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GOP Wins In NYC And NV Are Obama Rebuke

From flop sweating Associated Press:

GOP upset win in NY portends challenge for Obama

By BETH FOUHY [sic] – Associated Press
September 14, 2011

NEW YORK (AP) — It sounded improbable on the surface that a New York City congressional district where Democrats have a 3-1 registration edge and have held office for nearly a century could even come close to electing a Republican to the U.S. House.

This has been a Democrat seat for almost 90 years, since 1922. This is the seat previously held by Geraldine Ferraro and by Chuck Schumer.

The rabidly leftwing Democrat attack dog, Anthony Weiner, had been re-elected by this district seven times. (In fact, the news media tried to tell us Weiner was still wildly popular in the area, even after his scandal and resignation.)

But voter frustration over the sour economy and President Barack Obama’s policies made the improbable a reality, as a Republican political novice, Bob Turner, scored an upset victory in a special election Tuesday over David Weprin, a Democratic assemblyman from a prominent local political family. The surprising results in the Brooklyn and Queens-area district portend a perilous national environment for Obama as he prepares to seek re-election next year

"This message will resound for a full year. It will resound into 2012," said Turner, a retired broadcasting executive. "I only hope our voices are heard, and we can start putting things right again."

The national mood has darkened since May, when Democrats scored their own unexpected win in another New York special election

"Darkened"? It sounds to us like the "national mood" is coming to its national senses.

Weprin, a 56-year-old Orthodox Jew and member of a prominent Queens political family, initially seemed a good fit for the largely white, working-class district, which is nearly 40 percent Jewish.

But voter frustration with Obama put Weprin in the unlikely spot of playing defense.

While Obama won the district by 11 points in 2008 against Republican John McCain, a Siena Poll released Friday found just 43 percent of likely voters approved of the president’s job performance, while 54 percent said they disapproved. Among independents, just 29 percent said they approved of Obama’s job performance.

Only 29% of the precious independents approve of Obama’s performance? But weren’t they put off by Mr. Turner’s unvarnished conservatism?

Turner, a 70-year-old Catholic, vowed to push back on Obama’s policies if elected

This would seem to be a winning idea. In fact, Mr. Turner was even more straight forward. He called this a referendum on Obama. He told the voters to send Washington a message. And they did.

Weprin also became embroiled in New York-centric disputes over Israel and gay marriage, which cost him some support among Jewish voters.

Orthodox Jews, who tend to be conservative on social issues, expressed anger over Weprin’s vote in the Assembly to legalize gay marriage. In July, New York became one of six states to recognize same-sex nuptials.

But we have been told that ‘gay marriage’ is wildly popular with Americans, except wherever it is put to a vote. 

Former Mayor Ed Koch, a Democrat, endorsed Turner in July as a way to "send a message" to Obama on his policies toward Israel. And Weprin was challenged on his support of a proposed Islamic center and mosque near the World Trade Center site, in lower Manhattan.

In other words, Mr. Weprin is an Obama-clone.

By the way, here is how Ms. Debbie Wasserman Schultz explained the loss, via the pages of the New York Times – who buried the story in their ‘NY Region’ section:

G.O.P. Gains House Seat Vacated by Weiner

Published: September 13, 2011

A little-known Republican businessman from Queens, channeling voter discontent with President Obama into an upset, won election to Congress on Tuesday from the heavily Democratic district in New York City last represented by Anthony D. Weiner…

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, said the district’s large concentration of Orthodox Jews made it unusual and meant the race had few national ramifications.

“In this district, there is a large number of people who went to the polls tonight who didn’t support the president to begin with and don’t support Democrats — and it’s nothing more than that,” she said in a telephone interview

You see, a district that has three times more Democrats than Republicans and which has been in Democrat hands for more than ninety years doesn’t support Democrats. "It’s nothing more than that."

Ms. Schultz even told the Wall Street Journal that the 9th district is "a very difficult district for Democrats.”

By the way, this was not the only Republican victory of the evening. From a yawning past the graveyard Reuters:

Republican easily wins Nevada House election

By Timothy Pratt
September 14, 2011

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – Nevada Republican Mark Amodei easily won a special election on Tuesday to fill a vacant House of Representatives seat in a largely rural district that has never sent a Democrat to Congress.

With 95 percent of precincts counted, Amodei had collected over 57 percent of votes compared to 36 percent for Democratic state Treasurer Kate Marshall, according to the Nevada Secretary of State’s office. Other candidates garnered the remaining votes…

Nevada Republican Party Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian … called the victory a resounding rejection of the policies of President Barack Obama and the country’s Democratic leadership and of what she described as a "bigger, more expansive and overreaching government".

A Republican win in such a traditionally conservative area that narrowly favored John McCain in 2008 had not been expected to send any strong signal for national politics or for how Nevada will vote in 2012

Keep believing that, Democrats. Please. Knock yourselves out.

Amodei’s campaign had emphasized his opposition to what his spokesman described as the "failed economic policies" of Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat who won a hard-fought reelection battle last year

But there is nothing to be learned here. (Incidentally, by "won" Reuters means "stole.")

Still, it looks to us like November 2012 can’t get here fast enough for a lot of people. And that it is going to be hard even for the Democrats to steal enough votes to make a difference.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, September 14th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

9 Responses to “GOP Wins In NYC And NV Are Obama Rebuke”

  1. Melly says:

    We owe former liberal NY Mayor Ed Koch a lot for this victory. Koch supported Bush 43 soley b/c of the war on terror and he backed Turner hoping a Turner victory would send a message to Obama on Israel. The irony is that Turner’s opponent, David Weprin, is an Orthodox Jew who has called Obama’s policies toward Israel “outrageous.” That didn’t matter to Koch – he was intent on sticking it to Barry.

  2. Mithrandir says:

    I’m going to spin the news for the Democrats this time!

    ~“As diversity is our core value, we are happy to have played a role in diversifying New York’s District 24 with an elderly Catholic white male.”

    ~“This isn’t a defeat, it’s just another opportunity to pick up an extra seat in 2012! Win by subtraction!”

    ~“This is not a victory for Republicans, it has made the Democrats slimmer, sleeker, more streamlined and unified than ever before! Thank you Mr. Turner!”

    ~“The jokes on the Republicans. They wanted to reduce a big bloated government (in their words) and now they have a bigger bloated party! The irony will be lost on them we are sure!”

    ~“This election just shows how far the Republicans will go, with undocumented out-of-state cash, to over-turn the better judgements of N.Y. District 24 residents, with undocumented out-of-state cash.—yeah, we know we said it twice…”

    ~“Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. We will be laughing for the next 90 year block of Democrat control!”

    ~“Our election coffers are already filling up for the 2012 election! Thank you Mr. Turner!”

    ~“Bob Turner’s win, just demonstrates that we have a very loooong way to go to achieve equal rights for gays in District 24. Yes We Can!”

    ~“The real loser in this race was the debate about Obama’s support of Israel, which has never been stronger! This is an opportunity to correct that FoxNews misconception!”

    ~“We relish the opportunity to spend our resources in districts that will go towards Obama, we have only just begun to fight!”

  3. BigOil says:

    Clearly the 2009 and 2010 mid-term elections – and this special election – bear no significance…at least not in the minds of the current bunch of collectivist ideologues that have hijacked our republic. They know they have a year left to turn the ratchet and impose as much fundamental transformation as possible. The more damage they do, the less significance each future election has.

    • Melly says:

      I would agree if Barry still had control over both houses of Congress. The glass is half full in my eyes. The wave of resistance against the cult of Obama is growing only to crest November 2012.

    • BigOil says:

      Barry controls an Executive Branch that is churning out regulations at an alarming rate. He also wields the power of the Executive Order, which nobody in Congress ever challenges.

      Hardcore liberals are embedded in every federal agency. Since it is nearly impossible to fire these bureaucrats, they can continue to inflict damage despite election outcomes. You can probably use one hand to count the federal agencies, laws, and regulations that have ever been reversed, repealed or eliminated.

      I am not saying we should not fight the liberals to win every election. My point is the republic has reached a point where elections alone may not be enough to rein in a federal government with nearly unlimited power. I believe National Socialists Democrats have always been a step ahead of us with this strategy.

  4. proreason says:

    Hard to imagine a more clear signal than this one.

    If the inane Republicans hadn’t opened the issues of SS and Medicare for demagoguery, 2012 would be a lock for a blowout in the House and Senate. If we have good Senate candidates, there is still a chance to get a 60% majority but a veto-proof majority (2/3) is virtually imposible since almost every seat up for election (1/3 of the total) would have to swing Republican, and some Republican Senators are pseudo-democrats.

    But the white house isn’t a lock by any means. We need a candidate who speaks clearly, without hyperbole that will turn off independents. That candidata can and should be conservative, but he or she has to be plain spoken and non-inflammatory, because little lenin will ignore the economy and attempt to turn the Republican into a monster….abetted 10,000% by the still-powerful Make Believe Media.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Everything the Republicans say or do is considered “inflammatory.” –We need to be bold and strong about SS and medicare, for the frauds that they are.

      If you want another wimp like Powell or “My friends…..my friends” –McCain-type, well, they will probably WIN against Obama no matter what, but it also turns off a lot of voters because we are sick of these fearful compromising, soft-peddling jelly-spines who cower every time the media scolds them for being too aggressive.

      Chris Christie Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich are not afraid to stick it in their face and argue with them, that is why they are hated so much.

    • proreason says:

      It’s just plain stupid to make a big deal about SS.

      There are 20 problems more important than it, so why even bring it up?

      Medicare is a much bigger problem, for example. If you want to piss people off who are dependent on a program after paying into all their lives, that would be a better choice. At least that one has significant problems with it.

      I’m learning something about conservatives during the SS discussion. A lot of them are just as nutty as the libwits, just in different ways. If you wanted to find a way to steal a victory for Obamy, SS is the mother lode.

      But that won’t stop Mith or the other people who are happy to go down in flames if they just get to squeal like a stuck pig.

      BTW, has anybody noticed that Republicans have gone silent about SS, or that Perry has stopped calling it a criminal enterprise and restated his position to say that he isn’t going to take SS away from anybody but just wants to save it (the only rational position)? Blogs have gone strangely silent as well.

      But don’t worry, SS will be THE major issue of the campaign. You will have about 5 months to squeal about the inconsequential matter, Mith, because the Democrats will be talking about it 24×7 for months before the election.

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