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Govs Slam Obama’s National Guard Plans

From an unfazed Associated Press:

524 Guard soldiers headed to Arizona-Mexico border


June 28, 2010

PHOENIX — The Texas and Arizona governors criticized the Obama administration’s border security plans Monday, saying not enough National Guard troops are being deployed to their states.

"What we heard wasn’t anything what we hoped to hear," Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer told reporters after a 90-minue [sic] briefing by federal officials sent by President Barack Obama.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican like Brewer, said the deployment to his state was "insufficient to meet the needs of securing the Texas-Mexico border."

A White House statement said plans to deploy 1,200 additional National Guard soldiers along the U.S.-Mexico border would "complement the unprecedented resources and additional efforts already devoted by this administration to securing the Southwest border."

“Unprecedented.” Yes, that is a White House statement. It’s got all the usual buzzwords.

Arizona would get 524 National Guard troops, Texas would get 250, California 224 and New Mexico 72, officials said. Another 130 would be at a national liaison office.

Man, just imagine trying to sneak into New Mexico now, with those extra 72 National Guard troops on the job.

And what’s the need for so much liaison-ing?

Brewer has said the deployment should total 6,000, including 3,000 in Arizona, the state with the most illegal border crossings. Perry asked in January 2009 for 1,000 National Guard troops to help with border security in Texas alone.

The White House statement said the extra Guard troops would be used to provide intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance support as well as backup to counternarcotics enforcement until more civilian officers are trained and stationed at the border.

In other words, they are going to be sitting in air conditioned offices, shuffling paper.

Brewer said after the June 3 meeting that Obama gave assurances that the majority of the 1,200 troops would go to Arizona.

The governor should have realized that Mr. Obama has a habit of telling whoever is in front of him what they want to hear. Words don’t have meaning for him.

She sought them to help stem the flow of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers across the border, and she reacted to Obama’s initial announcement by saying 1,200 wouldn’t be enough. She also urged Obama to send National Guard helicopters and surveillance drones to the border.

Well, to be fair, Mr. Obama has sent drones. — Office drones.

But after all, why would Mr. Obama want to stop the flow of ‘undocumented Democrats’ into this country?

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7 Responses to “Govs Slam Obama’s National Guard Plans”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Gov. Jan Brewer & Gov. Rick Perry are COMPLETELY WASTING THEIR TIME playing the Washington shell game. They are made to look like fools expecting something then getting another.

    1. Ask for donations from all across America to buy equipment, pay for the health and food of those securing the border.

    2. With so many people out of work DEPUTIZE people to secure the border.

    3. Start building your own fence.

    4. Pass new laws (if needed) to make illegal immigration just as tough as Mexico’s laws.

    5. Raise money to make a new system for checking the legal status for EVERYONE using state or private services. Those caught hiring illegals, allowing them in public schools, using illegal labor for private use, harboring illegals—all that stuff, get a fine and sentence on the chain-gang.

    If you read my earlier posts on Obama’s lies about sending the guard to Arizona, you will realize I called it right. It was just a bluff.

  2. P. Aaron says:

    I thought we put up threatening signs or sumpthin’ to scare the illegals off.

  3. proreason says:

    Are they allowed to look at people of Hispanic descent?

  4. Right of the People says:

    Crap, after 9/11 we got more than that combined number here in Vermont on the border and at the POE’s. This is complete BS and window dressing so the O-hole can say he’s doing something.

    That would be profiling and as any libwit will tell you, profiling is wrong (sarc).

  5. heykev says:

    Is there anything stopping the Gov’s of both TX and AZ from calling up their respective National Guard troops and having them build and then guard the fence? Or at minimum simply build it?

    • proreason says:

      Gov Perry’s position is that Texas is successfully managing it’s border. He isn’t calling for federal assistance.

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