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Gov Cuomo Threatens 3,500 Union Layoffs

From the New York Post:

Andy waves an ax

Threatens 3,500 layoffs in ultimatum

September 26, 2011

Gov. Cuomo has drawn a line in the sand with the state’s second-largest public-employees union — saying he will lay off 3,500 workers if their membership doesn’t approve a bare-bones contract when it votes tomorrow, The Post has learned.

If the Public Employee Federation rejects the plan on the table, which is very likely, workers will receive their pink slips on Wednesday.

It would be the first large-scale work-force reduction since Cuomo took office in January and would show that he is willing to play hardball with unions in order to reduce state government spending…

The firing letters have already been prepared and are ready for distribution.

And yet Mr. Cuomo won’t be vilified like Scott Walker, who has not laid off anyone.

“The state employees have their destiny in their own hands,’’ said state Operations Director Howard Glaser of tomorrow’s vote.

“There is no other option to layoffs if they fail to ratify the contract. The costs of the work force are unsustainable, and there’s no other option to layoffs if the PEF members fail to ratify the contract,” Glaser continued.

The pink slips would come shortly after the state’s largest union, the Civil Service Employees Association, approved in August a contract that’s virtually identical to the one Cuomo is offering the PEF

Isn’t it surprising that neither of the two largest unions in New York State are teachers unions? What does that tell you about how many public employees New York has?

The average compensation of a PEF member — salary plus benefits — costs the state over $100,000 a year

Glaser’s office spent part of last week identifying the agencies where the jobs will be cut — with many coming in the Health, Mental Health, and Transportation departments — and drafting formal dismissal notices.

Cuomo, a Democrat, has until now enjoyed reasonably good relations with the state’s powerful public-employee unions despite his decision to close a projected $10 billion state budget gap with spending cuts and no new taxes.

If Cuomo fires thousands of state workers, those relations are expected to deteriorate and the governor’s reputation in national Democratic Party circles may suffer as well…

Sure it will.

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3 Responses to “Gov Cuomo Threatens 3,500 Union Layoffs”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Governor Cuomo – you could easily pay the Unions if the US Taxpayers HAD BACK THE $59 BILLION that went “missing” during your term at HUD.

    Fifty Nine Billion, Andy.

    Fifty Nine.

    In a properly ordered world we could have all the Cuomos put to sleep.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    It makes me especially gleeful to see a democrat have to play “bad cop”. And, I also think that Cuomo is very possibly gonna “swim wid da fishes” if you get my drift. There will be 3500 scum-bags looking for revenge. And as they say, “he can’t stay awake ALL the time.”

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