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Grateful Muslims Erect Statue Of Clinton

From his fellow defenders of the faith at the Associated Press:

Former President Clinton unveils statue in Kosovo

By Nebi Qena, Associated Press Writer Sun Nov 1

PRISTINA, Kosovo – Thousands of ethnic Albanians braved low temperatures and a cold wind in Kosovo’s capital Pristina to welcome former President Bill Clinton on Sunday as he attended the unveiling of an 11-foot (3.5-meter) statue of himself on a key boulevard that also bears his name.

Clinton is celebrated as a hero by Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian majority for launching NATO’s bombing campaign against Yugoslavia in 1999 that stopped the brutal Serb forces’ crackdown on independence-seeking ethnic Albanians.

This is his first visit to Kosovo since it declared independence from Serbia last year.

Many waved American, Albanian and Kosovo flags and chanted "USA!" as the former president climbed on top of a podium with his poster in the background reading "Kosovo honors a hero." …

To thunderous applause Clinton waved to the crowd as the red cover was pulled off from the statue.

The statue is placed on top of a white-tiled base, in the middle of a tiny square, surrounded by communist-era buildings.

"I never expected that anywhere, someone would make such a big statue of me," Clinton said of the gold-sprayed statue weighing a ton (900 kilograms)

The statue portrays Clinton with his left arm raised and holding a portfolio bearing his name and the date when NATO started bombing Yugoslavia, on March. 24, 1999

Apparently, Mr. Clinton was ahead of his times. Fighting for a Muslim regime in the heart of Europe before it became fashionable – at least with the media.

Too bad nobody told the 9/11 hijackers about this. After all, they pronounced beforehand that they were going to attack the US “to avenge Bosnia.” (A mere two years later.)

So much for gratitude.

But what the heck. Mr. Clinton got a statue out of it.

(Though, to be honest, we would have preferred to see one honoring Hillary’s grace under imaginary “sniper fire.”)

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, November 2nd, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

14 Responses to “Grateful Muslims Erect Statue Of Clinton”

  1. Confucius says:

    Wow. So it is true.

    Democrats really do erect monuments honoring themselves.

    The tribute is not complete though. It needs a smaller blue statue in front kneeling.

  2. BillK says:

    There isn’t enough room on the podium for the Monica statue to be put kneeling at the base.

    Or perhaps one of Time‘s Nina Burleigh, if you recall her “I’d be happy to give him a hummer just for keeping abortion legal” comment.

  3. Georgfelis says:

    Bill has always wanted a statue erected in his honor. This one only appears to be standing.

    On his plus side, since this year has proven we can award a Nobel peace prize for a head of state engaged in a shooting war inside two other nations, next year perhaps Bill can get his for the Serbian bombing campaign.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    What’s this about an “erect” statue?

    But seriously folks. Note it is his LEFT hand that is extended. In statue parlance, that is supposed to be significant, as opposed to the right hand.

    At least he’s not posed on horseback…(But I’m sure there are plenty of jokes in there too).

  5. proreason says:

    Shouldn’t the hand be streched out parallel to the body, in the bribe receiving position?

    • canary says:

      well, I think his hand is matching his heals clicked together. See how Democrats can hold a bombing campaign and not one complained. Obama must be green with envy.

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    Is that a cigar in his top pocket?

    A real statue would have a desk in front of him with the backside of feet barely sticking out.

    “Statue of a Womanizer”

  7. joeblough says:

    And didn’t the free world benefit enormously from helping to set up a little jihad state in Yugoslavia?

    No, you say?


    What could possibly go wrong?

  8. Niko says:

    Dear Steve,
    Is really sad to call NATO’s intervention against a murdereous and brutal regime like that of Milosevic as “fighting for a Muslim regime in the heart of Europe”, just to score cheap political points.
    Kosovars and Albanians are the most pro-American nations in Europe today and that you like it or not is thanks to Clinton.
    First thing that Kosovar Albanians did on September 12, 2001 is to organize drive to hospitals to donate blood to be sent for the wounded of the attacks in US (of course American Media were too busy showing dancing palestinians or Brits placing flowers at the American Embassy that sad day ). The local TV stations were estimating more than 50 000 wounded for the first 2-3 days.
    Once US started the war in Afganistan, there were again K-Albanians urging their compatriots in US to join the US Army as soldiers to help in practice the US in the war on terror.
    The statue of Clinton rests on Bill Clinton Boulevard in Prishtina. What US media fail to mention is that Bill Clinton Boulevard intersects George W. Bush Boulevard in the same city, while high schools across Kosovo are named after these 2 American Presidents.
    And that “muslim regime in the heart of Europe” today has allowed more Christian missionaries and has opened more new churches than say….”christian” Serbia! Go ahead in Serbia and try to open any catholic or other non orthodox church as see how tolerant Serbs are with other denominations.
    Albanians showed their gratitude to America in general, not only to Bill Clinton. They had the same attitude when G.W. Bush visited Albania in June 2007. For more than 45 minutes President Bush was interacting with the crowd (of “muslims” – the town he visited is 100% “muslim” according to your standards) and due to his excitement and the crowd’s enthousiasm he lost complete touch with the Secret Service (he was by himself ALONE in the middle of more than 300 “muslims”) cheering his name and chanting U.S.A. Could have been the same if that crowd was somewhere in US (like san Franscisco or even Crawford TX when Cindy Sheehan was around? I don’t think so.
    Despite what the Serbs and Milosevic wanted to show to the world, the Yugoslav conflicts (all of them) had nothing to do with the religion, but they were ethnic conflicts. More than 50 non Albanians and non Muslims fought and died as comrade in arms with Kosovars Albanians against “christian” serbs. They were Germans, French, Italians, Croats, Americans, British, South Africans and Belgs in nationality. These facts the US and Western media choose to ignore, but their graves remains even today across Kosovo.
    Please stop the anti-albanian propaganda. There are more islamofascist in some neigbourhoods London or in Chicago than in Kosovo and Albania combined.

    • canary says:

      Niko, I think you didn’t quite get the point of the article, but since you brought it up, some of the Kosovars and Albanians have come to a point of killing Christians, helping Afganistan with their drug trade, aiding in the financing of their religous beliefs to destroy the world. And then there has been problem in the U.S. with Kosovar and Albanians terrorists like the ones who wanted to destroy Ft. Dix.

    • artboyusa says:

      Interesting to have your perspective, Niko. Thanks.

    • canary says:

      Niko. Interesting. I think the offense of seeing a statue of Clinton, is here in America most felt Clinton aided Kosova to take the focus off his impeachment, and the irony is Democrats are so anti-war and meddling in another countries problems but he did not get any critism. Bush has had to watch his p’s aned q’s and that we have no business getting rid orf Saddam, though an evil monster, and pressure on Bush to fight a friendly war. With Obama you are seeing the new rules of engagement and now our soldiers not only risk on the ground with no bombing, but having to live and work with the enemy.
      I hope the statue and Clinton’s trip didn’t cost much, because I’d rather have seen the troops honored and benifit in some way. Other countries helping our soldiers and supplies would be nice.

  9. LewWaters says:

    I’m surprised he isn’t arrested to serve out his sentence for the war crimes he was convicted of,



  10. Niko says:

    Dear Canary,
    Fort Dix terrorists came in US as ilegal immigrants when they were babies (2-3 years old) from what is today Republic of Macedonia. They were radicalized here after living 25 years within muslim community in New Jersey, not in Kosovo and not in Albania. In any case, their relatives in Macedonia are in hiding because they are receiving death threats from the local albanian community there for what their relatives intented to do in Ft. Dix.
    Albanians could care less about religion. The majority of the nation is atheist or agnostics. In Albania itself which is allegedly a “muslim” country with the muslims being 80% of the population based on census of 1938 (!!!) there are today 1120 churches and 638 mosques!
    Constitutionally both Albania and Kosovo are secular states.
    While modern “christian” countries are trying today to pass laws that forbidd bourka in 2009 (France for example), “muslim” Albania had that law in place since 1929!

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