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GOP Want Arizona’s Gay Law Issue To Go Away

From the Politico:

GOP on Arizona gay law: Make it go away

By JAMES HOHMANN and BURGESS EVERETT | February 25, 2014

As Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer weighs whether to sign a bill that would allow businesses to deny services to gay customers, top national Republicans just want the issue to go away.

Here we go again. This is the GOP establishment’s ‘solution’ to everything. Let the Democrats get their way, so the [fill in the blank] issue will go away. But the [fill in the blank] issue never goes away. The Democrats never stop pushing.

Proponents of the legislation — which Brewer has until Saturday to sign or veto and is reportedly leaning against — say the bill is designed to protect religious liberty. But many Washington Republicans see it as a political loser, giving the left another cudgel to attack conservatives as intolerant while motivating liberals and younger voters ahead of the midterm elections.

Because if the Republicans will just cave on this one issue, they will finally be seen as the party of tolerance.

It also threatens to widen the chasm between social conservatives and GOP operatives, who have become increasingly public in their support for gay marriage.

And, above all, we must not offend any GOP operatives.

“There are lots of economic and fiscal issues that people care pretty deeply about. I think those are good issues for us to focus on,” Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) said Tuesday when asked about the bill, SB 1062. “We’ll stay focused on Obamacare. Those are the issues we want to talk about.”

How exactly is the GOP focused on Obama-Care?

The state’s Republican senators, Jeff Flake and John McCain, are prodding the governor to veto the bill on financial grounds, warning that boycotts of Arizona could do untold economic damage to the state. They even worried about losing next year’s Super Bowl…

Isn’t it wonderful how even football has become a political football? Besides, we thought the violence embodied in the NFL is a horrible disgrace. Shouldn’t Arizona be proud to give up the Super Bowl?

“I know that the entire business community is galvanized, in a way that I’ve never seen, against this legislation,” said McCain…

Actually, McCain and these PC businesses have it ass-backwards. In reality, it is the very freedom to run a business that is at stake here.

Should a black business owner be forced by the government to make cakes that honor the Democrat Party’s Ku Klux Klan? Should a Jewish bakery be forced to make cakes that celebrate the Holocaust?

A Republican strategist active in congressional races said the bill will most likely be a nonfactor in the midterms if Brewer vetoes it. Boycott threats and strong opposition from the business community in Arizona could deter other states from taking up similar legislation.

“If it becomes law, it will be a big issue,” the person said. “All indications are that she’s likely to veto it, and if she does … eight months from now, it’s pretty much ancient history.”

Right. Let’s get it off the table. So we can move on to amnesty.

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2 Responses to “GOP Want Arizona’s Gay Law Issue To Go Away”

  1. Petronius says:

    The opponents of this AZ bill don’t give two hoots about tolerance. They are totalitarians. And as always, it’s about their power and our destruction.

    Leftists are professional full-time victims and law-suits-waiting-to-happen.

    They will travel 200 miles out of their neighborhoods to find a Christian baker or printer or photographer to handle their gay marriage just in order to persecute and humiliate the poor devils by invoking state or local law to demand they violate their religion.

    They will look under every rock and search out every nook and cranny until they find a “homophobe” or “racist” or “bigot” — somebody to blame for their own failures in life. And then they will bring in their pit bull DOJ lawyers to sue the poor devils at taxpayer expense.

    In Nerobama’s America it is no longer possible to live-and-let-live, to tell the customer, “I’m sorry, but we don’t provide that service” and send him across the street to Dracula’s Bakery where the customer can find everything he wants. Nope. Now we’ve all got to knuckle under, even when it violates our religious freedom.

    Of course Muslim cab drivers won’t have to accept passengers carrying a grocery bag with a package of bacon or bottle of wine, nor a blind man with a seeing-eye dog. Nope. That’s OK. That’s not “intolerance” or “discrimination.”

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Go away. Go away. Go away. Go away …

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