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GOP Seek A Way To Cave On Unemployment Bill

From the Associated Press:

GOP seeks jobless bill changes to offset the cost

By DAVID ESPO | January 9, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — One day after clearing a key Senate hurdle, legislation to renew long-term jobless benefits stood at a crossroads on Wednesday with gridlock beckoning from one direction and the prospect of compromise from the other…

It’s a good thing the AP isn’t biased, huh. Refusing to extend these one time emergency benefits for the fifth time in five years is "gridlock." While caving one more time is called "compromise."

[Harry] Reid, D-Nev… appeared to suggest [a] shift away from a three-month resurrection of the expired program. Instead, he suggested efforts turn to a full-year renewal that could be paid for, a key demand from deficit-conscious Republicans.

And what a wonderful "compromise" it is. Instead of a three month extension, the Democrats get it extended for a year. (AKA after the 2014 midterms.)

And all the ‘deficit-conscious’ Republicans get a pretense that the $25.6 billion dollar cost will somehow be paid for. When in reality it never will be.

The proposals ranged from delaying a requirement for individuals to purchase health insurance under the new health care law to preventing immigrants in the country illegally from claiming a certain type of tax break for their children. A third would prevent individuals who qualify for Social Security disability payments from also receiving unemployment benefits.

We really are living in Bizarro World. As wonderful as it would be, how does delaying Obama-Care’s individual mandate for a year pay for a year long extension of federal unemployment benefits?

Moreover, the other two options involve stopping illegal activity. Which you would think would be stopped whether they would save money or not.

Reid labeled the first two options as "a little scary," saying one would "take a whack out of Obamacare" and the other would "go after children, children."

Harry Reid is literally insane. It’s ‘going after children’ to stop illegal aliens from getting illegal tax breaks? (Aka stealing.)

Don’t any of the US taxpayers who are being robbed by these illegal aliens have any children?

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2 Responses to “GOP Seek A Way To Cave On Unemployment Bill”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I agree. GOP will find a way to encourage the “Chamber of Commerce” to push the Party off the cliff ..

  2. Mithrandir says:


    Much like a 1000 pound woman is being fed by her equally dysfunctional husband, the democrat-republican relationship is pretty much exactly the same.

    What is the point of voting really? Democrats always lead……….Republicans by the nose who are happy to follow along.

    It’s totally disgusting…

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