the group sent nine emails mentioning it…

We’re glad.  Better that than taking money from the US taxpayers to buy their votes. (Cf. Obama’s $3.7 border request.)

Byron York at the right-leaning Washington Examiner noted that while there was talk of impeaching President Bush when Democrats won the House in 2006, then Speaker Nancy Pelosi said impeachment was off the table…

And we all recall it was never once ever mentioned again. Oh, except for back on June 10, 2008, when Congressman Dennis Kucinich, along with co-sponsor Robert Wexler, introduced 35 articles of impeachment against Bush to the U.S. House of Representatives.

In fact, the House even voted 251 to 166 to refer the impeachment resolution to the Judiciary Committee on June 11, 2008. But no further action was taken because Bush’s term was almost up anyway.

Sarah Palin (who Republicans once chose as their nominee for Vice President of the United States of America) was the first major Republican to directly call for President Obama’s impeachment earlier this month. All the DCCC emails in the world can’t change that fact…

Yes, it’s now as much of an historic fact as her seeing Russia from her backyard.

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