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‘GOP’s Preference’ Highest Since 9/11

From ABC News:

2010 Elections: Republicans are in the Hunt

Ahead of Midterms, Doubts About Obama, Economic Discontent Lead to GOP Rise


Feb. 10, 2010

The Republican Party has grown dramatically more competitive in public trust to handle the country’s most pressing issues, capitalizing on seething economic discontent and doubt about President Obama’s performance to challenge the Democrats in midterm election preferences.

Among registered voters in this ABC News/Washington Post poll, 48 percent say they’d support the Republican candidate in their congressional district if the midterm elections were today, 45 percent the Democrat. That’s a rare level of GOP support in nearly three decades of polls.

Other measures also have tightened sharply since fall. Among all Americans, the Democrats’ lead in trust to handle the country’s main problems has dwindled to a slim 6 points, 43-37 percent, down from 33 points — a record in a generation of polls — after Barack Obama’s election.

Disapproval of Congress, at 71 percent, matches its highest since 1994, when the GOP swept to control in a midterm rout of the Democrats. Americans by a 20-point margin say they’re inclined to look around for someone new to support for Congress. And by a 13-point margin, 48 to 35 percent, Americans call themselves anti-incumbent rather than pro-incumbent — not quite the levels in 1994 or 2006 (when the Democrats regained control) but broad nonetheless…

OBAMA — The president himself is down to scant 5-point leads over the Republicans in Congress in trust to handle the economy, health care reform and the threat of terrorism — down, respectively, from 37-, 28- and 21-point advantages on these issues in the spring and summer. His lead on the economy, now near naught, had been a record in ABC/Post polls since 1991

Obama’s job approval rating overall is just 51 percent, essentially flat since December; 46 percent disapprove. Among independents, the keystone of national politics, 46 percent approve of Obama’s work overall — and 49 percent disapprove. The shift among independents shows as well in their trust to handle top issues — away from Obama, and toward the Republicans in Congress.

The president’s rated negatively for his handling of four out of five individual issues tested in this poll: the deficit (56 percent disapprove), health care and the economy (53 percent apiece) and creating jobs (51 percent). His only positive is for handling terrorism

On top of all this, Obama faces growing second-guessing about trials of accused terrorists. In a shift from November, 55 percent of Americans now say such trials should be held in special military tribunals rather than in the existing federal court system. With handling terrorism one of Obama’s last redoubts, that disagreement with his policy poses a threat…

Chilling for the Democrats, too, is the position of often swing-voting independents. They prefer the Republican over the Democrat in their congressional district by 51-35 percent (again, among those who are registered to vote). Sixty-seven percent of independents say they’re inclined to look around for someone else rather than voting for the incumbent; it’s nearly as high among Republicans, 60 percent, vs. just 41 percent among Democrats…

Indeed, the ‘Congressional Vote Preference’ for Republicans is at its highest since in the months just after 9/11:

Indeed, as the original poll report (a pdf file) points out:

[T]he current 48-45 percent split toward Republican candidates among registered voters, while not a statistically significant advantage, is unusual. Republicans have held a numerical advantage just six times in scores of ABC/Post polls since 1981.

That in itself is pretty astonishing, given the relentless propaganda against the GOP from our establishment media.

We can only figure that with this latest spate of polls, ABC News and the other media outlets are trying to warn their Democrat masters that they had better change their tune.

Hopefully, they will be studiously ignored.

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18 Responses to “‘GOP’s Preference’ Highest Since 9/11”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “That in itself is pretty astonishing, given the relentless propaganda against the GOP from our establishment media.”

    That is very telling, isn’t it? After all of the loose-lefty media hype of how magnificent this administration is/will be, at the end of the day we’re still stuck with trillions of dollars lost, taxes about to go ballistic, more unemployment than has been seen in most of our lifetimes and an arrogant cuss of an administration that insists it knows better for you than you do for yourself.

    As many have said, unfortunately, it took this type of electioneering to see just how bad things can get in order to realize what to do about it. Carter brought us Reagan. It’s time for another strong conservative to stand up to the pant-load liberals and tell them to shut up and sit down and not touch anything.

  2. Confucius says:

    Why do we repeat this every 30 years (or so)? Are we incapable of learning? Are we f*ck*ng r*t@rded?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I think it has a lot to do with the “pendulum”. That, and the ongoing battle many of us have internally with pragmatism versus emotionalism. Most of the swing voters in this nation are flexible in that they tend to vote for the “new shiny” vs. the “old crusty” or that which they think doesn’t work and that which they’ve been TOLD doesn’t work.

      Very impressionable these swing voters/so-called independents. Though our movies and books make much ado about the star being the independent rugged thinker and in the end, they are vindicated, most of the time in real life, the REAL independent thinkers are castigated and isolated. I further submit then, that those who like to claim independence, are not too crazy about being made pariahs by both sides of the fence.

      One thing in our nation that is truly unique is our history of swinging back and forth on issues within our government. There was a time when healthy deliberation would result in some form of legislation that many people would be unhappy with and was done so through the majority vote but in a rare moment in history, we have come to a point where the majority is force-feeding the people. The people have spoken and they don’t like it.

      It was bound to happen. Really. While people are going about their day-to-day lives, issues that color our political viewpoints don’t occupy a lot of room in our minds and we tend to let the government do its thing and we do on the FAITH that they won’t do anything to harm us…much.

      But this time, things are happening where the people are getting struck by one thing or another that they heard about and are investigating further and thanks to the internet, it’s happening at a pretty good pace, albeit slowly than most here would like. But the pendulum, as far as it has swung to the left, is now in pause and starting its track back to the right. In part, this is what I love about this country and events of the past weeks have helped restore some of my faith in our system. It’s slow, it’s inefficient, it’s troublesome, it takes THOUGHT and it was all done intentionally.

      The thing that is what’s really getting the people’s attention though is the de-facto arrogance of our elected representatives to drive a bulldozer over any of their wishes and desires. Again, we don’t much care for that.

      And we have spoken and will continue to speak by removing those representatives who think they are elites, better than us and abusing their offices.

    • proreason says:

      Rusty is right that there seems to be an ebb and flow. Ann Coulter had a great column about it a few weeks ago. Her gist was that the people forget how bad the libwits are and decide to give them another chance. Ergo, Jimmy Carter, Clinton, and now Obamy. It took Jimah 2 years to wear out his welcome, Bubba a bit less, and Obamy was wearing on his welcome at about day two.

      But none of that explains why it happens.

      It happens because the commu / social / fasc / royal / totalitar / oligarch / ists have bought and paid for the media, academia and the unions. As many have pointed out numerous times, the first two are the key, because they control the flow of information in the country. How else to explain why Massachusetts has been the “most liberal” state in the Union for 40 years even though the entire population outside of the university enclaves is about as liberal as people in Alabama (i.e., not liberal at all). Essentially, the people of Massachusetts have been the zombie brain dead electorate for decades. Apparently, they have been ashamed to vote for what they truly want, having had their synapses scrubbed stupid by the communists in Hahvad Yahd and their adjunct, the Globe.

      The MOST encouraging thing today, even more encouraging that the rise of the Tea Parties, is that Fox News is beginning to not just beat, but utterly destroy CBSNBCABCCNNMSNBC. We aren’t there yet, but the trend is powerful. Future generations may look back at Rupert Murdoch as a person who was as important to the survival of the US as the Founding Fathers.

    • DoctorRock says:

      “You have to go through Carter to get to Regan”, but we forget how we got stuck with Carter in the first place. The Press treated Nixon no better than W. They were relentless and vicious. Election ’76 was no doubt the blueprint for ’08. Look at the similarities – Every imbecile in the early 70’s knew they hated Richard Nixon, and if pressed would offer that it had something to do with that “Watergate” thing. Contemporary imbeciles hate Bush, and I don’t think that statement requires any citation.
      Carter offered “change”. He said it was “time for new leadership in this country”. And as the Nixon/Republican brand had been hammered for the prior eight years, we got us a peanut farmer for president.
      Perhaps they’d try this again in thirty years or so, but I don’t think the Press as we knew it is going to survive this election cycle.

  3. MinnesotaRush says:

    With o-blah-blah’s man Rahmbo in charge of the census and ACORN back in the saddle and funded to the hilt, could be the o-blah-blah cabal isn’t really too worried about elections (national at least – presidential in specific).

    The unions and Panthers will be glad to help if needed.

  4. proreason says:

    As Ann Coulter says, it doesn’t take long to sour on the fascists.

    But the Repubs better not get too cocky.

    They’re next.

    Within 2 years it will be a GOPINO. In reality, it will be the Tea Party Party.

  5. GetBackJack says:

    I know this makes me an Outcast and earns ire, and may even get me bounced, but God Help the Republic if the same lame brain, progressive Compassionate Do Anything To Go Along Weenie Black Hearted Pwnd Snakebit Limp Flaccid “What Constitution?” Republican Party wins in November.

    We’re living a nightmare of Hegelian THESIS/ANTITHESIS. And ‘Conservatives’ continue to root for the Party that is a virtual lock to screw them once again.

    Because the Synthesis of this Right/Left deployment is destruction of the Constitution.

    • proreason says:

      You’re right in principle GetBack, but in practice, the best way to guillotine the monsters is to get the fascist wing of the oligarchic wannabes out of power by voting for the candidates most likely to defeat and humiliate them…..which in 2010, is unquestionably the Republicans.

      The NEXT step after that is to hold the Republicans to the same standards. But I think there is a reasonable chance that a defeat with prejudice of the Obamy slimeboys will have a remarkably cleansing affect on the Republicans for several years.

      Of course, we will be back in the same place in a few years when the peoples’ passion wanes.

      The alternative of voting for people who are truly opposed to the corrupt activities will only result in a prolongation of the oligarchic sewerswamp, because there will be too much money, power, force and corruption arrayed against truly independent candidates.

      Like you, I would prefer a third alternative of actually ending their reign with Hun-like force, but the situation hasn’t yet reached a point that enough people would go along with it.

    • Right of the People says:

      When, not if but when the Republicans get back in office they need to learn the lesson that bipartisanship with the present crew of Democraps DOES NOT WORK! The current pack of slimeballs on the left’s idea of compromise, even when they are not the party in power, is you give me what I want. That is what the Republicans did last time in an effort to “Just get along”.

      That is why there have been a lot of failures whenever and Republican takes over in the White House, even his own party won’t give him what he wants. If we are to prove our way is better, we need to actually make some changes for the better. When we take back the congress, they need to push their programs and if The Won won’t sign the bills they send them, they need to make the public aware of what’s going on. The Democraps aren’t shy about being heard, neither should the Republicans.

      If those that are voted in won’t make a difference then we need to candidates who will and vote them them in. Eventually if we persevere we can change congress for the better.

  6. GTBurns says:

    One year is all it took for Obama’s magic to wear off. He played the Charisma game to get elected. But it was not real charisma like Reagan had. it was a manufactured Charisma, carefully crafted by his media allies.

    Now the truth has come out and the Emperor has no clothes.

    • U NO HOO says:

      Rush is calling mmm mmm mmm uppity and an elitist.

      If Obama had charisma i would have voted for him and I didn’t.

      Why vote for McCain when you can vote for a real marxist?

      That’s all.

      Rush is on corpsemen and fifty seven states…

  7. David says:

    Seems like a set up so the polls closer to the election can be manufactured to show how quickly the republicans have lost confidence with their (fill in the blank with some unsubstantiated claim) tactics.

  8. GTBurns says:

    U NO HOO

    Obama had media manufactured charisma, kind of like how commericals make the hottest toy of the xmas season look more exciting than it actually is.

    Now that we got Obama home and out of the box we realize, it requires “some assembly required” and it just not as good as the commercial made it out to be.

    • U NO HOO says:

      Yeah, and batteries not included.

      Don’t forget that one half are below average and as my mother used to say, “We vote for our kind.”

      Work the numbers, 54-46.

    • U NO HOO says:

      Like those commercials for something, I don’t remember what, with the kids that get tricked about a pony or bike or toy truck. “Even kids know…”

      Well, voters aren’t kids. Voters don’t know, bahhhhh.

  9. Chuckk says:

    The Republicans should not get too confident. I suspect most of the new GOP preference is actually anti-Democrat preference.

    When the Republicans get in office, the govern as Dem-lites, disappointing conservatives every time.

  10. Chuckk says:

    The Republicans should not get too confident. I suspect most of the new GOP preference is actually anti-Democrat preference.

    When the Republicans get in office, they govern as Dem-lites, disappointing conservatives every time.

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