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‘GOP Wraps Brutal Attacks In Sentimentality’

From the New York Daily News:

Ann Romney leads way as Republicans kick off convention by wrapping brutal attacks on President Obama in blanket of sentimentality

Mitt Romney’s high school sweetheart opened up to America on Tuesday, urging undecided voters to fall in love with her husband as she did.

By Jonathan Lemire | Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TAMPA — Republicans kicked off their convention Tuesday by wrapping their brutal attacks on President Obama in a blanket of sentimentality — and Ann Romney led the way.

Notice that this is a headline and lead for what is supposed to be a newspaper article. This is what passes for journalism at the New York Daily Worker News.

Mitt Romney’s high school sweetheart opened up to America on Tuesday, urging undecided voters to fall in love with her husband as she did…

We didn’t think she was trying to get voters to fall in love with Romney. Just to stop thinking of him as the ogre that the news media and the rest of the Obama campaign are portraying him to be.

In a speech full of personal revelations about the challenges of raising five boys while struggling with MS and cancer, the would-be First Lady told the story of Mitt Romney, the man — not Mitt Romney the candidate

If anything, we think Mrs. Romney left too much out. Such as the fact that Mitt Romney immediately gave his entire inheritance to charity. We know we will never hear such details from our one party media. That would undercut their portrayal of Romney as being born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Romney, who officially became the GOP presidential nominee Tuesday during somewhat contentious proceedings on the convention floor, has struggled to connect with voters who have found him distant or remote…

His wife’s job was to change that…

Ann Romney’s warmth was echoed by other speakers, including Rick Santorum and Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz, who interspersed slams on President Obama with glowing, even sappy tales of days gone by.

Even the night’s attack dog, keynote speaker New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, waxed nostalgic about his childhood before ripping the man who calls the White House home

How dare they bring up their own lives and personal stories? That is only be allowed at Democrat conventions. Only Democrats know what it’s like to suffer.

But, honestly, the Republicans just can’t win with the news media. If they stick to the issues they are accused of being too remote and cold. If they provide personal anecdotes, they are accused of being too sentimental and sappy.

By the way, here is another snappy headline from the New York Daily News: “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie touts his own record during keynote speech at Republican National Convention. He doesn’t mention Mitt Romney’s name until the 16-minute mark.” Again, that is the headline of a news report.

But was there any doubt in the mind of any sane person in the audience as to why Christie was there or whether he supported Mitt Romney or not?

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3 Responses to “‘GOP Wraps Brutal Attacks In Sentimentality’”

  1. canary says:

    Well, I hope the New York Daily’s slanderous headlines against the passive Republicans will be read to see how deceitful the media is. Obama would be suing the New York Daily; threats against the media that helped the press be so kind to help him get elected in the first place.

    And newspapers such as the New York Daily are suffering financially do to the cost of paper and technology and will do anything to sell the news at the stands with such headlines.

    US magazine a tabloid celebrity magazine’s newest issue has article “Obama: Just like us.” I just had to peek without buying.

    The pictures are random pictures of his stuffing himself with junk food with intentionally unflattering pics of his face looking like a nut as tabloids do.

    Obama must have raised heck, because the article on line is all different. All about how fit they are and Michelle’s grueling workouts. (Could have fooled me)

    Obama even riding a bicycle with security car putting along side with him. lol. (the greenies will love it),

    doing sports, and his barber haircuts same ole Chicago barber (which we could never afford as we are paying for those outrageous haircuts that cost a fortune for 2 AF1 s to fly to Chicago for twice a month,

    This is nothing like the magazine on shelves and news stands. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Obama camp goes around buying the paper version.

  2. Chrispbass says:

    Nice to see unbiased reporting.
    The ‘attacks’ ARE brutal but only because the Ocampaign has NO DEFENSE. All they can do is slander and try to bring RR to a level that is below theirs.

    If one is accused and the point is defensible it is refuted. If it is not defensible, you slander the accuser.
    Sluts-n-nuts anyone?

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