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Guardian: Iraq Violence Casts Doubt On ‘Surge’

Like the night follows the day, we have this from the UK’s Guardian:

Iraqi policemen inspect the wreckage of a car used in a car bomb attack on a road in south Kirkuk, 14 August 2007.

Iraq violence casts doubt on US ‘surge’

James Sturcke
Wednesday August 15, 2007

The killing of more than 200 people in northern Iraq in the latest bombing atrocity has refocused attention on whether the American “surge” is working…

But sectarian violence has continued and many believe the surge has simply led to extremists targeting other areas. Among them is Professor Paul Rogers of the department of Peace Studies at Bradford University.

“If you look from a wide perspective, it is clear the US surge has been massive. It is probably the largest military operation we have seen,” he told the BBC’s Today programme. “There is a very strong push is Washington to say that the surge is working and things are getting better but objectively I’m afraid that does not appear to be the case and what has happened in the past 24 hours is very clear evidence of that.”

He warned it was naïve for the Bush administration to link all insurgent violence to al-Qaida, saying the reality was “more complicated”. He also predicted further violence in lead-up to the report into the effectiveness of the surge, by the US general in charge in Iraq, Gen David Petraeus…

“The Bush administration has also very little progress from the [prime minister Nuri] Maliki government. One of the main objectives of the surge was to provide the environment for political progress but that simply has not happened.” …

Gareth Stansfield, of the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at Exeter University, said the Malaki administration believed the US had not given it the freedom to govern.

Mr Malaki, a compromise prime minister dependent upon the support of the Shia militia leader Moqtada al-Sadr’s party to keep hold of power, had also failed to stamp his authority on Iraqi politics, he added…

“One of the problems the Iraqi government is facing is that it is being lined up to be a fall guy for the failure,” he warned.

They haven’t even finished digging out the bodies from this attack, but the Guardian is ready to tell us how it proves all is lost in Iraq.

One suspect they have a template already typed out and ready to be inserted into any article at any time:

The _________________ has refocused attention on whether the American “surge” is working.

Are we really supposed to believe that Iraq can even be so locked down that there will never be another suicide bombing anywhere?

Is that the new criterion for success?

Luckily, the Guardian also has experts like “Professor Paul Rogers of the department of Peace Studies at Bradford University” to mouth exactly what they want said.

But what is clear is that the Guardian, like the rest of our one party terrorist-supporting media, will clutch at any straw to deny the obvious and to plump for America’s defeat.

After all, that’s their job. Isn’t it?

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