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GOP Propose Cutting Obama Budget 2%

From an outraged Associated Press:

Republicans propose cutting Obama budget

By Andrew Taylor, Associated Press Writer Tue Jul 13, 2010

WASHINGTON – Republicans in the Senate are backing a plan to shave $20 billion from President Barack Obama’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

The cuts amount to about a 2 percent trim from the $1.13 trillion requested by Obama for agency budgets annually funded by Congress. Senate Budget Committee Democrats have proposed a $4 billion cut.

While small as a percentage of overall spending, the cuts represent an attempt by Republicans to respond to rising voter anger about spending and deficits. And it comes from an unlikely source: the Republicans on the Senate Appropriations Committee, many of whom are viewed with distrust by GOP conservatives as willing accomplices in spending taxpayer dollars and being prone to larding spending bills with pork barrel projects.

The step comes as the powerful Appropriations Committee is getting ready to approve the first of 12 annual spending bills for the budget year beginning in October. The bills are overdue, and it appears increasingly unlikely that many — if any — of them will become law on time.

A letter signed by 12 Republicans on the Appropriations panel says that they won’t vote for bills that don’t fit within their proposed $1.11 trillion spending cap. That’s noteworthy since the panel has a long-standing history of bipartisanship and its GOP members typically provide crucial support to advance the measures past Republican conservatives.

"The American people are saying to us: ‘You’re spending too much, you’re running up too many debts, and we expect you to do something about it,’" said Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

The hell you say.

The GOP-proposed cuts are drawn from a bipartisan proposal by Sens. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., and Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., that has attracted as many as 59 votes in the Senate this year. Democrats supported the cap when voting on the budget last year.

The proposal would still provide for a $10 billion increase over current spending

Needless to say, these ‘cuts’ are way too little, far too late. But at least the Republicans are making a token effort. Even though it amounts to an empty gesture.

But speaking of budget cuts, just think what a golden opportunity Mr. Obama has at this moment in time to do something truly historic – and something actually good for the country.

Just imagine what a shot in the arm to the economy it would be if Mr. Obama announced that he and the Democrats were going to cut the deficit — not by raising taxes — but by dramatically slashing government spending.

The economy would take off like a rocket. Businesses would actually start to hire again.

Of course the fact that Mr. Obama will never do such a simple and obvious thing shows that he is not at all serious about wanting to create or save jobs. That he is not really ‘pro business.’

That he really does want to destroy the US economy, after all.

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6 Responses to “GOP Propose Cutting Obama Budget 2%”

  1. 64dodger says:

    2 percent? What a joke. Why even bother!!!

    How about a 30 percent cut?

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Wow, 2%. How will we get by?

  3. proreason says:

    2%? Sounds like the punchline of a bad joke.

    What they should say is:

    “Until we take control of all branches of government, Defense, Social Secutiy and Medicare are untouchable. Of the remainder of the budget, we propose an immediate cut of 50% of the White House and Congressional budgets, and a cut of 25% for the other agencies, across the board.

    After we take back control of the country, we will repeal Obamycare, stop the uncontrolled growth of Social Security and Medicare, and insure that Defense spending is focused on protecting this country, not coddling terrorists.”

  4. GetBackJack says:



    This is why I cannot abide the Republican Party, (or) more correctly I cannot abide the IMBECILES controlling the Republican Party.

  5. jackal40 says:

    Sorry, 2% doesn’t cut it. Let’s start by repealing the pay increase congress just voted for themselves (by not voting or passing a budget http://www.opm.gov/oca/09tables/2010PayRaiseUpdate.pdf). I’m all in favor of a 10% across the board, every single program, nothing exempt cut in spending. Yes, this would affect my military retirement – I accept that. Yes, this would affect unemployment benefits – I accept that also. Same with medicare, Medicaid, social security, and all the rest.

    Someone on capital hill needs to start reducing governmental spending – NOW. Not next year, and not by small amounts. We need a target of 10% reduction per year for the next 5 years – YES, a 50% reduction in government spending.

  6. BigOil says:

    Only in Washington could a 10 billion dollar increase in spending be viewed as a spending cut. Of course, minorities and poor people will be hardest hit.

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