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Gunman Kills 3 After Being Released From Jail

From a gun-obsessed Associated Press:

Gunman released from jail hours before killings

By DAN ELLIOTT | December 19, 2012

LONGMONT, Colo. (AP) — Investigators were unable to immediately determine when a shooter purchased a gun used to kill three people, including his ex-girlfriend, who was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher when she was killed.

What exact difference does it make when he purchased the gun? Except the point is to make this all about the gun.

The gunman who had just been released from jail on domestic violence charges then shot and killed himself Tuesday, Weld County Sheriff John Cook said. Investigators searching the gunman’s home found the original box the handgun had been sold in, but they did not find a receipt, and it was unclear when he bought it, Cook said.

Three people are shot dead by a man who has just been released from jail after having been charged with domestic violence, kidnapping and false arrest. And the AP is obsessed with finding the receipt for the gun.

The victims included the ex-girlfriend’s sister and the sister’s husband. All were found dead in a home in unincorporated Weld County outside Longmont, about 35 miles north of Denver.

Cook identified the dead as 25-year-old Beatriz Cintora-Silva; her sister, Maria Cintora-Silva, 22; and Max Aguirre Ojeda, 32, who was Maria Cintora-Silva’s husband.

The gunman was identified as Daniel Sanchez, 31.

Sanchez had just been released from jail on domestic violence charges.

Authorities said Beatriz Cintora-Silva called 911 shortly after 4 a.m. to report shots fired. The 911 dispatcher heard her cry, "No, no, no," followed by a gunshot.

Sanchez took the phone, told the dispatcher he had killed three people and that he was going to kill himself, authorities said. The dispatcher then heard a single shot followed by silence.

Cook said Sanchez had been arrested Saturday in Longmont on charges of domestic violence, kidnapping and false arrest for allegedly holding his ex-girlfriend against her will after their relationship ended.

Sanchez was released on bail from the Boulder County jail at 10 p.m. Monday and drove to the home where Cintora-Silva had taken refuge with her sister and brother-in-law, Cook said.

"He shot out the back door," Cook said. "He shot that out then gained entry into the house."

The bodies of Ojeda and his wife were found in one bedroom. His sister-in-law and Sanchez were found in another, Cook said.

Authorities found a .45-caliber Glock handgun near Sanchez’s body and 16 spent shell casings around the house, Cook said, adding that investigators were still examining the house and might find more.

Cook said Sanchez had two magazines for the gun, and each held 13 rounds of ammunition…

You see? It’s all about the gun and its magazine. Nothing is said about what this man was doing out on the street.

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8 Responses to “Gunman Kills 3 After Being Released From Jail”

  1. Petronius says:

    There are actually two gun cultures in America.

    The first is the majority or white gun culture, which is generally law-abiding and permeated by a sense of responsibility to family and community. It is grounded in ancient Anglo-Saxon custom and English common law as reaffirmed by the Second Amendment, in our pioneer heritage and the American frontier experience, in country life and father-son hunting traditions, in sport shooting, collecting, military service, and in weapons as a check on government tyranny and as a means of self-defense. It is the mainstream NRA culture and is represented by folks like Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Chuck Norris, and Tom Selleck. Because it is deeply rooted in our family traditions and racial heritage, the white gun culture carries a profound emotional wallop. And as a result, Liberal attacks on our gun culture may often spark a strong emotional response. Liberals tend to underestimate the emotional depth of the white gun culture because Liberals are not rooted in our heritage and traditions––in fact, they don’t even recognize that it exists (or if it exists, is something to be ashamed of). Liberal proposals for gun control are always aimed at this traditional, law-abiding and responsible gun culture.

    The second gun culture is the unassimilated minority or nonwhite gun culture, which is a relatively recent phenomenon. It is grounded in reckless and criminal use of guns, unpredictable violence, lack of impulse control, substance abuse, drug trafficking, gangsterism, hooliganism, thuggery, terrorism, and primitive back-to-blood savagery. It is in many cases an outgrowth of unrestricted mass immigration. It is represented by folks like Daniel Sanchez in the article posted above. It is one of the reasons for the expansion of the white gun culture’s interest in self-defense and concealed carry. Gun control proposals usually ignore or excuse the nonwhite gun culture. This article is a good example.

    Shootings such as Sandy Hook, the Batman shooter, Virginia Tech, Columbine, or the Tucson shooter do not belong to either culture; they are simply the result of twisted individual personalities and deranged minds. Liberal legislative proposals are nonresponsive to the question of mass shootings by troubled young people.

    Unlawful acts of gun violence committed or enabled by the Federal government (Fast & Furious, Waco, Ruby Ridge) are covered up, ignored, buried, and forgotten. Liberals pretend that they never happened or that the victims––including children––had it coming.

  2. canary says:

    There is the rap music culture. The mafia of the musicians carrying guns to destroy each other and peddle drugs. Their too young and too old followers getting guns to act the words of the songs.

    Our U.S. population has double in the last decade or so, a quarter of the people being immigrants that seek and obtain guns. And so when you consider the population and the violence on television to include reality showing more and more violence with cat and dog fights, and then the media watching their ratings for as long as people watch this sad story unfold.

    One teacher described the pops and how far apart they were, and she heard gun shots for at least 25 minutes. Said her door was locked. No previous planning as to what to do.

    I suggest our vets that have returned and can’t find work to be trained to guard schools.
    They would be expert. They have been trained not to do anything when shot at, at too scope their environment. They are used to looking at someone or a child trying to read any sign of a hidden weapon. And they are used to watching out for bombs 24/7. Such vigilance and restraint and they have learned, that watching over schools would be relaxing and fulfilling.

  3. Anonymoose says:

    I don’t know of any gunshops doing business 10PM-4AM, and even if he found some department store the background check would have stopped him.

    If he was let out at 10PM and then drove straight to commit the murders, then it was probably a gun a he already owned–despite the insinuation that he may have purchased it to commit his crime. I would not be surprised at all he stopped by his place to pick it up.

    But agreed, why was he back out on the street after kidnapping? Why wasn’t his girlfriend and her family notified he was being let out, or given supervised release or house arrest instead of simply being let out the door?

  4. electraglide says:

    We all know the Left is going to be exploiting this tragedy to further their agenda, but we have to do more than just post to blogs and “cling to our guns” while we wait for eventual confiscation. We have to put the Left on the defensive by going after the things that helped shape these events; things like violent movies, video games and music.

    If we are going to be ripping up the Bill of Rights based upon the actions of a deranged homicidal maniac, let’s start with the First Amendment. Let’s demand a return of the Hollywood production code from the 1930’s. A real ratings system with teeth that strictly prohibit the use of profanity, the depiction of graphic violence and sexual content in movies, TV shows and video games aimed an audience under the age of 18. Lets put an “X” rating on violent content and prohibit its advertising like cigarettes.

    Let the Left defend violent rap music and videos. Let the Left defend explicit and graphic violence on movies and TV. It’s not guns, its culture! Let the Left defend Hollywood and everything they produce. See if they still have time to go after guns when they are featured in every movie poster and advertisement everywhere.

    Let them scream “Censorship.” Who cares? We had plenty of it back in the 40’s and 50’s, and we also produced some of the best movies and television programming that made our culture the envy of the free world. What brought millions of immigrants to this country but what they learned about us watching movies and TV from that era. There weren’t any brains on the wall back then.

    We can’t play defense while the media and the Left use dozens of dead 6 and 7 year olds to paint us as supporters of this kind of violence. Make the case that that the deinstitutionalizing of mental patients is the issue. I’m willing to bet that this autistic mental patient spent hours each day playing violent first person shooter games. Why isn’t this the issue? Violent TV programming and movies is the issue. Profanity. Sex. Deviancy. Glorification of criminals and crime.

    They want a “conversation”, we must act to shape it. Throw it right back at them. Make them defend it. Read “Rules for Radicals.” What would they do. Take it to them or all is lost.

  5. John Carter says:

    If I aim, pull the trigger and kill someone it is the gun manufacturer’s fault ?
    If I fire up my chainsaw and purposely kill someone with it the saw shop should not have sold it to me ?
    If I hang a Christan with a rope in Iran it was the rope maker’s fault ?
    The doer of the crime is never guilty ?

  6. Mithrandir says:

    “….a gun used to kill three people, including his ex-girlfriend, who was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher when she was killed.”

    Well gee, that didn’t work out so well did it? Another NON-GUN OWNER, shot by a gun owner. As the old saying goes, “Don’t bring a telephone to a gun fight.

    Domestic violence laws and the courts create MORE violence than they stop. What normally would have been a minor dispute 30 years ago, NOW destroys people, families, and lives to such a level that it is burdensome, expensive, and makes the assailant (instead of being reformed which liberals always say we should do) UNEMPLOYABLE…..(only for the rest of his life though.)

    So no wonder after the police and courts just start getting warmed up on him, he goes SCORCHED EARTH and destroys everything, including himself.

    Bravo laws and courts! Instead of reforming/correcting behavior, you got a triple murder/suicide on the books! Well done!

  7. mr_bill says:

    If guns were used to perform abortions, Planned Parenthood would have gun dispensers installed in the bathrooms of bars.

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