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Gov’t Officials: Obama-Care Website Is ‘Fixed’

From the Associated Press:

Gov’t diagnosis: HealthCare.gov on the mend

By PHILIP ELLIOTT | December 2, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Computer crashes should be giving way to insurance coverage — if the government’s diagnosis of its health care website is correct.

The Health and Human Services Department released a progress report Sunday on its effort get the troubled HealthCare.gov website on the mend. Administration officials said the worst of the online glitches, bugs and delays may be over.

And we believe them, too.

"The bottom line — HealthCare.gov on Dec. 1 is night and day from where it was on Oct. 1," said Jeff Zients, the White House’s troubleshooter tasked with making the website function properly…

How many problems are left? That’s the question consumers and lawmakers alike will be eying before the next crucial deadline: Dec. 23. That date is likely to be the first big test of the repaired website, as consumers rush to meet the deadline so their coverage can kick in on the first of the year.

So the final day for sign-ups for January is their next big test? Won’t that be kind of late?

"There’s not really any way to verify from the outside that the vast majority of people who want to enroll can now do so, but we’ll find out at least anecdotally over the coming days if the system can handle the traffic and provide a smooth experience for people trying to sign up," said Larry Levitt, a senior adviser at the Kaiser Family Foundation…

In other words, there is no way to know whether the site has been fixed or if people are now able to sign up, except ‘anecdotally.’ How preposterous. It’s a website! It should be the easiest thing on earth to get these numbers. And if we had a real news media, they would get them.

Even with the repairs in place, the site still won’t be able to do everything the administration wants, and companion sites for small businesses and Spanish speakers have been delayed. Questions remain about the stability of the site and the quality of the data it delivers to insurers…

So it might constantly crash and give out wrong information. But it’s ‘fixed.’ And ‘good enough for government work.’

The department reported the website was up and running 95 percent of the time last week — meaning a 1-in-20 chance remains of encountering a broken website. The government also estimated that pages crashed at a rate less than once every 100 clicks.

But the administration gave itself a passing grade for meeting its goal of allowing 50,000 people to log onto the website at one time and more than 800,000 people to shop for insurance coverage each day.

Just like the way Obama always gives himself an inflated grade. Everything is graded ‘on a curve’ with this bunch.

The figures — which could not be independently verified — suggest millions of Americans could turn to their laptops to shop for and buy insurance policies by Dec. 23…

Again, if we had an independent news media, or if this were a Republican White House, they might investigate the actual numbers. But in this case they won’t bother.

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