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GOP Wants IG Probes For Sebelius And The EPA

From the Politico:

GOP: GAO should investigate Kathleen Sebelius

By GINGER GIBSON | May 16, 2013  

A group of Republican lawmakers called on the Government Accountability Office to investigate Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius over her fundraising for a nonprofit supporting Obamacare.

That is to say, they are calling for the GAO’s Inspector General to investigate her. So how many inspector generals are there now investigating various agencies under the most transparent administration in history?

Republicans are criticizing news that Sebelius sought donations from health care companies for a group working to encourage more people to enroll in Obamacare programs.

“The Secretary’s actions show an apparent disregard for constitutional principles and may violate the Antideficiency Act, the prohibition against augmenting congressional appropriations, and executive branch ethics laws,” a letter from several Republicans to the comptroller reads…

Republicans argued that Sebelius could be violating the constitution by seeking funds from sources other than Congress to implement the law.

“A federal agency is dependent on Congress for its funding, and it is up to Congress to make important policy choices about whether or not to provide funds for a particular program and to fix that level of funding or set terms and conditions on its use,” the letter states.

A spokesman for Sebelius defended her fundraising, saying in a statement last week that the Public Health Service Act gives Sebelius the clear authority to “support and encourage others to support, not-for-profits that are working to provide health information or conducting other public health activities.”

Er, supporting non-profits is not quite the same thing as asking private citizens to give your federal agency money.

Sebelius has already come under scrutiny. In September, she was found to have violated the Hatch Act when she made remarks at a North Carolina event in support of President Barack Obama’s reelection and the Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

Don’t worry, the GAO’s Inspector General will forgive her this latest violation, just like the HHS’s IG forgave her clear violation of the Hatch Act.

From The Hill:

EPA to review claims of bias against conservatives amid fight over IRS

By Ben Geman | May 16, 2013

The Environmental Protection Agency’s inspector general will review claims the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refuses to waive public records fees for conservative groups while granting the waivers for environmental organizations.

So add another inspector general to the pile.

Acting Administrator Robert Perciasepe asked the agency’s inspector general to review claims after GOP lawmaker accusations of a double standard. The charges came up Thursday during a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing, where Republicans compared the EPA’s actions to the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups.

Perciasepe told lawmakers he’s asking the inspector general to help conduct a “programmatic audit” of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request fee decisions.

The action follows a May 14 report by the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) that claims the EPA waives the fees for major environmental groups more than 90 percent of the time, while often denying fee waivers for CEI, Judicial Watch and other groups…

Notice that this potential scandal was not uncovered by our news media guardians. As usual, it had to be ferreted out by Republicans, via FOIA requests.

Republicans compared the CEI report to recent revelations that IRS officials improperly targeted Tea Party groups and pressed for unnecessary information when those groups sought tax-exempt status.

“When we take this in the context of what has just been exposed at the IRS … it seems at the EPA, the same thing is happening,” said Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.). “It certainly appears there is a bias,” said Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas).

Still, what paranoid whackjobs these Republicans are trying to claim that this shows a pattern of discrimination by the EPA. But we should all know by now that the Obama administration would never use its agencies to punish its enemies or reward its friend.

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2 Responses to “GOP Wants IG Probes For Sebelius And The EPA”

  1. AlaskaBound says:

    Newsflash from Public Health Service Officer. HHS craftily cancelled travel authorizations to the Commissioned Officers Symposium (US Public Health Service ) at the late hour of Thursday evening with dissemination to it’s Agency Heads on Friday 5/17/13. The conference begins in Glendale , AZ on 5/20/13 and likely affects approximately 300 plus Officers in attendance. Attendees were directed to seek reimbursement from COA when their policy clearly states that no refunds are available after 4/16/13. Further, their orders are to be cancelled. No cited reason. The affected Officers can elect to take annual leave and pay on their own (double-rate) for the conference if approved by their supervisors. All this was done in a highly evasive manner with obvious planning behind the scenes and wrong on so many levels.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Where’s Torquemada when you need him?

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