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GOP: Obama ‘At Least Partially’ To Blame For Alien Flood

From the Daily Caller:

Obama’s Threat To Change Immigration Laws Without Congress Meets Resistance

By Neil Munro | June 30, 2014

GOP leaders say President Barack Obama will only make immigration problems worse if he goes ahead with his Monday threat to unilaterally alter the nation’s immigration laws…

House Speaker John Boehner was quick to condemn the move. ”The president’s own executive orders have led directly to the humanitarian crisis along the Southern border,” Boehner said in a statement, “giving false hope to children and their families that if they enter the country illegally they will be allowed to stay.” ..

Unfortunately, it is not false hope. So far 90% of these illegal alien children have been released in the US. The rest will be given taxpayer paid lawyers and endless opportunity to appeal.

According to other reports, Mr. Boehner also said he is "disappointed" that Obama is going to try to implement amnesty on his own. Which also must have left a mark.

The problem is the Republican leadership are probably only worried Obama will implement amnesty on his own without their help, and he will get all of the credit.

Experts suggest [the current flood of illegal aliens are] following a path created by Obama, who directed immigration officials to grant work permits to at least 560,000 younger illegals between June 2012 and late 2013. The new flood of migrants is being called the “Dream Deluge” — advocates for greater immigration have repeatedly described younger illegals as “Dreamers.”

Border officials expect roughly 200,000 Central Americans will cross the border between October 2013 and October 2014.

Hopefully, they will have enough time to register to vote before the 2016 elections.

“Additional executive action from this president isn’t going to stem the tide of illegal crossings, it’s only going to make them worse,” Boehner said…

Then don’t give him the $2 billion dollars he is requesting. In fact, start taking away the money he is not using to enforce our immigration (and other) laws.

Boehner’s response was matched by other GOP leaders. “The crisis at the border is at least partially due to the Obama administration’s lack of enforcement and the President’s own policies,” said Senator Chuck Grassley, the top GOP senator on the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.

"At least partially due"? Wow, the Republicans are really taking Obama to the woodshed.

“If the Obama administration rewards illegality and fails to enforce the laws or secure the border, we’re going to be back at this same place in 20 years,” he said…

No, we won’t. We won’t have a country in 20 years. At least not a country that any of us would recognize as the America we grew up in.

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One Response to “GOP: Obama ‘At Least Partially’ To Blame For Alien Flood”

  1. untrainable says:

    Notice how they have gone from illegal aliens, to migrants. Using the word migrants suggests that later on they’ll go back where they came from. And sadly, that ain’t going to happen. And once they’re voting (via executive order or the efforts of Chuck U Schumer and the dream dreamers), it’s over for America.

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