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Gov. Jerry Brown: California’s Deficit Is Gone!

From the New York Times:

Back From the Fiscal Abyss, California Balances Its Budget

By ADAM NAGOURNEY | January 10, 2013

SACRAMENTO — California has been Exhibit A for the fiscal upheaval that has rocked states throughout the recession. Year after year, California officials reported bigger and bigger deficits and sought to respond with spending cuts that left the state reeling.

So it was something of a moment when a jaunty Gov. Jerry Brown strode before cameras here on Thursday to present his budget for 2013-14.

“The deficit is gone,” Mr. Brown proclaimed, standing in front of an array of that-was-then and this-is-now charts that illustrated what he said were dramatic changes in California’s fortunes.

“For the next four years we are talking about a balanced budget,” he said. “We are talking about living within our means. This is new. This is a breakthrough.”

Mr. Brown was not just talking about a balanced budget. He projected that the state would begin posting surpluses starting next year, leading to a projected surplus of $21.5 million by 2014, a dramatic turnaround from the deficit of $26 billion — billion, not million — he faced when he was elected in 2010.

Is Gov. Brown’s prostate cancer treatment affecting his thinking? Does anyone in their right mind believe this? And will Gov. Brown ever be held responsible for uttering such mendacity?

The governor said California’s finances were strong enough that he wanted to put aside a $1 billion reserve fund to guard against future downturns, and included in the budget sharp increases in aid to public schools and the state university system, both targets of big spending cutbacks.

Uh huh. So, suddenly it all becomes clear. Brown is trying to raid California’s ‘rainy day funds.’ And he wants to do away with the ‘spending cuts. to education that were part of the sales job on California self-imposed tax increase.

So it’s the same old, same old. Still, his audacity is pretty breath-taking.

The change in fortunes reflected cuts that were imposed over the past two years, a temporary tax surcharge approved by voters in November that expires in seven years, and a general improvement in the state’s economy…

You see how everything works out if you just raise taxes? It’s a miracle cure.

Good news or not, the announcement means that more, albeit different, kinds of battles were in the offing, lawmakers and Mr. Brown said.

Democrats now control two-thirds of the Assembly and Senate, and some of them have talked about restoring at least some of the social service cuts, like dental care for the poor, that were imposed to bring the state to this point. Mr. Brown said he understood the impulse to repair broken social services, but he warned against returning to a boom-and-bust pattern of spending during the good years, only to later struggle through debt...

Mr. Brown, who has always presented himself as something of a moderate in his party, suggested that in the months ahead, he would be an enforcer.

“It’s very hard to say no,” Mr. Brown said. “And that basically is going to be my job.”

And we believe him.

Mr. Brown, in presenting his budget, suggested that the turnaround should be a rebuke to “a couple of characters” who have “written off California as a failed state,” a reference to conservative commentators who have, for a year, questioned the state’s economic policies and its very future.

Now, Mr. Brown said, he wanted the nation to look to California, and to his example. He promised a combination of “fiscal discipline and imaginative investment” to complete the state’s restoration…

Talk to us in December 2014.

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9 Responses to “Gov. Jerry Brown: California’s Deficit Is Gone!”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    (coughing behind my hand)

    Bovine Scatology

  2. untrainable says:

    Of course the deficit is gone. It’s January. It’s a whole new year!

    Moonbeam just neglected to bring the totals from last year forward.
    It’s like hiring a goldfish to do your taxes.

  3. USSFreedom says:

    He must have palmed a Trillion dollar Platinum coin and had his graphs done by none other than..Bernie Maddoff.

    • River0 says:

      California State Controller John Chiang reported to the public last month that revenues in the last quarter of 2012 were DOWN 10.8% The mandated TAX INCREASE that Gov. Moonbeam shoved through FAILED, and the fiscal situation is worse than ever:


      The behavior of Gov. Moonbeam and his cronies is either criminal or delusional. They belong in prison or a mental hospital.

    • canary says:

      RiverO, what’s strange is all the articles that California’s population growth has slowed down the last few years but they just made this giant new water regulation that do to population growth leading to more “rooftops” that get rained on that leads to more water roof water run off eventually making it’s way to pollute oceans.
      And California claims to know more rain is coming in the future to fall on the roofs, but no doubt we’ll here them complain of drought.
      When I say they plan on making people change roofs I mean it. And they won’t be going back to wood shingles. The material has to be real strong and tough to withstand wind, so the wind doesn’t blow off pollution.

      This is what Obama means by the country that goes greener will lead the world. It’s create work. Wetlands are not called watersheds. Because, since California really wants rain water making large puddles so they can land grab in that the puddles that may just be there in the spring and be dry the rest of year needs to preserve the mosquitoes, which is why the West Nile Virus has been bad this year.

      And tell me if this makes since. The rest of the year when it’s not raining these big puddles are so flat they will use them as soccer and football fields. Now I have a problem with people running on such valuable land. Surely, there are worms in that ground that will get trumped and so this country is making a fortune fining people and taxing people and making them get permits for the stupid water barrels. Probably, have to have water barrels with wheels to take to the curb just like a trash bin and the city will come by and collect your water. If they pick the water up with only an inch once a week, that won’t be so bad. But, if they say it’s has to be full, that’s is going to be really poisonous water that you will have to put a fence around the barrel so no animal or child accidentally get’s exposed to toxic water.

  4. River0 says:

    You’re right, canary, it is strange… and alarming. I was born in San Francisco, and grew up in the S.F. Bay Area. I never imagined I would see the whole state in freefall with the ground approaching. I don’t live there anymore. It started with the malevolent Gov. Gray Davis, who wrecked the economy and nearly brought the state to its knees when he deregulated the electric utilities and handed over power contracts to Enron; just before that company went broke. The voters rightfully threw him out early.

    Then Ahh-nold was elected, and his ineptitude ruined things further. What a coincidence! He’s married to the Kennedy family through Maria Shriver. Teddy was his in-law.

    Here in Virginia a big court case was just decided in the state’s favor, against the EPA, which said water runoff from roads was a pollutant. The judge agreed with the state that if the EPA had its way, it would cost the state billions, disrupt the whole economy, and open the door to unlimited government control of the state.

    We’re in the middle of a coup, and our fellow citizens had better wake up fast, or we will no longer be anything but worker drones for the totalitarian state.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I have a friend out west who I’ve known for years. He’s significantly younger than me and was raised with a significant amount of nanny-statism. We are both car fans/enthusiasts and every time I tell him that cars have suffered because of government-control, he disagrees. He cites the advent of airbags and the use of plastics and “blended” fuels, etc.

      I have never been able to break him of this so we now just agree to disagree.

      My uptake is that we imitate Europe with a 20 year time lag. We watch as they screw things up, laugh at it, then repeat it with our own US style and make it ten times as bad.

      I think it’s a DNA problem. I’ve still wondered how we, the United States, managed to break free of our European diseases and problems and remain free with so many governmental boneheads who praise the euro-mess as the way to do things.

      Perhaps it’s that we also have so many with African DNA now who enhance all the tribal features on how to backtrack to sticks-and-spears thinking. Get rid of guns…and when that’s done, get rid of knives and then rocks and sticks.

      Behavior is the problem and to properly achieve good behavior, a child needs to be taught how to achieve self-esteem by working hard, achieving, competing to win while at the same time, learning how to help others to achieve and be successful.

      The zero-sum game of the socialists is a losing proposition. It always has been but it keeps rearing its ugly head because the socialists are inherently LAZY. The real problem is HUMAN LAZINESS and it is a feature of socialism. The leaders from the top to the bottom want it all without any effort.

      Therefore, I submit that people like Reid and Pelosi are NOT tireless people who work hard but instead, lazy-asses who simply stay awake for a long period of time forcing others to do their bidding.

      And that is quite remarkable. Hitler was one of the laziest a**holes on the planet. By that I mean that he wanted others to act the way that he would not. But by using rationalizations, the way that Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Holder and others do, they would tell others that what they’re doing is wrong while doing it themselves. That, of course, is hypocrisy. Would Dingy Harry or San-Fran Nan spend a day, an hour a minute cleaning their own toilets? No.

      It’s an easy answer but they would spend hours lecturing you on why you must clean your own toilets rather than have a hispanic or black or asian doing it.

      Whenever I hear anyone telling me how to live my own life or telling me how to spend my own money, my first response to them is , “I will when you will.”

      They, socialists, are intellectually lazy. It’s easy for them to tell you how to do things and very, very difficult for them to understand why they are wrong. Coffee bar intellectuals. Teacher’s lounge geniuses. Break-room geniuses.

      Couldn’t build anything. Can’t do math. Can’t understand why they are wrong.

  5. canary says:

    Correction: I meant to say wetlands are now watersheds.

    And across the nation local cities, towns, are claiming watersheds to grab property. First it was to tell people they could not sell their land at good price because that puddle had tiny micro-bugs that needed to be protected to now telling land and homeowners the puddle has to be preserved to turn into water supply which will add chemicals.

    All of the land can be confiscated because we all live on a watershed according to the E P A.

    That’s why the schools are teaching humans came from water as even the Bible says God created water first.

    This is E P A ‘s definition from their site if you google watershed…and more if you want to check it out. Do note the figures of the number of watershed’s is b.s. because my town/city has been in the process the last few years tagging puddles. And they have chain fences around some that are dry right now”. And they took a little dinky water hole for horses after the owner died, and put a chained fence around it. And now it’s a huge scenic growing place to fish, or whatever if you don’t mind the snake and skunks, because they don’t cross the grass so the varmits have a place to hide. Plus the trail is too dangerous as many locations smack next to the highschool that are dangerous places for thugs. They cut the school bus service to save pollution, and will not clean up one a spot of previous rape, and recent abduction attempt a couple of years ago.l
    So, you don’t let your kids walk or ride their bikes because it’s to dangerous. Instead you wait in long lines of cars to drop you students off.

    E P A

    “We all live in a watershed — the area that drains to a common waterway, such as a stream, lake, estuary, wetland, aquifer, or even the ocean — and our individual actions can directly affect it. Working together using a watershed approach will help protect our nation’s water resources.

    A watershed is the area of land where all of the water that is under it or drains off of it goes into the same place. John Wesley Powell, scientist geographer, put it best when he said that a watershed is:

    “that area of land, a bounded hydrologic system, within which all living things are inextricably linked by their common water course and where, as humans settled, simple logic demanded that they become part of a community.”

    Watersheds come in all shapes and sizes…continental U.S., etc..Puerto Rico, there are 2,267 watersheds.

    (2,267 is a down right lie. They can’t keep count. Federal Stimulus went to towns and cities around America for volunteers that walked around looking for wet spots. I’m not kidding you.
    All those drones flying around the U.S. aren’t just looking for eyeball retinas.

    A Watershed Approach

    A watershed approach is the most effective framework to address today’s water resource challenges. Watersheds supply drinking water, provide recreation and respite, and sustain life.

    Building Livable Communities Starts with A Watershed Address

    A Watershed Approach:Is hydrologically defined,geographically focused,includes all stressors (air and water),Involves all stakeholders,includes public (federal, state, local) and private sector
    is community based,….

    Strategically addresses priority water resource goals (e.g. water quality, habitat)
    integrates multiple programs (regulatory and voluntary)
    based on sound science
    aided by strategic watershed plans

    “Targeted Watersheds Grants Program provides implementation and capacity building grants.”

    The Watershed and Wetland Protection Information Kit [BROKEN] is a collection of resources by the Center for Watershed Protection and the National Association of Counties (with support from EPA) to assist county and local officials with efforts to protect and restore the multiple benefits of their community’s water resources.

    “…Grants & Funding,Laws & Regulations,Our Waters,…,Stormwater, Wastewater, Watersheds,
    Wetlands,Where You Live,…What You Can Do
    do note “Aquifers may occur at various depths. Those closer to the surface are not only more likely to be used for water supply and irrigation, but are also more likely to be topped up by the local rainfall.”

    Duck hunting and fishing most likely will become illegal.

    • canary says:

      River O, I recall reading it recently. Chesapeake Bay foundation. It won at the Supreme Court level.

      Rusty, here the money is basically funding a few pockets of buddies the city officials have. Builders creating non-profit. The City won’t show records of accounting, they are running like a business. It’s an elaborate scheme and they do what they want and can’t be stopped. Even if the building and planning rules against something the city officials ignore it. There is no due process, Roberts rules. They have contracts with eco heating and air people giving free advertising. They are offering loans to every citizen. They will go around simply duck taping some windows and get federal stimulus funds.

      The stores crack me up. They will have labels next to the bar-code and price spot. Not legal in California. And this year they had items listed from International Middle-Eastern Country, Far Middle-Eastern Country, but all made in China. I guess they are trying to get the Muslims business. And there are boxes that you have to turn around to see in English. One off brand I found had half English and Half Spanish. Obviously, a printing mistake intentional or not, but I thought to myself, there’s a sign of competency to forget that nicer looking “bio” label.

      And as far as the liberals creating unnecessary work, the construction and road work is all going to fill the pockets of illegals who don’t pay taxes. All I can think is any American should be able to get a job by simply saying I notice you only have Mexican workers, hire me.

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