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Gore Sells Current TV To Al Jazeera, Gets $100M

Buried in the "Media Decoder – Behind the Scenes, Between the Lines" section of the New York Times:

Al Jazeera Seeks a U.S. Voice Where Gore Failed

By BRIAN STELTER | January 2, 2013

Al Jazeera, the pan-Arab news giant, has long tried to convince Americans that it is a legitimate news organization, not a parrot of Middle Eastern propaganda or something more sinister.

It just bought itself 40 million more chances to make its case.

Did Current TV ever convince Americans that it was a legitimate news organization and not a parrot of the Democrat Party’s propaganda or something more sinister?

Al Jazeera on Wednesday announced a deal to take over Current TV, the low-rated cable channel that was founded by Al Gore, a former vice president, and his business partners seven years ago. Al Jazeera plans to shut Current and start an English-language channel, which will be available in more than 40 million homes, with newscasts emanating from both New York and Doha, Qatar

Al Jazeera did not disclose the purchase price, but people with direct knowledge of the deal pegged it at around $500 million, indicating a $100 million payout for Mr. Gore, who owned 20 percent of Current.

How much money is enough for Al Gore? By the way, that is $100 million oil dollars.

And buried in this buried story we find:

Mr. Gore and his partners were eager to complete the deal by Dec. 31, lest it be subject to higher tax rates that took effect on Jan. 1, according to several people who insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. But the deal was not signed until Wednesday…

Oh, the irony of it all. Doesn’t Mr. Gore regularly tell us how we need to pay more taxes?

With a handful of exceptions (including New York City and Washington), American cable and satellite distributors have mostly refused to carry Al Jazeera English since its inception in 2006…

Which tells you a lot about New York City and Washington, DC.

After several years in obscurity showing viewer-submitted videos and documentaries, Current tacked to the left in 2011 with the hiring of MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann…

"Tacked to the left?" The Times is trying for understatement.

A year later, Mr. Olbermann was fired, but a channel made in his image remained, with Mr. Spitzer, Jennifer Granholm and other liberal pundits as hosts. But on a typical night last year, just 42,000 people watched their shows, according to Nielsen…

And for this Al Jazeera paid $500 million dollars?

But the takeover of Current brings Al Jazeera to the front of the line. In recent weeks, Mr. Gore personally lobbied the distributors that carry Current on the importance of Al Jazeera, according to people briefed on the talks who were not authorized to speak publicly…

Meanwhile, according to the Wall Street Journal, Al Gore refused to sell his ‘channel’ to Glenn Beck:

Mr. Hyatt said they agreed to sell to Al Jazeera in part because “Al Jazeera was founded with the same goals we had for Current,” including “to give voice to those whose voices are not typically heard” and “to speak truth to power.”

Well, it’s hard to argue about them sharing "the same goals."

Other suitors who didn’t share Current’s ideology were rebuffed. Glenn Beck’s The Blaze approached Current about buying the channel last year, but was told that “the legacy of who the network goes to is important to us and we are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point of view,” according to a person familiar with the negotiations.

So Al Gore is more in agreement with Al Jazeera’s point of view than he is with Glenn Beck. What a surprise, huh?

Still, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have praised Al Jazeera for being "real news" (Hillary) and "pro democracy" (Obama). Which says a lot about them, too.

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5 Responses to “Gore Sells Current TV To Al Jazeera, Gets $100M”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    I just emailed Dish network the following. “Drop Current TV or I drop you!”

    I recently upgraded to the “Top 250” and Current came with that lineup. I’ll give them a month to decide. With so much free TV out there and my antenna recieving over 50 channels most days I only need Dish for ESPN and FoxNews. I’m willing to drop them both because they’re going off the deep end too.

    They don’t need my money. ;<}

    • Noyzmakr says:

      I recieved the following reply from DISH Network;

      Dear Valued DISH Customer,

      DISH serves diverse communities and delivers a wide variety of programming for differing political, religious and ethnic audiences, giving the choice to our customers as to which programming they want to receive and watch. We are proud to deliver programming for all cultures and viewpoints including channels like Fox News, MSNBC and TheBlaze.

      Sincerely, DISH

      Obviously DISH cares more about the diversity of their broadcast partners than they do their customers wishes.
      I told y’all, they don’t need my money and now they will do without it. Useful Idiots!

  2. JohnMG says:

    Forty-two thousand viewers, huh? Our local high school’s girls volley ball team gets that many viewers for each of their games broadcast by our local cable provider.

    You have to hand it to Gore, though. If he can unload that turkey to Al Jazeera for 500 million he could probably sell refrigerators to Eskimos.

    What a sh!t salesman!

  3. canary says:

    Al Gore has dirty oil money in his pocket now from al-Jazeera. Where is the outrage from the green people.

    Where are the green people’s outrage of Gore dealing with Al-Jazeera that sees no global warming coming from Islam extremists who like to blow up and burn down anything standing around the world.

    Gore sells cable station to Al-Jazeera after their exclusive report supporting al-Qaeda’s growth in Africa in their exclusive report.

    ” Mali: The ‘gentle’ face of al-Qaeda”. Dec 30 2012

    After Obama’s 2009 new policy to stop eradicating poppy fields and have US soldiers package and load the heroin on trucks making the Taliban and villagers jobs easier and putting more money in the pockets of Al-Qaeda, the countries in Africa came to embrace Al-Qaeda’s generosity.

    It cut down cannibalism in Somali and Al-Qaeda’s money lessened kidnapping of children soldiers in Africa as they eagerly joined militants for money and heroin.

    And now Mali and even Kenya has come to embrace Al-Qaeda’s money. It would be literally be considered selling one’s soul for money, but in the religion of Islam Al-Qaeda joining their brand of Islam cleans the soul and gives them the hope of a better heaven and sex.

    Governments in Africa have not wanted to go to war against Al-Qaeda. The people in Timbuktu don’t mind the destruction of wonder of the word, because they know aside less sinful mosques being rebuilt, they can help dig for fine metals on the grounds. They will become holier and prosper more.

    And African governments like Kenya don’t want to go to war because they have seen the failure of the Arab Spring.

    That’s okay the US and UN’s NATO will fight the African war for them.

    Jan 3 2013. Top cop kidnapped in Benghazi Libya

    Most hopeful ending is he will convert, if not a planned conversion to save his skin.

    US Embassy in Yemen attacked Sept 14, 2012

  4. wirenut says:

    Al Gore = Aljizzeera. Al’s mouth has camel-toe. Typical lib-tard. Nuffsaid.

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