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Grayson: We Should Be Glad Putin Stole Crimea

From the Daily Caller:

Alan Grayson says US ‘should be pleased’ Russia annexed Crimea

By Alexis Levinson | March 26, 2014

Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson said Tuesday that the United States “should be pleased” about Russia annexing the Crimea, calling it “a virtually bloodless transfer of power.”

At a Foreign Affairs Committee mark-up Tuesday, Grayson said that the referendum in Crimea was the entirely legitimate vote by a group of people who were upset that their chosen leader, ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, had been removed from office. The role of Russian forces, in his telling, was simply that of peacekeeper.

“You may say that [Yanukovych] was thrown out of office for good reason. There are allegations against him that he was corrupt, there are allegations against him that he used the military against his own people to stay in power."

And never mind that these allegations were clearly trumped up by Russian special forces. And never mind that the man who is now running Crimea is a notorious gangster with the nickname of ‘the Goblin.’

But the fact is that from the perspective of the Crimeans, their leader, the one that they placed in charge of their country, was thrown out of power,” Grayson said. “So it should come as no surprise … that the Crimeans had had enough, and they wanted to leave this artificial entity called the Ukraine.”

Ukraine was first recognized as a nation in 1796. So we suppose, historically speaking, it is only a little less of an artificial entity than the US of A.

“Now, in fact, the Russians did assist, they assisted by disarming the local Ukrainian army and navy. That’s what they did. They did it virtually bloodlessly. They did this so that the Ukrainian army and navy could not interfere with the referendum that was held. That’s the fact of the matter,” Grayson said…

Which is why the referendum was so clearly honest and above board. Where 96% voted to leave Ukraine. (After having opposed the idea in every previous referendum and poll.)

“This is not some new Cold War that’s occurring,” he said. “In fact it’s quite the contrary. We should be pleased to see, pleased to see, when a virtually bloodless transfer of power establishes self determination for two million people somewhere in the world, anywhere in world. And in fact what we’re seeing here instead, is the vilification of Putin, the vilification of Yanukovych, the vilification of anybody that we try to identify as our enemy.” …

Bear in mind that Alan Grayson is a multi-millionaire. So the KGB isn’t even paying him to carry their water. He is a volunteer to the cause. — And to think this lunatic has actually been elected to Congress — twice.

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3 Responses to “Grayson: We Should Be Glad Putin Stole Crimea”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    “Grayson is gaining on Reid. It’s neck and neck. Reid in the pink silks and Grayson in Red. They’re beginning fall back from the pack and caught in all the mid-mud being flung off the track. Now they’re whipping each other .. folks, I’ve never seen anything like it, two men of small importance trying to outdo one another for sheer madness while their mounts labor to stay up at the fourth turn.

    Grayson whips out the “I’m glad for the Russians and Reid counters with spending FEC donor money on a granddaughter. It’s a close race folks, a close race to the mental hospital and hard to say who will fail first ..”

    This call brought to you by our Sponsors, The National Mental Health Initiative

    • Helena says:

      LOL, GBJ — Which do you bet will devolve completely into a bites-the-heads-off-chickens geek first? (ala Nightmare Alley)

  2. Mithrandir says:

    This is notable! Grayson has come out of his crypt to hiss at the world, and it isn’t even a full-moon!

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