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‘Greens’ Having To Rebrand ‘Global Warming’

From the Politico:

‘Global warming’ gets a rebranding

By: Erica Martinson and Jonathan Allen
March 21, 2012

Shhhh! Don’t talk about global warming!

There’s been a change in climate for Washington’s greenhouse gang, and they’ve come to this conclusion: To win, they have to talk about other topics, like gas prices and kids choking on pollutants.

More than two years since Democrats’ cap-and-trade plan died in Congress, the strategic shift represents a reluctant acknowledgment from environmentalists that they’ve lost ground by tackling global warming head-on. Their best bet now lies in a bit of a bait and switch: Help elect global warming fighters by basing campaigns on kitchen-table issues

In particular, the greens are targeting Midwestern swing voters in advance of the presidential and congressional elections in November.

Earlier this month, the Sierra Club and Natural Resources Defense Council made a seven-figure ad buy in swing states featuring young children with asthma inhalers making their way through the Capitol

When in doubt, hide behind women and children.

There’s a lot at stake: Republicans have portrayed President Barack Obama and his minions at various federal agencies as job killers in a time of high unemployment and fragile economic growth. The left has figured out it needs a better message — one that’s more resonant on the local level — to combat the job-killer talk.

You see, it is just a Republican portrayal that the environmentalists are job killers. All the Left needs to do to counter that claim is to come up with better ‘optics.’

So melting glaciers are giving way to smog-induced asthma. And fuel-efficiency is now a matter of pump prices, not pollutants.

The Sierra Club and NRDC advertisement is focused on the effects of regulations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions on incidences of asthma attacks, and cheering the Obama administration for planned greenhouse gas regulations for power plants

Remember, the Sierra Club is a 501c3 that is forbidden from lobbying Congress on legislation or backing any political candidates. – We are just kidding, of course. If you are a Leftwing pro-Democrat 501c3, you don’t have to follow the law.

“Critics for a long time have argued that environmentalists and our issues don’t connect with people,” said Sierra Club National Political Director Tony Cani. “The idea is this: When it comes to any issue, whether it’s Keystone, EPA regulations or any other issue … how does that impact individuals? How does it impact families? I think that it’s fair to say that that’s not always been a strength of environmentalists.”

Global warming, in particular, has presented a messaging challenge.

“I think climate change is more difficult to explain,” Cani said. “When we’re talking about the immediate effects of some of these policies and some of these issues that will lead to climate change, they’re very serious too. We think that when we’re talking about [health] issues … we’re still talking about climate change,” he added. They “might not be using that word or that phrase.”

How hilarious. They are even afraid to use their other rebranding phrase ‘Climate Change.’ Apparently, you really can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

It’s no surprise that climate change has become less important to voters, said Thom Riehle, a longtime Democratic pollster who is now a senior vice president for YouGov.com.

Whereas support for climate change mitigation was at 50 percent to 60 percent in 2007, Riehle said, “it’s dramatically lower now.”

Could this have something to do with the fact that all of the ‘global warming’ predictions have failed to materialize? After all, we were all supposed to be dead by now.

Or that we have found that so much of the ‘science’ behind man-made global warming has been found to have been faked?

Riehle said he wouldn’t put much stock in the left’s focus on cleaning up air quality. Polls show that 65 percent to 70 percent of adults are very satisfied with air quality, he said, noting that “almost every group is participating in that majority.”

“My warning would be that you have not made the argument on health effects” to most voters. “People think the air is cleaner than it was, and it is.”

Again, this is being reported by the Politico. That’s how bad things have gotten for the Warm Mongers.

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2 Responses to “‘Greens’ Having To Rebrand ‘Global Warming’”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    Call it: Biological Shift, or BS for short.

  2. Anonymoose says:

    This unusually warm winter/spring has them trying for a last gasp, but good luck on it. The La Nina which caused it is a well known phenomenon, and it doesn’t take far to see the the record snowfall in Alaska or the bitter cold of this winter in Europe.

    On top of that the failed carbon trading schemes and what many people are seeing as unnecessary and pointless taxes and fees to supposedly finance a greener and better world, and it’s no wonder “Global Warming” is having to take Left Wing tactic #3 and rename and rebrand to try and keep people from figuring it out.

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