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Granholm: God Shut Down GOP Convention

From Twitter:

(Click to enlarge)

God must really hate the people of Lousianna and Mississippi, too. (And we thought it was just George Bush.)

By the way, Granholm’s Twitter profile says the former Governor of Michigan is now a host on Al Gore’s Current TV as well as a member of the UC Berkeley faculty. Just wait until they find out she believes in God.

Meanwhile, the people who will suffer the most from this unexpected encounter with water will be Ms. Granholm’s colleagues and Obama’s foot soldiers in the Occupy movement.

Speaking of which, from Tampa’s Bay News 9:

Deputies: RNC protestor arrested with machete strapped to his leg

By Josh Rojas, Reporter | Sunday August 26, 2012

TAMPA — A Republican National Convention protestor was arrested while he allegedly carried a machete strapped to his leg, according to deputies.

According to Hillsborough County Sheriff’s officials, Jason T. Wilson, of Tallahassee, was arrested as he walked in the RNC Event Zone carrying a "full size" machete.

When deputies approached Wilson, they said he continued to walk away despite orders to stop.

"When deputies caught up to Wilson, he advised he did not have to stop and that he was allowed to carry whatever he wanted," HCSO spokesperson Larry McKinnon said.

When deputies attempted to physically stop him, Wilson allegedly began resisting arrest and was physically restrained.

Wilson was arrested and taken to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office on charges of prohibited items in event zone and resisting arrest with violence…

Of course this incident has been given ‘wall to wall’ coverage in the news. And there has been much soul-searching in the news media, about how the constant attacks on Republicans could have inspired this man.

We’re just kidding of course.

Meanwhile, other large protests were carried out without incident.

Two hundred protestors arrived at Gaslight Park in Downtown Tampa just after 12 p.m. After protesting in the park for a short time, police say the group split up, with approximately 100 protestors marching to the Bank of America building.

They entered the bank’s front plaza and put stickers and were writing with chalk on the private property. Crowd management officers asked the demonstrators to leave the private property and they complied without incident.

Gee, we wonder if these protesters realize that Obama is going to accept his party’s nomination at the Bank Of America stadium in Charlotte, NC, next month?

The second group of approximately 100 protestors, marched through city streets toward the Tampa Bay Times Forum, where the convention will take place.

Bike officers rolled alongside the unplanned march closing cross streets to keep the protesters safe from traffic.

"Unplanned march"? So they were allowed to march in the street and tie up traffic, even though they didn’t have a permit?

They marched to the public viewing area where they chanted and held a brief rally before loading onto buses to head to St. Petersburg for the opening event of the RNC.

Buses that were undoubtedly supplied by the unions and the Obama campaign.

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5 Responses to “Granholm: God Shut Down GOP Convention”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    God is in charge of the weather. The storm turned.

    What say ye now, Jennifer?

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    Wait! I thought Hurricane’s were Bush’s fault!

    Katrina was! (kudos to Rush to predict that one week before that one hit)!

  3. Astravogel says:

    I always thought the common concept of God was a large
    fellow above the sky, not a wind and rain storm. Silly me.

  4. JohnMG says:

    …..”Gee, we wonder if these protesters realize that Obama is going to accept his party’s nomination at the Bank Of America stadium in Charlotte, NC, next month?…..”

    For some reason that photograph of the OWS scuzz-bucket taking a dump on the police car flashed through my mind. Perhaps this group were merely going there to make a ‘deposit’.

    Actually, I’ve seen juvenile delinquents behave with more class than the average Democrat protester……which isn’t saying much.

  5. canary says:

    I’ve always felt The State of Louisiana is too blame for not taking preventable life-saving measures and not fixing the levy’s they knew would not hold.

    At Least Arnold asked the Federal Govt to help them build up the breaking levies. How many decades and decades of warning has California had to rebuild their levy’s.

    They have plenty of non-American citizens that could work and pay for food and get a free education learning the English language so they can take the test to become American citizens.

    I’m tired of California & the EPA dictating to the rest of the country how to live. California has plenty of workers to
    get the job done. The levies breaking in California could mean an enormous problem for the entire country.

    California should forget plastic bags and think sand bags and save their people and finances.

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