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Half Of US Disapprove Of Obama’s Foreign Policy

From the New York Times:

49% in Poll Fault Obama on Policies Outside U.S.

By DALIA SUSSMAN | September 24, 2013

About half of Americans disapprove of the way President Obama is handling foreign policy, a new high as he confronts a diplomatic opening with Iran and efforts to remove chemical arms in Syria, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

And never mind that both the diplomatic opening with Iran and the removal of chemical arms from Syria are almost certainly pipe dreams.

Forty-nine percent disapproved of Mr. Obama’s foreign policy efforts, up 10 points since early June, and 40 percent approved.

The president’s negative rating on foreign policy has grown among Americans of all political stripes, with disapproval up 8 points among Democrats, 10 points among Republicans and 13 points among independents.

One thing that is never mentioned in these reports on Obama’s current lousy foreign policy poll numbers is that foreign policy used to be his ‘strong suit.’ Which was why it was so important that he lie about Benghazi and the Arab Spring in general until after the elections.

But now that people have seen some honest reporting on his foreign policy, they realize he’s incompetent in that department, too.

The poll also found that 52 percent disapproved of the way Mr. Obama was handling the situation in Syria. On his handling of relations with Iran, 39 percent approved, while 44 percent disapproved…

Over all, Americans are dubious that relations with Iran will improve. Fewer than 1 in 4 think they will get better in the next few years, while a third think they will get worse, and 4 in 10 think they will stay about the same…

On Syria, 82 percent of Americans supported the agreement between the United States and Russia to have Syria turn over all of its chemical weapons. Nevertheless, most — including those who supported the deal — lacked confidence that the Syrian government would do so.

Yet most Americans do not think that failure to comply is grounds for military action, underscoring the public’s deep resistance to involvement in the situation in Syria.

So once again we are told that 82% of Americans approve of a deal that they know will fail. And, furthermore, if it fails they don’t want us to to anything about it.

The poll found that just 34 percent (including 46 percent of Democrats) support airstrikes against Syria if it does not turn over its chemical weapons, while 57 percent (including about 6 in 10 Republicans and independents) say the United States should not launch airstrikes against Syria at all. Five percent support airstrikes against Syria regardless of whether it turns over its chemical weapons…

Most Americans, the poll found, do not think that the killing of civilians by chemical or biological weapons requires a stronger response from the international community than killings by conventional weapons. More than two-thirds said the international community should respond to all civilian killings the same…

So Obama’s ‘red line’ may have ruined red lines forever. Iran and North Korea must be taking notes.

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3 Responses to “Half Of US Disapprove Of Obama’s Foreign Policy”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Is there a Policy?

    Do you know what that Policy is?

    Policy? What Policy?

    $100 for the first to step up and say, exactly, what Obama’s Foreign Policy is.


  2. Chrispbass says:


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