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Gore: US Blocking ‘Climate Change’ Progress

Another story so big it took the combined efforts of both the Associated Press and CBS News to bring it to light:

Gore: U.S. Blocking Progress On Climate

White House “Principally Responsible” For Obstruction; Europeans May Boycott U.S.-Led Talks

BALI, Indonesia, Dec. 13, 2007 (CBS/AP) Al Gore said Thursday the United States is “principally responsible” for blocking progress in battling climate change at the U.N. climate conference.

Anger toward the Bush administration for resisting measures that would create mandatory targets for reductions in greenhouse gases was rife at the conference, where one official described the U.S. delegation as a “wrecking ball.”

European nations are even threatening a boycott of U.S.-led climate talks next month unless Washington compromises on emissions reductions.

The United Nations warned that time was running out for an agreement aimed at launching negotiations for a successor to the Kyoto Protocol and the talks in Bali were in danger of “falling to pieces.” …

In urging delegates to take immediate action to cut down on emissions of greenhouse gases blamed for global warming, Gore laid the blame for the lack of action so far squarely on the current U.S. administration.

“My own country, the United States, is principally responsible for obstructing progress here in Bali,” said Gore, who won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for helping alert the world to the danger of climate change.

He asked delegates Thursday not to get angry, but to work toward a world which will soon have a new American president.

“Over the next two years, the United States is going to be somewhere it is not now,” said Gore, who flew to the Bali meeting after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway on Monday.

“One year and 40 days from today, there will be a new inauguration in the United States,” he said, speaking in a conference hall and by video to delegates throughout the conference site.

“I must tell you candidly that I cannot promise that the person who is elected will have the position I expect they will have, but I can tell you I believe it is quite likely.”

He noted that the U.S. Congress is moving legislation forward to impose binding emissions caps in the United States for the first time – legislation that, if passed, would likely be vetoed by Mr. Bush.

Gore told the delegates, from almost 190 nations, they have two choices here.

“You can feel anger and frustration and direct it at the United States of America, or you can make a second choice. You can decide to move forward and do all of the difficult work that needs to be done.”

Gore, who helped in the final negotiation of the Kyoto pact in 1997, also called for implementing a successor agreement to Kyoto two years early, in 2010. The first implementation period of the Kyoto pact expires at the end of 2012

As U.N. talks entered their final hours, European nations on Thursday threatened to boycott a U.S.-led climate meeting next month unless Washington agrees to a deal mentioning numerical targets for deep reductions in global warming gases.

The United States, Japan, Russia and several other governments refuse to accept language in a draft document suggesting that industrialized nations consider cutting emissions by 25 percent to 40 percent by 2020, saying specific targets would limit the scope of future talks

No result in Bali means no Major Economies Meeting,” said Sigmar Gabriel, top EU environment official from Germany, referring to a series of separate climate talks initiated by U.S. President George W. Bush in September…

“We know that there is a wrecking crew in Bali led by the U.S. administration and its minions,” said Jennifer Morgan, spokeswoman for environmental groups on Bali. “They are working hard to pull out the bits of text that matter to developing countries on finance and technology.” …

Nations are not the only governments studying targets on reducing emissions. Many U.S. states and cities are taking their own actions paralleling the Kyoto Protocol.

Many are advocating a “cap-and-trade” program, whereby emissions of carbon dioxide by industries are traded on the market. Companies which reduce their emissions below certain targets can then sell their allotment of allowed emissions to those who are failing to meet their reductions targets.

This system creates a profit motive for companies to employ greener technologies, energy efficiencies and other measures to cut emissions. It is the basis of the America’s Climate Security Act, sponsored by Sens. John Warner, R-Va., and Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn.

Current cap-and-trade programs in carbon have given rise to a multibillion-dollar global industry of brokers, analysts and project managers dealing in such carbon credits and “green” projects that produce them.

However, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, appearing at Bali, said the growing carbon cap-and-trade industry is vulnerable to “special interests, corruption, inefficiencies,” and should be replaced by straight carbon taxes.

Speaking of global warming, Bloomberg said, “Most experts would agree that the way to solve the problem is with a carbon tax.”

Many environmentalists say a carbon tax – heavy government levies on coal, oil and other fossil fuels – is a better, more direct way to discourage global-warming emissions, and to finance environmentally friendly policies and technology.

“You really want to tax the coal producers in a way that coal producers could reduce that tax by investing in technology and in ways to make coal a cleaner-burning, less polluting fuel,” Bloomberg said.

He said most experts would agree that carbon taxes are “a very difficult political lift,” since they would probably boost costs for energy consumers.

“But that’s what leadership is all about, and we need leaders around the world who get things done,” the New York City mayor said

Let’s see…

The United States, Japan, Russia and several other governments refuse to accept language in a draft document suggesting that industrialized nations consider cutting emissions by 25 percent to 40 percent by 2020, saying specific targets would limit the scope of future talks.

And yet somehow it is all the fault of the US.

Of course Mr. Gore declared war on the United States some time ago. In truth he has never forgiven us for failing to elect him as our leader.

How could we ever have been so short-sighted? But he is sure going to make us pay for that blow to his gargantuan ego. 

And other buffoons, like Mr. Bloomberg, are only too eager to help him destroy this country.

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