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Gutierrez: Pass Amnesty Or Face Rapes, Orphans

From Breitbart:

Rep. Gutierrez: Amnesty Will Prevent Rapes, Deaths, Children’s Tears

By Matthew Boyle | August 28, 2013

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) said at a town hall event in Chantilly, VA on Monday that women will be raped and others may die or be injured if Congress does not grant amnesty to America’s illegal immigrants.

Gutierrez said that if the Senate’s immigration reform bill, or legislation similar to it, does not pass into law soon, rape and death will happen as a result.

Democrats sure like to threaten women with rape a lot. Isn’t that what Joe Biden said would happen if we didn’t pass Obama’s ‘jobs bill’ back in October 2011?

“What we need to understand is today, someone is going to die in that desert trying to return to their families; women and men are going to die in that desert,” Gutierrez said in the video, captured by C-SPAN.

“Someone’s going to lose a finger, a hand, an eye, a life today because an unscrupulous employer is going to put them in harm’s way. Someone’s going to die.”

So doesn’t this mean that we need to secure the borders and to clamp down on these unscrupulous employers?  Every study says we will still have illegal immigration under the Senate’s amnesty bill.

He continued, “There’s a woman that’s going to be raped in a field somewhere in America today because she has no rights in this country, and we need to end that."

Gutierrez also entreated his audience to think of the children: "There are children who are going to cry and there are marriages that are going to be destroyed because someone is going to be deported, and there are going to be children that are going to be left orphaned in this country.” …

In other words, Mr. Gutierrez  thinks these parents would rather ‘orphan’ their children, rather than take them back home with them? What a racist!

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2 Responses to “Gutierrez: Pass Amnesty Or Face Rapes, Orphans”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    “There’s a woman that’s going to be raped in a field somewhere in America today…”

    So who is it that’s going to rape her? It can’t be any US citizen! Aren’t we told these are jobs Americans just won’t do? So who is going to rape these illegal alien women except other illegal aliens. Stopping illegal immigration and sending them home would prevent these rapes, would’nt they? if we follow his thinking…. wouldn’t they? And how exactly does legal status prevent or cause rape or any crime?

    They commited the crime when they broke in our house!

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Simple solution, Gumbie Gutierrez. …….
    Tell them not to come here.
    They are trespassers and illegally in “OUR” country.
    I am sure you know what the word “illegal” means, right?
    Hence, they have no rights.

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