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Gunmen In Uniforms Kidnap Iranian “Diplomat”

From the Voice Of America:

Iraqi soldiers man a checkpoint at the entrance of Baghdad’s Shiite Muslim neighbourhood of Sadr City. Gunmen dressed in Iraqi army uniforms have kidnapped a top Iranian diplomat in Baghdad after a firefight with his guards, officials said, in an attack branded as a "terrorist" act by Tehran.

Gunmen in Iraqi Army Uniforms Kidnap Iranian Diplomat in Baghdad

By VOA News
06 February 2007

Gunmen in Iraqi army uniforms have abducted an Iranian diplomat in Baghdad.

A spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry said it holds the United States responsible for the safety of its diplomat, who was seized in Baghdad’s Karradah district late Sunday.

The Iranian spokesman said the kidnappers were linked to Iraq’s Defense Ministry "which works under the supervision of American forces."

A U.S. military spokesman denied any U.S. involvement in the seizure of the Iranian diplomat.

Iraqi officials say assailants riding in two vehicles intercepted the diplomat’s car in the mainly Shi’ite district…

Yes, we should take a lesson from Iran on how to respect diplomats.

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